Libertarian Commentary on the News, 03 OCT 2015, #15-39D: Islamic wars

by Nathan Barton

Islamic wars abroad and at home. Coming to a town near you!

As Europe continues to get trashed by the “Syrian refugees” or invading migrants, World Net Daily reports that the FedGov is admitting that the information on these so-called refugees is both very, very limited and from sources of dubious accuracy. Hundreds of cases of forged or stolen identities have been found among those in Europe, with organized syndicates involved, and they seem perfectly willing to do the same favors for those that the White House intends to allow into the Fifty States. The mess seen in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Greece seems likely to develop quickly here. More and more reports are coming from Brit, German, and French news sources of more and more faux Syrians, actually Muslims from Pakistan, Turkey, and Egypt, are claiming to be Syrian and sneaking in with the “legitimate” refugees. (I sometimes wonder if there ARE any legit ones, or if they are all being enslaved back home.)

Meanwhile, back in the “old country” for Supposedly, (assuming there is any truthfulness in what the minions of that squatter at 1600 PA say), the FedGov has “no clue” who Russia is bombing in Syria, but say it is NOT the Caliphate (ISIS, or ISIL, as the FedGov babblers prefer). Breitbart says that the FedGov claims that Russia has no idea who they are killing with their air strikes in support of the Assad regime, which I would find hard to believe, even if the claim wasn’t coming from the FedGov. But, as MamaLiberty noted, there seems there’s some confusion over who is bombing whom… And good riddance to them all!

Seems to me that the skies over Syria must be getting a bit crowded, and that everyone is bombing everyone else. Since a lot of people claim that ISIS (ISIL, Caliphate, etc.) is actually a FedGov “ally” or “asset,” it would be strange NOT to have the Russians attack them. Of course, the rebels (the “other” enemy of the Syrian state) are also supposedly FedGov allies, and it DOES appear that Russians are attacking them. Sadly, I don’t know where to buy a score card that really says what side everyone is on, and I suspect that a lot of “ordinary” people are on the side of just trying to stay alive and fed.

If I could advise anyone, it would be to get out. Period. Obviously, at least SOME Syrians (or at least people who pretend to be Syrians) are taking that advice, although whether it is because they want to invade Europe or just want to find someplace with peace is hard to tell.

Mama’s Note: Maybe both, and maybe a lot of these people simply have no clue as to the truth, just like so many other people in the world. Will we all be at war with each other before the blinders come off? I pray not.

Meanwhile, the Islamic wars are here at home, even if only a trickle of refugees has made it here yet. Although the mainstream media refuses to report the complete story, sites like DC Clothesline continue to reveal more information on the bizarre tale of the Muslim student who faked a “digital clock invention” that looked a lot like a bomb, who is now out of school (good, on several levels) and being feted by Arabs, the New York City mayor, and the squatter at 1600 PA. More and more it appears to have been a carefully choreographed morality play, of some time, for purposes as yet unknown. It is not like other governments are really all that sad about zero tolerance in schools, are they?

Military personnel are, as usual, in the news, and not just the aircrew which died in a C-130 crash in Afghanistan. I find myself with mixed emotions over this one. The Blaze reports that a National Guard soldier, in uniform and bearing a gun, was asked to leave the Waffle House cafe he had visited to eat in, because of corporate policy against weapons. It is, of course, a stupid policy; I will definitely keep that in mind next time I’ve a mind to eat “breakfast” in those places I frequent that have a Waffle House (although I’ve found that Mountain States businesses of all types often ignore corporate policy against weapons).

But it IS private property; if they don’t want my business as an Army officer, or the business of my comrades in various military units, because we are bearing weapons, that is their lost business. I won’t starve if I wait until a Chick-fil-A opens for the day, or even McD’s now serves breakfast 24-7. But if I see a militarized cop allowed to wear HIS “service weapon” and a REAL soldier is not, I may just go off on them. Not that the modern military should be respected much (and I say that as a serving member of the reserve forces), as the next story reminds us.

What do we stand for? Decency, freedom, and honor, or political subservience and correctness? The American military, I mean. From this story in Freedom Outpost it is clear that the modern senior leadership in the military has about as much honor and understanding of duty as those scumbags left after Hitler’s purges in the mid-1930s. A Special Forces trooper (a “Green Beret”) has been kicked out of the service for taking personal and direct action to stop the abusive actions of an admitted child-rapist. He now points out that it was morally wrong for him to be kicked out, while American military and authorities turn a blind eye to something which deserves more than a beating. Once again, we notice that somehow, the followers of the Prophet (peanut butter und honig) get a free pass on basic, common decency and morality. Even when it comes to worse than faking a science project that looks like an IED.

A lot of people have pointed this out to me. Freedom Outpost and many other sources report that Montana has enacted a law to “prevent the militarization of police” by the FedGov, by prohibiting local police from being given (or buying) military weapons and equipment, including grenades, aerial gunships, and heavy weapons. Although I understand the intent, I believe that this (which passed overwhelmingly in both houses in Helena) is badly misguided and in essence worthless.

First, the militarization of police forces has for the most part been completed. Providing of more weapons and equipment would simply upgrade their capacity to wage war against citizens. This was done with the SWAT teams and all the other things we now take for granted. The police have become the iron fist of control even in very small communities, to a degree we’d have thought impossible a quarter or half-century ago. And the velvet glove is increasingly being dispensed with. (Notice the SWAT team that responded to the murderous rampage on a disarmed college campus in Oregon. It was virtually impossible to tell them by uniform or equipment from a quick-reaction squad involved in the occupation of Fallujah or Kabul.)

