Libertarian Commentary on the News, 30 September 2015, #15-39C: Ain’t so.

By Nathan Barton

Someone once said that it isn’t what we don’t know that is dangerous, it is what we KNOW that ain’t so that creates trouble.  News stories today make that point.  We can see how we take things for granted, that make life worse for us, especially when we voluntarily give up the liberty that should be so precious to us.

Will we stand for it?  Government getting involved not just in regulating but in producing what we drink?  The Casper Star-Tribune reports that  Wyoming officials consider spending $3 million for malting plant to make whiskey.

Mama’s Note: And here I thought they [the State of Wyoming] said they didn’t have any money for landfill requirements, or to actually fix some of the terrible roads, or repeal some of the high taxes… but they have money to burn speculating on this sort of thing. I guess we can be grateful it isn’t a sports stadium… And why do I have this sneaking suspicion that the price of good whiskey won’t be coming down any either. Oh, that’s right… all of the good stuff comes from the incredibly regulated and taxed producers in Scotland. Bummer.

Nathan: People always find money for what they really want – especially if it is OTHER people’s money. And even when they aren’t smart enough to really use the money to produce what they want.  (Good whiskey, not just pork for their districts/constituencies and buddies.)

Mama Liberty was also the first to share this news with me: Mars has flowing liquid water, NASA confirms, as reported by Fox News.  This is, of course, wonderful and exciting news. More home for mankind, and one more way in which government will attempt to overextend and so another place to fail, and for liberty to reestablish itself. Sadly, we take for granted that only government can even get us to Mars, let alone let us live there. Even those stories (“Red Thunder” by John Varley comes to mind) about going to Mars, assume that government will be involved in some way.

It is said that evil constantly demands acceptance and affirmation, and that seems to be the case in Kentucky, as reported by Breitbart and Last Resistance, the two homosexuals who triggered the entire episode with County Clerk Kim Davis have decided that the marriage license they received from her office while she was in jail is NOT acceptable because (although legally the state, county, and judicial system have said it does not make any difference as to its validity) she (Kim Davis) has not personally signed the license.  So they are again applying to the court to force her to do that. I do not know the two men’s motives for now rejecting what they had originally accepted, but it certainly looks like vindictive and self-aggrandizing behavior to me. They want her in jail again, or signing something that seems to indicate her approval and concurrence with their actions.  Who knows how the judge will decide?  We take for granted that we MUST obey the decisions of judges and courts.

It is a point I try to make often in this commentary: a reader agrees (see their comments at the end of the column).

Mama’s Note: Now that’s just plain insane. But, of course, it was insane from both sides to start with. The goal of altogether too many people on all “sides” of every issue seems to be getting and keeping control of other people, no matter what it takes.

College is another thing we assume is necessary. So this story comes up to tell us how silly that is. What an incredible excuse to claim “abuse” and “offense” on a college campus!  Last Resistance reports that at the University of Delaware, the remnants of paper lanterns in trees, left over from an event months ago, were noticed by horrified and hideously-sensitized students and determined to be “nooses,” which the college promptly declared to be a hate crime. What a waste of money to have these students at this place.

Mama’s Note: What a waste of time and money in almost any “school” these days. I spent seven years in college and university, and consider most of what I learned there to be either useless or false. A waste indeed.

My oh my, but he talks a good line, doesn’t he? The Blaze reports that the squatter at 1600 PA was telling LGBT that “religious liberty doesn’t grant us the freedom to deny other American’s constitutional rights.” Oh, really? What a flaming hypocrite!  So his progressive, statist, Tranzi religion should not be able to deny your and my right to keep and bare arms, or to speak what we would in liberty?  Or travel without “papers,” or all these other things that he (and too many of us) take for granted are “privileges” granted by government (in or out of the Constitution) to us peons.

Mama’s Note: Unfortunately, the “squatter” demonstrates clearly that he has no idea at all what “rights” really are. First, each human being on earth has the same “rights” as every other person, no more and no less. That “right” is the sovereign authority they hold over their life and body, limited only by the exact same sovereign authority of everyone else. The word “rights” shouldn’t be appended to individual items as it is now, since that only confuses people. But one thing needs to be made clear: There is no “right” at all that imposes obligations or costs on other people. A prime example is the totally bogus idea too many people have that they possess some “right” never to be offended or afraid. That’s something completely impossible to obtain, no matter how many others are inhibited, shamed or brutalized in the process.

