Libertarian Commentary on the News, 17 SEP 2015, #15-37C: Theft, Colleges, and More

By Nathan Barton

The FedGov stole $2.9 TRILLION from taxpayers so far this fiscal year through August, a world historical record, according to a CNS News story, but STILL spent $530 BILLION more than it took in. That tax is $19,300+ per working person -which amounts to more than 50% of the average workers’ income during the period. And people can’t see how we have a problem with government and its spending?? And that doesn’t even include state and local taxes. This is not just sick, but gross and disgusting, and shows how close to collapse we are right now.

Look, I think this is a REALLY bad idea. The Verge says that New York is wiring things so that traffic signals can talk to cars.  This seems like a lose-lose project to me.  I mean, we have bans on texting while driving and on talking on cell phones while driving.  And how we are going to distract BOTH automobiles AND the traffic signals by letting them gossip all day, instead of minding their business.  And let us not forget that the ability to communicate between vehicles and control devices means that those control devices may be able to control the vehicles and thus, we are putting government!! in control of more vehicles on the road.  Seriously?

So, I guess America IS still the land of opportunity.  CNS News tells us that Ben Carson, running for Prez, says that taking in Syrian refugees provides a “splendid opportunity for the global jihadists.”  Maybe we can offer a similar deal to doctors and IT specialists?  Frankly, I think the market for global jihad has plenty of room for growth right now.

Speaking of jihadists and refugees (and recalling how Saudi Arabia is going to bankroll hundreds of mosques in Germany and elsewhere), take a look at almost any of the photos of these Syrian “refugees” in Greece or Hungary or Germany.  There is almost always a cute kid near the front, clinging to a toy and looking miserable.  And usually a women (usually in a burqa).  But most of the “refugees” appear to be young men, strong and in good health, in their 20s, with short haircuts.  And a few older men, also in very good health and physical condition. Hmmm. Looks like the kids and the women are eyewash.

For centuries, migrants into the Roman Empire were invaders, whose descendants are now modern Europeans, decadent and “civilized.”  For more centuries, they fought off the ancestors of at least some of these “refugees,” who now ride the trains of the European countries (apparently on the dime of the Europeans) past the monuments of those battles to go in and occupy the lands that they were kept out of for half a millennium.

The Guardian has a reasonably coherent discussion of the situation. And beyond: Sweden is talking about joining NATO for fear of Russia, while its society and economy are crashing around their ears because of the vast crowds of Muslim guest workers and “refugees” already there (5% or more of the population, apparently more professed Muslims than professed “christians” in this modern secularist nation).

On to other subjects, such as the Muslim-sympathizer squatting in DC (when he isn’t jet-setting around the world on “business” and family vacations). Understandably, he sees that as government’s role, not that of colleges.  CNS News reports that the squatter at 1600 PA says that colleges should not block speakers who are “too conservative.”  For one thing, I’m sure that he thinks thosa academics would be too lenient, and their budgets would be hard strapped to pay for good quality nooses for necktie parties.

At almost the same time, the guy has seemingly backed out of a two-year effort to have colleges and universities rated by the FedGov, unwilling to let professionals (or at least those who can pretend to more professionalism, like US News & World Report) rank and provide information on higher education, according to the New York Times. He supposedly wanted, back in 2013, to tie government ranking of colleges to government funding, but even the educrats in public and private institutions of “higher learning” screamed bloody murder about that.  The new website is widely seen as a joke: and even one college president describes the guy and this  effort as “clueless.”  I see it as part of the FedGov effort to continually dumb-down education at ALL levels, which is just part of the work they are doing to “fundamentally transform” (make worthless) all elements of American society. (Or maybe just making sure that what are now college campuses can be turned into centers for refugee-asylum, as old military bases in Europe are being used for.)

Speaking of “dumbing down,” a new “study” concludes that the secret to happiness at work is… get this… free snacks! USA Today babbles about free food making workers happy.  Gee, that is why all those workers are smiling all the time and people are standing in line to get jobs at McD, BK, Wendy’s, and so forth?

Dean Weingarten, in The Truth About Guns has a good study, seemingly based on real data and not hokey “government-regulates-colleges” or “touchy-feely-employee-reactions, comparing fatal firearms accident rates with increasing private gun ownership.  In recent decades, despite private ownership of guns in the US climbing to incredible new levels, accidental gun deaths have been dropping nearly every year and are at all-time lows. This together with overall homicide-by-gun rates ALSO dropping (except, this year, in a few scum-filled cities), demolishes the justification for medical personnel and others who demand people get guns out of their homes or at least report because of the claim that guns are a public health menace.  Not that the hoplophobes and hoploclasts will pay any attention.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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