Political correctness or lust for power?

Libertarian Commentary #16-05D, 05 February 2016 By Nathan Barton

Schools, that is “public schools,” or as Marshall Curtis called them, “government-run, tax-funded” (GRTF) schools (my take is often “government-ruined, theft-funded”) are more than just, in essence, penal institutions into which American children are placed for 4-10 hours a day, five days a week and 180 or so days a year for 13 years. The central purpose is indoctrination into worship of the state, including all the political correctness, workforce preparation, and social molding that any tyrant could hope for. In the past half-century, the schools have become increasingly regimented (despite claims to the contrary), with speech and actions of students (inmates) and teachers and staff more and more restricted, while the myth of local control has largely vanished. The first story shows how far it has gone in one school, one town, and one state.

An elementary school in Minnesota has canceled Valentine’s Day and other traditional holidays according to the Inquisitr, until they can figure out how to adopt holidays that are acceptable to “minority non-white” families. Getting the axe for not being inclusive enough are Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Apparently traditional activities are banned: no giving of cards, no candy, no costumes, no candy, no decorations, no candy… you get the point. I’ve no doubt that many so-called libertarians will rejoice at this, missing the entire point: get the children OUT of these insane asylums where the nuts are in charge and the fruits constantly look for more and more things to ban. A court case is now underway in Maryland where a high school student and her parents are suing the school for making her accept Islam, and failed her for refusing to give the “right” answers to test and homework questions about Islam during the four weeks of intense study as part of their history course (four weeks for 1400 years of history, versus less than one week for 2000 years of “christian” history). I’ve written about this sort of thing a lot in the past: it is just getting worse. This isn’t about “inclusion” or “treating children right,” this is about power.

Part of the impact in Minnesota and elsewhere which is accelerating this sort of nonsense is the growing population of unassimilated immigrants, and especially in recent years, the “refugees” which are being dumped in more and more places. Consider the next story.

Collapsing schools AND collapsing societies! World Net Daily carries an article about Amarillo, Texas, a northern Panhandle city of 200,000, as it is swamped with refugees dumped there by the squatter’s regime in DC. ““Our city is failing because of the refugees. We have 22 different languages spoken in our schools. We’ve got 42 languages being fielded by our 9-1-1 call centers, and crime is just through the roof. ”

I used to know Amarillo well, a regional center of ranching, wheat-farming, railroad and oil and gas operations. Some of my family moved down there to raise horses (and raid Mexico) in the 1500s, and more of my family started ranching in the vicinity back in the 1880s, coming up from North Texas. Nearby is Old Tascosa, an infamous buffalo-hunting and ranching town in the 1870s, and Canyon, named for Palo Duro Canyon, where some of my ancestors and relatives had their entire massive horse herd wiped out by the US Army to force them to move onto a reservation.

Now the FedGov once more intends to destroy families and culture and livelihoods, for the sake of supposed (and some real) refugees from around the world. It is a harsh climate, and really an insular community, a Texan outpost of the Celtic culture and language that has limited economic opportunity and a limited ability to absorb newcomers from other cultures. Yet it has now become a pesthole in the middle of the the Staked Plains, totally unlike most of the region, which is a generally peaceable and conservative place. Because of government and its tyranny. By the way, NONE of the 42 languages are Comanche or Kiowa, or even any of the Apache tongues. The reason here is NOT concern for refugees, it is about power; a lust for power by FedGov bureaucrats and politicians.

Government and its tyranny is the problem nationwide, as Daily Policy Digest discusses in its article “U.S. Inequality, Fiscal Progressivity and Work Disincentives.” While many debate the degree of income inequality in the United States, there is far less inequality in spending power due to the benefit transfers, such as Medicaid and food stamps, in the U.S. fiscal system. However, this fiscal redistribution generally comes with very high work disincentives for households of all ages, regardless of income class, according to Boston University professor Laurence Kotlikoff.” Putting it another way, government’s actions, supposedly to HELP society, have destroyed society, the economy, and families. And we let them. Again, the “Great Society” and its aftermath is NOT about caring for people and helping families, it is to get and keep and expand power of government, and WE let them.