Lawmakers in Wyoming may consider a bill prohibiting the feeding of wildlife, according to the Casper Star-Tribune.

Mama Liberty asks, “Feeding deer, or hunting for shed antlers? I wonder how the plan to enforce either will work.

Nathan: So, will this let ranchers kill the elk and deer (especially elk) that strip their fields bare?  Of course, we know the answer: the wildlife belong to the “king” and we only have a small privilege to hunt them sometimes, with an expensive permission slip. We cannot protect ourselves or our property from them.

We take for granted that those who oppose us politically (and in matters of liberty) are going to follow the same rules as we do; that is, basic things like telling the truth.  But that is rarely the case. Breitbart challenges a group’s report that claims that “armed citizens” have killed more people since 1989 (25 years, basically) than the total number of American soldiers who have died in ALL our wars since 1776 (240 years or so): they set the number of dead since 1989 at 836,000, and the number of dead in war at 656,000.  It takes but a few minutes (on-line research) to find out that (a) their 25-year “armed citizens” includes suicide and killings by police, and (b) just the War Between the States saw more than 600,000 USA and CSA soldiers killed. There is not enough information to see if they just don’t consider Confederates to be Americans, though even the FedGov has never gone so far as to claim otherwise.  But we must remember that lying is not restricted just to hoploclasts and hoplophobes.

Mama’s Note: Exactly like the lie that the gang bangers up to age 26 – or something equally ridiculous – are “children” victims of “gun violence.” Young people who are actively participating in violent activities and using guns to kill other gang members are not innocent “children,” by any stretch of the imagination.

Everyone “knows” that if you have a big problem, you will solve it if you just have more money and more people to throw at it.  But as reported in Freedom Net Daily from the Watertown Daily Opinion, the “US” (actually that squatter in DC) says that various states (nations, not any of the Fifty States) have pledged 40,000-plus MORE troops to UN peacekeeping, which presumably the FedGov will help pay its usual quarter (or more).  This was part of an announcement that notable steps to upgrade U.N peacekeeping are being taken, saying more than 50 countries have pledged to contribute more than 40,000 new troops and police to serve in some of the world’s most volatile areas. But there was no sign the U.S., which pays a quarter of the peacekeeping budget, would put more of its own troops into the field.  Frankly, the US already has many times that number “in the field.”  And the point here is that more people, and more money – especially when controlled by government – do NOT solve problems like the wartorn areas of the world: indeed, they make it worse, as we see in all the various places in Africa and Syria.

We take for granted that “religion” and “philosophy” are peaceful, but it just ain’t so.

A reader provided a lengthy comment about this: 

I’m guessing that the majority of the anti-white, pro-cop killing, #BlackLivesMatter thugs … I mean … “activists” are predominantly, albeit loosely, Christian by persuasion. I could be wrong, but I would be willing to bet that they either grew up in church and/or still go to church in between their “death to cops” marches and their looting schedules. Now, I’m sure some of them could be Muslim or one of Farrakhan’s step-n-fetchits. That’s a possibility. Which would explain their penchant and approval for executing innocent white deputies while they’re filling up their patrol cars. We all know Mohammad just LOVES killing–especially white Christians. However, I’m sticking to my guns, and guessing that the vast majority of them grew up in some form of Christianity and that some still go to church. Which brings me to this question for the black, supposed “Christians” that are burning down neighborhoods and stealing crap in homage to dead criminals while they augur for the death of LEOs: What New Testament passage do you base your base behavior upon? Do you guys have some Lost Gospel of Jedediah that tells you to slaughter and loot should criminals with your skin color get offed by law enforcement officers? If so, thrill me with it. I’d love to read what you’re feeding off of because the New Testament I bought at Barnes & Noble is absent of that animus.

Indeed, the New Testament that I’ve perused says stuff like: “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” – Matthew 5:43-48

“My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” – James 1:19

Another comment from another reader on the report on the Muppets:

This article ties in directly to what you have been trying to teach many folks for years.  The government is there, yes and we are to respect it, but when the government oversteps the bounds, then we are not obligated to obey.  And if we do not set the standard, then who will? (Respect does not demand obedience.) [A speaker at a recent lecture series] gave a tidbit … regarding forgiveness.  We are not obligated to forgive those who do not ask for forgiveness.  We are only obligated to forgive those that ask – whether seriously or not.  I am having to think about that since we have had it pounded for years in various groups that we are to forgive.  I guess if we do, it is for us rather than them.

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