Libertarian Commentary on the News, 21 September 2015, #15-37A: Worthless Responses to Government Crimes

By Nathan Barton

Recent actions by the EPA are, as readers of this commentary know, outrageous, and criminal – or would be if real people and businesses did them.  So what is the response?  Downsize DC proposes petitioning Congress and writing letters to your “representatives” there.  Right! What good does this do?  At best, it presents an appearance of holding to the moral high ground, but is that worth the effort?  The EPA is in the cat seat, as with the IRS and DHS, virtually all Congressmen are afraid of getting on their wrong side, and are unlikely to do anything substantial. The agencies will forgive them their political grandstanding, but not any real, substantial action.  What IS the answer?  Civil disobedience, for one.  Including refusing entry to EPA agents, if necessary filing charges of trespassing and in some cases, self-defense (ARMED self-defense) against them.  Possibly electing local sheriffs and selecting local police chiefs who understand that they work FOR those who elected/selected them and NOT for the FedGov.  Difficult, but with more potential than another e-mail or letter campaign or “petition” drive.

This is also about as worthless. Several Congressmen have introduced a bill of impeachment against EPA crime boss and squatter-minion McCarthy, according to World Net Daily.  The charges are valid, I’ll admit – and some of the key proofs are a series of documents from the US Army Corps of Engineers. But we can be virtually certain that these dozen or so men and women won’t get support enough from their own party to send the indictment to the Senate for trial.  Again, fear of the EPA will be a definite factor, and you can bet that McCarthy’s goons are already zeroing in on their districts.  But part of it is that the GOP figures when THEY are back in the White House, then THEY get to use the EPA to hammer their opposition.  Politics, and government, as usual.

Political support (read “campaign contributions” and “big fat jobs after they retire”) is also a reason, and may be behind this outrageous set of lies by one Democratic Congressman. Are not lies in public, formal speeches as part of their official duties something which SHOULD be a crime? But he is getting away with it. CNS News broadcasts the speech of this thug. In it, he attacks a bill which would (again) make it explicit that any baby born after a botched abortion is given the same medical care as any newborn baby, not left in a jar or on a tray (or flushed into a toilet) to die.  I read the bill, and in no way does it mandate that the baby be immediately transported to the nearest hospital, but that is this evil man’s excuse for opposing the bill – that it mandates just that and therefore might KILL the child, who may not be stable enough to safely transport, or might be transported to a hospital without a neonatal care unit. No doubt, he is concerned that his base with their strong religious beliefs that require infant sacrifice will abandon him. I think that for a congressman to lie like this SHOULD be a crime.

Mama’s Note: Insane that acts of common decency and rational behavior must somehow be codified in “law,” much more that some would go to such great lengths to prevent decent behavior that way. Why is there national outrage over mistreatment of animals, but so little over the murder of babies?

A crime, maybe? Government employees are not, of course, the only people who commit crimes. But, is it really “art?”  Eagle Rising relates the story of an art student’s “urban project” of putting “white-only” and “black-only” signs on toilets to see people’s reaction at a university in New York.  He is being punished by the school, and his action is condemned as a “hate crime” and insanely, an “act of terrorism” by other students, brainwashed by their environment and instructors. (It is apparently also vandalism and – gasp – posting notices without permission of the “authorities.”) Like cries of Nazi and racist and homophobe for the most part, these condemnations have nothing to do with reality or reasonable definition of ‘hate crime’ or ‘act of terrorism.’ No discussion, mind you, of free speech and expression.  Hopefully, this student will also wake up to reality and stop wasting his money (or his parents’ or even the taxpayers’) on this institution. The real crime here is the con-artist college getting money for claiming to teach art, and then abusing its students under the most bogus of pretexts, to say nothing of indoctrinating other students so that they make these kinds of accusations.

And in another government-ruined, theft-funded school in Virginia, the educrats suspended 21 (or more; reports vary) students for clothing “hinting at unapproved beliefs” – specifically, wearing a Southern Cross Flag tee-shirt, in protest of a ban on having the Southern Cross on bumper stickers, license plates, and lockers.  According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the students were suspended Thursday for wearing clothing displaying the Confederate flag that violated dress code, according to the district. They arrived at Christiansburg High School in the clothes and refused to comply with the dress code, so they were given one-day in-school suspensions, a Montgomery County Public Schools spokeswoman said. A majority of the students didn’t follow in-school suspension rules and were given out of-school suspensions. Ignoring the irony of the location, I applaud the courage of the students and hope that their parents let them escape from the school before the cops and riot dogs show up. But again, what is the real crime here? Not students protesting, but school educrats who enact such tyrannical edicts as banning symbols on student’s vehicles and other private property.

But the CSA Southern Cross is not the only flag to be banned this week in schools.  Fox News in North Texas reports that a high school student was punished for wearing an American flag tee-shirt, which supposedly violated the school dress code, which only allows solid-color shirts with the only logos being school or college symbols and symbols in support of the military. The school backed down in response to outrage by parents and students.  It is interesting that the offending flag tee-shirt wasn’t seen until after the student removed a hoodie – itself banned in many schools as being “threatening” or preventing identification of inmates – excuse me, students.  I wonder, first, how a Texas flag (or one of the various flags Texas has used over years) would fare; and there are some high school and college symbols that might also be deemed unacceptable, in this dump. Notice that religious symbols are not permitted: no Bible verses or fish or crosses or crescent moons or stars of David. Is this not a moral, if not legal, crime?

Need I say it? Parents, get your children OUT of these evil places.  As soon as possible.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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