Second, the militarization is just a part of the broader “federalization” of police forces, in which the local forces increasingly no longer work for those who elected the sheriff of the county, or who elect the councils who in turn hire the police chief – that is, the citizens – but rather carry out the wishes of DC – the FedGov – in ALL areas of policy, starting with the war on some drugs and continuing to all the other actions against the people of the Fifty States. Actually, IF Montana police forces, especially sheriffs, WERE working for the liberties and freedoms of the people of Montana, they would be taking and stockpiling these weapons of war to arm the populace for that inevitable time when it will be thugs in uniform (unlikely to actually be US or State military forces, but rather some bizarre version of mercenaries and bureaucrats) who come to confiscate the last of the liberties of Montanans.

Morality and common decency are in short supply all over. As a result, people are abused, and die. Let’s look at a few. A homosexual “couple” is crowing, as reported by The Blaze about how they “fooled” Memories Pizza, in Illinois, into “catering” a “same-sex marriage” ceremony by ordering pizza (who has PIZZA for a wedding feast? I guess when the “wedding” is bogus, everything else can be, too) and not telling them the purpose of the food order. Memories Pizza is the store that was damned by all “right-thinking people” (sarcasm here, please note) because they publicly stated that they would not do such a thing.

Mama’s Note: Pizza for a wedding does seem strange, but since when does a person who buys Pizza have to give any reason for ordering it?Why and how did the subject even come up?

Memories Pizza was not catering a wedding of any sort. They were simply selling pizza, far as I can tell. I think that the only reason the subject even comes up is that one or both “sides” want the publicity and the control. Last time I went to the Pizza Hut here, nobody asked me about my sexual orientation – or anyone else that I could tell. Seems to me that they are only interested in selling their wares, as it should be.

This whole “same sex” thing has gotten completely out of hand. Why can’t both “sides” just mind their own business?

Truth? What is that? Nothing for media to worry about, clearly. Reuters reports that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump (who is losing ground to others) unveiled sweeping proposals to simplify the tax code, slash the corporate tax rate and impose a one-time levy on the overseas earnings of U.S. companies and then welcome them back home. In a news conference at Trump Tower in Manhattan, he announced a plan promising populist measures, but at the same time handing a huge tax break to corporate America. Trump said he would cut the top tax rate for all businesses to 15 percent from the present 35 percent if he became president at the November 2016 election.

This is, of course, viewed as a corporatist sell-off to the “wealthy” and a stark contrast to Bernie Sanders’ soak-the-rich socialist scheme. But, lacking common decency, neither the media nor most of Trump’s opponents are bothering to report the full details of his proposal. It does NOT (Nor should we expect it to. He is running seriously for office, after all) cut to the root, hack at the REAL problem of taxes. Taxes are “legalized” theft and nothing more. But it is a FAR cry from the generalities and promises made by past presidential candidates and most of the current crop.

Mama’s Note: Yes, and it is one of the things people are so blind about. The amount of the tax, and from whom it is extorted, is irrelevant in fact. All “tax” is theft, extracted from everyone at the point of a gun. And every person, from the least to the most wealthy, pays for that in both treasure and blood eventually.

Can we even SEE the truth? Do we look at what is really happening? Even the “alternative” media, the liberty community, seem to see just what they want to. In the aftermath of last week’s tragedy in Oregon, Political Outcast poses the question, “What would Chris Lintz do?” No, the question is, “what would Chris Lintz have done in a rational and free society, on a campus worthy of being called an “institution of higher learning” in a free land? He would have removed the pistol from his belt or his waistband, perhaps waiting for the killer to come to HIS room, and killed the murderer. Shot him down like the mad dog that this 20- or 26-year-old or whatever, was. If one if the students or other teachers had not already done it. The madman might have decided that since 2 or 3 people out of every hundred on the campus was carrying a weapon for self-defense, it was a bad idea to even try.

The second question to ask is Why should we follow Lintz’s example? He is a 30-year-old combat veteran who “obeyed” the law and disarmed himself, so that he had only his bare hands to defend himself and his students in his classroom against the madman, and was shot seven times – but survives. At least he TRIED to defend them, instead of giving up as so many did.

But, to go full-circle today back to the Islamic wars, it is important to remember that just HAVING a weapon is NOT enough to protect yourself, your loved ones, your neighbors, and your community. World Net Daily reports on the second terrorist (sic?) attack by Islamists in Canaan this week. At the Lion Gate in Jerusalem itself, a 19-year-old law student, identified as a Muslim, attacked two tourists with a knife, stole the gun one of them had, and turned the gun on others, before nearby police responded and killed the attacker. (This followed the shooting death of two Israelis driving through the West Bank earlier this week.) Two non-Israeli tourists died, several other people of unknown nationality were wounded.

As is usual these days, the attack was advertised in advance by the killer on Facebook, claiming that the “third intifada” was already underway. That may or may not be, and this may or may not be part of the global war on reason and liberty launched by Islamists with the active support of many, MANY governments and people. What we SHOULD know is that a lack of situational awareness is DEADLY: these people died because of that, armed or not.

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