And we are going to do it again. Yesterday, we found that in Iowa caucauses (cauci?) Cruz topped Trump, Rubio; Clinton and Sanders were in “virtual tie.” (See the story at the Miami Herald.) Of course, they are ALL politicians, so their immediate response was to lie. (Well, Trump didn’t, but he really isn’t a politician, at least not a “pro.”) Rubio claims a “victory” by getting 3rd. “Iowa voters wielded their political power in the U.S. presidential elections Monday, handing a Republican caucus victory to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz — who devoted ample time and extensive resources to the state — over celebrity businessman Donald Trump, who blew off a local debate and repeatedly chose TV interviews over voter handshakes. … The victory by Cruz over Trump and fellow Cuban American Marco Rubio sets up a three-way GOP race ahead of the Feb. 9 New Hampshire primary. …

The Democratic race between former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was too close to call late Monday. The virtual tie was effectively a win for Sanders, a democratic socialist who vaulted from little known senator to political sensation.” There is so much just plain wrong about this. When, for example, did the rest of the Fifty States “give” Iowa this mystical power? I could go on about Iowa for a while, but suffice it to say that in the Northern Great Plains, their license plates are treated as an acronym: “Idiots Out Wandering Around.” The Democratic race was (at best) a Minshevik versus Bolshevik moment – two Tranzis (one pretending to be a socialist and the other a populist) who are basically Communists in their goals, methods, and objectives inside the US; the “third” Dem in the race dropped out immediately.

On the GOP side, the fallout is also rapid. Huccabee gave up on Tuesday (“the campaign was suspended due to illness,” he said, “the voters are sick of me.”) and Rand Paul dropped out on Wednesday. The LP jumped in instantly, saying that there is no “small government libertarian” left in the two old parties’ races.” Right. There is nothing to indicate that anyone involved in this are interested in anything other their own lust for power.

As is the case in this next story. Close to home, in Wyoming, Liz Cheney formally launched bid for Wyoming’s sole US House seat, reported by the San Francisco Chronicle. “Liz Cheney formally kicked off her campaign for Wyoming’s lone U.S. House seat Monday with a newspaper interview in a region hard-hit by a downturn in coal mining, saying her top goal is to reverse Obama administration energy policies. ‘There is no question Wyoming has been harder hit than any other state over the past eight years,’ Cheney told the Gillette News Record. ‘It’s very clear to me this administration, this EPA, is only interested in falsely seeing the damage coal does.’ She visited a senior center later and planned stops in Sheridan on Tuesday, Casper on Wednesday and Cheyenne on Thursday.”

I comment on this not because Liz Cheney is worth the powder to blow her away, not because she is as much a DC insider as her dad (and wants power as much as he did), and NOT because Wyoming will be served well by her, but because of the side issues. She is running against the EPA, which was, of course, established with all its tyrannical powers, by a GOP President, Dick Nixon. But she is very much correct about the impact of the EPA (and DC overall) on Wyoming, especially the decline in coal mining, which I heard about via the grapevine (especially the huge drop off in rail traffic) and then saw last week, as I drove along the railroads and saw a fraction of the usual traffic. And also see in my electrical bill, where cheaper coal is replaced by expensive “new sources” which are supposed to be “renewable” and “more environmentally sound.”

But it is NOT just the Dems and the current White House squatter that has caused this depression in much of Wyoming, it is the GOP as well, and it is government. The same thing that happened in Oregon that triggered the Malhour Standoff has already happened and continues to happen in Wyoming. Millions of acres of “government land” that provided sheep and beef to feed and cloth the nation and world is now “preserved,” and other mineral resources than coal (and the related coalbed methane) are virtually off-limits due to government action and an environist agenda. Minerals like rare earths, instead being imported from China. And iron ore, and more. Again, Cheney points out that government is bad for society, economy, family… AND liberty.

Until we are able to eliminate coercive, involuntary, mandatory government, we will continue to allow people to snatch at and take power from the rest of us. Enough is enough.

Mama’s Note: The good part is that the land and its mineral wealth will still be there when the collapse of society and the economy are done. Whether or not there will be any people able and willing to rebuild lives based on liberty and justice is another question.

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