Libertarian Commentary on the News, 21 DEC 2015, #15-51A: Muslims, Satanists, Cops, Nazgul and Sarcasm?

By Nathan Barton or someone who hacked me…

While I was dealing with family matters, someone seems to have hacked into my notes and put some commentary about stories that is either VERY liberal-Tranzi OR very, VERY sarcastic. Read the next few paragraphs and see if you can figure out which.

We can ALL benefit from the wisdom of the wisest among us: the revered Nazgul who sit high up in courtrooms across the nation. Consider this report from World Net Daily telling about how fortunate we are (dare I use the word blessed?) that a Muslim judge knows his Old Testament well enough to convict a homophobic preacher – not just of being homophobic, but of using the WRONG reference from Leviticus in spouting his homophobia. Sadly, a higher court is reviewing the case and may overturn this wise decision. Too bad: the only thing better than the wisdom of a wise old Hispanic mother on the SCOTUS is, of course, the wisdom of a Shariah-trained and compliant Nazgul in a secular court taking away an Allah-given right of free speech AND lecturing the preacher on improper scriptural citations, all for his own good.

Maybe the judge in this next case will be as wise, in Northern Ireland, as reported by Freedom Outpost. Because a preacher has publicly denounced Islam as being wrong, evil and Satanic, he is on trial for Islamophobia and insulting a class of people (anyone who is a Muslim) without being specific. Of course, this is exactly what a discerning judge SHOULD do: make sure that all reference to Satanists are accurate and specific. If this preacher had just used some common sense and said, “All Islam is Satanic except for the kind of Islam practiced by my good buddy Mohammed Hussein O’Toole over there in the corner,” he wouldn’t be in court now! Of course there are Satanists and then there are Satanists, as we see from Oklahoma (a long ways from Northern Ireland).

Hey, the guy can’t be much of a Satanist. CNS News reports that an avowed Satanist, named Daniels plans to pour FAKE blood, Sulphur and ashes on a statue of Mary the mother of Jesus in front of a Roman Catholic cathedral in Oklahoma City on Christmas Eve, to demonstrate that the virgin birth is a lie. If he were a REAL Satanist, he’d use REAL blood, of course. But I’m not sure exactly HOW this proves anything except that he is really, really tacky.

Will the arrogance of our unelected judges NEVER go away? DC Clothesline reports that a NY State Supreme Nazgul has told the medical profession that they may NOT make flu vaccinations MANDATORY for infants and toddlers, no doubt condemning MILLIONS of them to die (unless they get killed in mass shootings first, of course). “Interestingly, the Judge in his order wrote on page 6, “The Court of Appeals further stated, §558(b) of the New York City Charter ‘contains no suggestion that the Board of Health has the authority to create laws’.” This is, of course, even WORSE: he is denying the power of unelected boards to legislate for our own good, using their wisdom and technological genius to protect us from ourselves. Millions of parents are no doubt rejoicing that they can make sure that their children are unprotected from the flu, and could DIE (or at least develop a severe tummy ache) before they even get to kindergarten. Shocking!

At last, some common sense about how to deal with the threat of Americans becoming radicalized and going out and gunning down their co-workers and others. Slate has published an article explain the unprecedented danger that we face from online radicalization, the like of which we have never had before: that enemies of America can and DO come into every home and school and office in the nation via the Internet to corrupt the minds and hearts of Americans. Unfortunately, Slate (and those evil people condemning this proposal) get it wrong, especially Slate with its headline “ISIS gives us no choice but to consider limiting free speech.”

But that is NOT what Professor Eric Posner is suggesting, and detracts from his brilliant idea: do NOT limit the free speech of the Caliphate or the KKK or Sons of Confederate Veterans or even libertarians and conservatives. Let them spout their hatred in writing or verbally recorded. JUST MAKE IT ILLEGAL to listen to them, or read their words. That is NOT, of course, any violation of “free speech,” and there is NO prohibition in the Constitution or anywhere else to government controlling LISTENING or READING! Wonderful!

Just how bad are the cops? Pretty bad, and that is good for us: after all, the old saying is, “it takes a crook to catch a crook.” We have this wonderful example of how far cops go to get bad guys from Virginia. Political Outcast reports that the police detective who got a warrant to FORCE a 17-year-old to get an erection so that the cop could photograph it to prove that the underage-teen created child pornography by photographing himself erect for his also underage girlfriend, and who sued the kid’s lawyer for saying this was crazy (and thereby slandering him and causing him (the cop) mental anguish) has shot himself when other cops tried to arrest him on child porn charges involving a 9-year-old and 11-year-old boys.

Besides the obvious (that you can’t make stuff like this up), it just shows the kind of “law enforcement officers” we have today and how it seems to be more and more common for perverts to go into “law enforcement” so that they can exercise their perversions under cover of law and authority, whether it is taking pictures of erect 17-year-old guys or raping woman motorists or sodomizing homeless people with shovel handles. It is a shame that this dedicated cop wasn’t able to force himself to continue to do bad things in order to help bring bad guys (and gals: the lawyer was a woman) to justice.

Mama’s Note: AGGGH! Is it any wonder I can’t force myself to look at much of the “news” these days? I’m really grateful for Nathan, who puts the worst of it (and sometimes the best) in my lap each week for the commentaries, like it or not.

Thanks, Nathan… I think. 🙂 And a happy holiday to everyone.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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