Islamic Wars Worldwide, 2016

Libertarian Commentary, 05JAN2106, #16-01C

by Nathan Barton

It is clear that 2016 is definitely going to be yet another year of Islamic warfare. Two stories come up that remind us that Islam is NOT a religion of liberty (nor are most religions which call themselves Christian I hasten to add). It really doesn’t seem to matter WHAT flavor of Islam you favor. The Caliphate, according to The Blaze, has issued a religious ruling (a fatwa; a statement of doctrine) which makes it clear that slavery, particularly of women and girls for sexual purposes) IS fully acceptable AND desirable for Muslims to practice, and that specifies when girls can be raped when they are captured. Slave markets are public institutions in areas controlled by the Caliphate.

But that is not the only form of Islam that presents a threat, not just to the West, not just to world peace, but to the very people who practice it. World Net Daily reports that following the Saudi execution of a Persian cleric for killing people, mobs in Tehran stormed, overran, and then burned the Saudi embassy, while a separate mob overran and destroyed a Saudi consulate. At the same time, Iranian officials have declared and called for the overthrow of the Saudi regime. Gun battles between Saudi (Sunni) police and Shi’a civilians IN Arabia itself have taken place.

There are several root causes for this. First and most modern is the religious split between Sunni and Shi’a forms of Islam. But older than that is the rivalry between Persian and Arab, which goes back not just to the forced conversion of Persia to Islam, at a time when Persia had been an imperial power for a thousand years, but to half a millennium before Christ, when Arabs and Persians vied with each other to control the flat and productive valley of Mesopotamia. Which indeed today is STILL a source of conflict for the followers of Mohammed (peanut butter und honig). It would be poetic justice, perhaps, for the Saudis and other Arabs to devote themselves to warring with Persians, except that would allow the THIRD major nationality of Muslims (the Turks) to take advantage of the situation.

Which seems to be exactly the case with Turkey, according to Freedom Outpost, which claims that Turkish President Erdogan is well on the way to his goal of converting Turkey from a parliamentary republic to a presidential republic, and reestablishing the caliphate which Ataturk abolished together with the Ottoman Empire after World War One. I don’t know if the translation is correct, but if it is, Erdogan is citing Adolf Hitler’s example in replacing the Weimar Republic with the Third Reich as an example for Turkey to follow to allow Turkey to form a caliphate. Whether it would merge with the existing Caliphate (the Islamic State, now in Mesopotamia, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, and elsewhere) or replace is to be seen.

The West seems unwilling to face the truth. Indeed, in Northern Ireland, as reportd by World Net Daily, the trial is ending for a Protestant preacher jailed and being tried for preaching AGAINST Islam. It appears that the British police and courts are willing to take away God-given liberties to accommodate a religion which seeks to overthrow the society and religion of the United Kingdom.


And even here in the Fifty States, and specifically in Colorado, we see the same attitude of accommodation, compromise and surrender. According to Freedom Outpost, a meat-packing plant in Fort Morgan (a small, Eastern Plains city) is being condemned for firing almost 200 Muslim workers who walked off the job (went on strike) because they were not being given enough time to have their prayers and being provided inadequate facilities to do so. Never mind that if any christian or jewish group of workers attempted to even get a prayer room or chapel or time off for any religious activity, the same people would be attacking the workers for daring to even ask.

Although the West was never TRULY christian (that is, the kind of religion taught by Jesus and His apostles in the First Century, AD), and as it has steadily departed from any pretense to being so in the 20th and 21st Centuries, the ability to resist Islam (and frankly, any other form of imperial religion) has eroded away. We cannot accept the attitudes and concept of multi-culturalism and condemn slavery or the denigration of women or religious bias. We cannot allow the liberty to condemn one religion but not  others. We cannot take away liberty from some people and some groups in order to give it to others. We cannot deny our power and right to resist aggression from ANY group, even if they claim religious authority to do so. And we cannot force people to accept and accommodate concepts and beliefs that they find evil and unacceptable and still be free. If same-sex marriage can be forced on us, then so can (and will) Islam and it’s bans and requirements be forced on us as well.

Mama’s Note: Same sex marriage is NOT forced on anyone. Individuals have the authority to associate (or not) with anyone they choose, in marriage as in anything else. A good many of us (and growing daily) don’t see homosexuals as the problem here. There are some who are trying hard to force recognition and acceptance of it through use of the state, but that is a separate issue. And that is the problem, no matter if the advocates are homosexuals or Muslims.

Multiculturalism works just fine as long as nobody is aggressing against others. And the best way to deal with aggression like that is self defense. Any attempt to get the state involved inevitably results in lost freedom for everyone.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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