Libertarian Commentary on the News, 18 September 2015, #15-37D: Secession, Elections, and Other False Hopes

By Nathan Barton

The Texas Tribune reports that a separatist group is circulating petitions to put a non-binding question on the GOP 2016 primary ballot asking if Texas should secede from the Union.  Now, don’t get me wrong: this is a good thing, even if it is going just to Republicans and is “non-binding,” and a good follow-up to that fad of totally-useless petitions ( called for secession of many states. Texas got a LOT of signatures.

The organization (Texas Nationalist Movement) that is seeking to get 75,000 signatures to force the GOP to put it on the ballot has 200,000 members itself. I hope it is successful, not just as a majority vote on a non-binding resolution, but goes on to restore Texas to its proper place. BUT it will NOT solve the problems that Texas society and individual and family and business face. They will still be stuck, not just with the idiots in Austin, but the idiots – nearly as bad – in 254 counties and who knows how many cities and towns.  Unless we do something about government at ALL levels, all we are doing is making the cage more comfortable.

Mama’s Note: The only way to live in freedom is for individuals to accept complete self ownership, self responsibility and self control. No matter who, why, how or when… if some people are given authority and power over other people, against their will, tyranny is the inevitable result.

Is this too funny? CNS News reports that the IRS will no longer accept checks for $100 million or more, citing hand processing which increases the potential for fraud and theft. Huh? It does tell you a lot about either the employees or the contractors that IRS uses for things like this.  Of course, when your entire agency is devoted to the immoral activity of using threats of force (and sometimes actual force) to steal money from taxpayers while telling them it is “voluntary,” and “the price we pay for civilization,” I guess I should not be too surprised to find that the morals of those who work for it are equally in the gutter (or actually, the sewer).

Mama’s Note: I’m assuming the IRS doesn’t have to shoulder that terrible burden too many times each year. “$100 million” is a LOT of money… at least for us peons. I suspect the person who actually owns the money doesn’t even know about it. That’s what accountants and lawyers are for.

We are still seeing the mess – in government, as well as in the river – of the EPA spill of 3 million gallons (and growing) of mine waste water into the rivers of Southwest Colorado.  The Daily Caller reported both on the Senate hearings and the refusal of the tyrant’s Interior Secretary to testify in front of Congress – refusing to even send someone to explain that the investigation was still underway and she’d be glad to speak to them as soon as she had the facts.  Of course, even THAT would be a lie. As a friend (Tim, thanks!) commented, this (and the hearings themselves) are nothing but political grandstanding, and the only reason the DOI was tapped by the White House to “investigate” was to make the whitewash a bit thicker.  If they really wanted to get the truth, they’d have had the Sheriff of San Juan County – or a sheriff selected at random from another county in Colorado – do the investigation, and make it clear that HE has the authority to bring charges against the EPA, any OTHER federal or state agency, and all of their contractors.

The Center for Medical Progress has now released a tenth video of Planned Parenthood executives and staffers talking about snuffing out babies’ lives and selling the dead baby body parts.  CNS News brings us up to date: more examples of callous desecration of dead bodies, ala Josef Mengele, and worse than Alferd Packer. But this video damns the USERS of those body parts even more; the ghouls who are deluding themselves believing that they are benefiting humanity by their experimentation, testing and research.  I wonder what the next few will bring. We already know that in some cases the killers ensure that the baby is born live (heart still beating) in order to improve the quality of the organs cut from the (living) flesh of the murdered child.  And in Congress, the supporters of PP continue to refuse to watch the videos, and accuse the people seeking to stop FEDGov funding of PP of using it as an excuse to “shut down the government.” And PP itself just finally was reported on national news, claiming the videos are faked.  The tranzis rally as well after a GOP presidential candidate exposed them in the GOP debate. (I suspect that many of the 23 million viewers may have heard about these for the first time in this debate.) Salon, Vox, and the supposedly neutral Politics USA website all have rallied to the flag, as reported by News Busters.

Fox News reports a bizarre tale of a Florida woman who attacked sheriff’s deputies serving a warrant with a knife or sword and was found to have “thousands” of bladed weapons in her trailer.  Mama Liberty writes: “Thank goodness she didn’t have any gunz…  And, to be a danger to the community, all she needed was one – of either. The miracle is that they didn’t kill her.” Apparently the arrest was due to warrants for probation and parole violations, but nothing about what she had been convicted of.  There are hints that the knives and swords had something to do with her religion (the altar), and of course, once she attacked them, that was a further reason to arrest her.  I wonder whether they cataloged any kitchen knives with the rest?

As I referred to above: I didn’t watch it, but apparently 23 million people did, giving CNN a big boost in ratings: the GOP “top tier” debate on Wednesday has lots of people excited, according to Business Insider. Nothing heard or said on the debate indicates that any of them will be willing or able to really address and solve the real issues which have destroyed the Union and threaten to collapse at least OUR part of civilization.  Instead, we heard the same platitudes and attacks (on each other, on Democrats, and of course on the squatter in DC) as always, and “solutions” that solve nothing except how to get elected, re-elected, and rich (or richer). Again, changing the talking head at the top is NOT going to solve the Fifty States’ problems, any more than Texas seceding would. The truth is, the only thing that will get the FedGov to change its “personality:” its ways and its behavior, is to get rid of the whole thing and start from scratch. More on that idea, later, in a future rant.

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