Libertarian Commentary on the News, 14 July 2015, #15-28B: Religious government or government religions?

By Nathan Barton

Happy Bastille Day: anniversary of replacing the tyranny of a monarch and church-state establishment with the worse tyranny of the mob and “democracy.”

Suck-up… CNS News tell us that First [Consort Moochelle] said on Thursday at a tribal youth gathering at the White House that the United States is “finally” embracing the wisdom of Native Americans [sic – AmerInd] on conservation and climate change, and claimed that America’s founders modeled the U.S. government partly on the “Iroquois Confederacy.” “Today, on issues like conservation and climate change, we are finally beginning to embrace the wisdom of your ancestors,” [she] said at the event where youth from 230 tribes from 42 states participated. This is, of course, what we should expect from her: lies and more lies.  Not the bit about the Iroquois, although she ignores the recorded documents that they looked to from Greece, Rome, and Britain itself as well as the Confederacy.

But the idea that AmerInd ancestors had anything to say about global warming OR practiced much in the way of “conservation” is just laughable.  Anyone who has been to a buffalo jump site or seen Mesa Verde (or the thousands of sites around it) understands what a bald-faced lie THAT is.  But she does pay lip service so very well to a segment of American society that the Dems have completely locked-up, and which they continuously stab in the back.  Much of the First Consort’s rhetoric seems to border on endorsing religion. If not some form of some kind of AmerInd religion, then certainly the closely related religions of global warming and (bogus) science.

An example of an unholy relationship between State and Church is found at this FEMA website “Protecting Houses of Worship,” as referenced by an e-mail sent to the First Responder community. The “Active Shooter” resources babble on and on about the usual “do’s and don’t’s,” assuming that NO one is armed in the meetinghouse, and that therefore they must rely ofn “flee, hide, or use ‘improvised weapons’ to attack the shooter.” Honestly, the FedGov and its masters would rather see more incidents like South Carolina and fewer like a few years ago in Colorado Springs where a church member WAS armed, shot back, and as a result got the shooter to kill himself instead of a half-dozen others.

Speaking of new religions:  Political Outcast reports on a study that predicts the earth is heading into a “mini” ice age of cooler temperatures.  Shades of The Centurion, an excellent novel of the near collapse of civilization thanks to politicians! But the major point here is that the Bible itself teaches HOW to tell a true prophet from a false one, or a true religion from a false one: does what they predict come true?  Global warming is clearly being preached by a whole lot of false prophets, as their predictions continue to be disproven time after time.  At least this study does not attempt to use their prediction to push some political agenda or another.

Defending our right to speak up – and to defend ourselves

In an article in CNS News, Senator Mike Lee of Utah says that if his First Amendment Defense Act fails to pass, “religious individuals and institutions could lose everything from tax-exempt status to government contracts, government employment and things like that.”  Now, I realize this could hurt a lot of people, and a lot of religious institutions, but at the same time, is this necessarily ALL bad?  WHAT on earth are these people and these institutions (churches, schools, medical clinics and hospitals, other charities) doing getting in bed with government in the first place?  Or have they NOT learned “put not your trust in princes” (Psalm 146:3)? It is this compromise with the State (which thinks IT is God), that has much to do with the current situation.

A dead woman failed to protect herself, according to a story in  The Maine police continue manhunt for the murder suspect.  Robert Burton’s violent criminal history includes kidnapping, assault with a dangerous weapon, terrorizing, assault, tampering with a witness, trafficking in prison contraband and parole violations.

Mama’s Note: No indication of whether or not the lady had any training, or engaged in practice of any kind. She may simply have lost her nerve, or was ambiguous about using lethal force… Of course this sort of thing is used by the gun grabbers to “prove” that self defense isn’t possible. I’m sorry the lady died… and even more sorry that she was evidently unprepared to save her own life.

Nathan: The hoploclasts will use anything, especially this.  It is like seeing someone unwilling to control their speed on a curve or texting (or any other distraction) when driving, and getting killed.  It is a sad situation; but we don’t try to outlaw driving.

Mama’s Note: But what I’d also like to know is why the cretin who killed her was still alive to prey on others… any of his previous victims might have ended that sorry situation. Nobody can count the number of lives saved indirectly this way.

Nathan: We know that many HAVE been, and I am grateful for all that are, even while saddened by situations like this.  But if she was even half-aware of ANY of his past record, she should have realized the danger she was in, and taken the appropriate actions: like getting out of the situation AND knowing how to defend herself.

Mama’s Note: And, harsh as it may sound, I’m really sorry that the 5 something million defensive gun uses each year do not result in far more deaths of the aggressors. That would seriously reduce the number of monsters who live to strike again.

Nathan: That, of course, will never be acceptable to the bleeding hearts, whether they call themselves “libertarians” or are just plain liberals or supposedly “christians” or Tranzis.  The best time to apply a “death penalty” is when the aggressive move is made by the felon, the evil-doer.  If just ONE in a thousand attempted assaults, rapes, murders, muggings, or even house invasions resulted in the death of the perp, the crime rates in this nation would drop even faster than they are (outside the big scummy urban cores and a few reservations and other areas).  A death penalty which is based on politics, legal maneuverings, do-gooder whinging, and similar motives is worthless, in large part because the murderer outlives his (or her) victim(s) by decades.

Take, for instance, the constant stream of drive-by shootings in this nation – mostly in inner cities but sometimes even in rural areas (such as reservations).  First, the perps don’t care where they get their guns, and whether it is legal for them to have the guns or not.  They’ll make them for themselves if they need to.  Second, many of them don’t care WHO the victims are:  the attacks may be against some other gang or just people who live in an area controlled by another gang, or even just random or (at best) based on skin or clothing color.  Third, the shooters figure (correctly) that so few people in their hunting ranges are armed AND know how to respond, that they face little if any risk of being shot in return, much less being captured.  Even if just one in a hundred peaceful (forget about “honest”) people in an inner-city neighborhood like Old Aurora or North Omaha were armed and had some basic training to respond to attacks, just a few drive-by shooters would end up in funeral homes instead of out on the streets.  Same thing would apply to “domestic violence” where even a few perps joining victims in death would be preferable to what we have today.

Other news:

The Daily Mail announces a cannabis breakthrough as scientists manage to SEPARATE the drug’s medicinal benefits from its hallucinogenic effects.  Thanks to Scott for this one.  The article has a bare minimum of information, and so seems a bit dubious.  But what a perfect excuse to try and reverse recent legalization efforts worldwide!  Or am I just being suspicious and paranoid and looking for statists under every rock?

Mama’s Note: The news about cannabis is ever widening as more and more people begin to look for honest, scientific answers instead of believing the fear mongers. Here is a very interesting development, and I’m eager to see where it goes.

Is juicing raw marijuana the next green drink? Is cannabis the new kale? “When it’s consumed as a leafy green vegetable, you get the whole profile of the plant,” Courtney said. Unlike heated forms of cannabis— smoked, vaporized or in baked goods— raw dietary cannabis contains both the terpenes, the aromatic compounds of the plant, and the cannabinoids, the chemical compounds which are also in the correct portion and ratio.

By the way… I don’t think the cannabis genie can be stuffed back into the bottle any more than the 3D printing of guns and other prohibited things.

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