Libertarian Commentary on the News, 03 SEP 2015, #15-35C: Bizarro World

By Nathan Barton

But… but… Bizarro World?  Funny, and strange. CNS News says that Miz Hillary “suggests” that Mexico might just be a tad hypocritical about illegal immigration.  What, is she going to do a Trump?  Where are the voices condemning her?  Doesn’t she want the Hispanic vote?

Mama’s Note: It’s really hard to imagine just why anyone in the world would take this hypocritical liar seriously about anything.

Funny, ha ha?  Should we be surprised, that cocaine production in Bolivia has DROPPED since the US DEA was tossed out?  Lack of markets?  Middlemen?

More funny, ha ha… Steve Chapman is sometimes hard to take, but he has a good column on Roanoke, guns, and … Bernie Sanders, “gun nut.” You can read it on Townhall and avoid a lot of Steve’s blowhard ways.  Apparently, despite his socialism, Bernie Sanders goes along (publicly, at least) with Vermont’s “Constitutional Carry” and says that more gun laws will NOT do anything to reduce killings with guns. Of course, we need to know and remember that not ALL tyrannies have to completely disarm their populations: the Third Reich did disarm Jews, and certain other groups, but arms were common.  Saddam’s Iraq was similar: weapons were common possessions.  Even lower-class Victorian England had a lot of weapons. MORE important than just arms, though that is critical, of course, is the attitude, the willingness to stand up for liberty – for YOUR liberty and the liberty of others. It is the ability to coordinate and cooperate VOLUNTARILY with other people to fight evil.  And a distrust of government as the evil that it is.

Funny, sick:  Apparently mass murder is okay, just don’t make it “icky,” according to an employee of Planned Parenthood and one of its buyers of dead baby parts, who doesn’t like the smell of a corpse that has been killed using digoxin (known otherwise as digitalis).  Called “feticide,” it is part of the MOLD Technique used to kill children as late as 35 weeks in the womb, as a replacement for the partial-birth abortions outlawed by Congress. Funny how the bleeding-heart liberals (and libertarians) can scream so much about using drugs to execute criminals, but are so silent about this sort of murder-by-drug.  Again, Bizarro World.  None of them are consistent, but then most conservatives are not consistent either. Someone recently pointed out that most “pro-life” people have no problem with snuffing out the lives of “enemies of the State” (whether foreign or domestic).

Defend what against who?  Sounds a bit mixed up to me:  Stars & Stripes says that the Pentagon has admitted that release of anthrax, to which they confessed some time ago, was a WHOLE lot bigger than originally identified. ALL FIFTY STATES, but fortunately, only NINE other countries, were the beneficiaries of this largess.  How BLESSED we are to have such excellent and well-qualified, experienced defenders. On second thought, this is definitely Bizarro World stuff.

Once upon a time, this student would have been suspended, if not expelled, for walking into a girl’s bathroom, however he was dressed.  But as the Blaze reports, a senior “Lila” Perry demands to be treated like the girl he says he is, and refused to “be segregated” and have to use a single-user toilet and change room.  Which prompted 150 REAL girls in his high school in Missouri to walk out in protest, so now THEY are being condemned for not being “comfortable” with the idea of a male changing in the locker room with them.  Once more, Bizarro World!

Mama’s Note: I’ll never forget the time I accidentally walked into the men’s room at WalMart. The store I went to usually had the mens and ladies room on opposite sides and I just didn’t look at the symbol by the door first…

My face was a little red, and I was totally unimpressed with the ugly smell in there… but none of the guys at the urinal swooned… Big hairy deal.

But, as for this transexual twit, and all the rest of the PC crowd… it never dawns on them that OTHER people might be uncomfortable, or offended, or feel badly over what the twits are demanding. Why is it only their FEELINGS that count for anything?

About TPOL Nathan

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