Insanity – is it catching?

Libertarian commentary on the News, #16-5E, 05 FEB2016 By Nathan Barton

A few commentaries ago, I noted that Canada’s dollar exchange rate is about as low as I can ever recall it being. Part of that was clearly due to Canada’s status as an exporter of raw materials, including crude oil, a situation made worse by the DC squatter’s rejection of the Keystone XL. Now, Zero Hedge tells us that many real estate markets in Canada are in “full retard” condition – idiots going bonkers. This is particularly bad in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the AVERAGE price of a detached, single-family house is now CDN$1.8 million. This may be due to the collapse of the Chinese economy and yuan, and other factors – even as millions of square feet of commercial space in Alberta’s Calgary and Edmonton sit empty and Canadian unemployment hits Great Depression levels. But apparently Realtors and house-buyers have caught some sort of insanity disease.

American economists and other “professionals” aren’t any better – indeed may be worse than their Canadian counterparts. We are told “things are getting better” economically by government and academia and the banks and the stock market gurus, but that ignores news like this other story from Zero Hedge, reporting that in January heavy truck orders crashed by 48% as Diesel prices hit new decade-low prices (bought it for $1.499 last week! in Edgemont, SD!!). There is less truck traffic than in years on key parts of I-70, I-80, I-90, and I-25, and I’ve recently talked about rail traffic being way, way down. And the Baltic Dry Index dropped AGAIN. Trade is dying even as this new “free trade” agreement (which it  isn’t), the Trans-Pacific Partnership, is getting signed amid great cries of how wonderful it will make everything. If they just pretend it’s getting better, then it will??

It is also obvious that hoplophobia and hoploclastism, both forms of insanity, CAN get worse. It HAS to be insane to think that gun controls and gun bans can possibly work in a universe where 3D printers can produce not just revolvers but semi-automatic weapons. Yahoo News moans about this guy who has produced just such a weapon, apparently for the fun of being able to thumb his nose at the authorities and just because “he can.” Yeah, it only fires 18 rounds before you have to stop and let it cool off before some of the parts melt, and it requires a manufactured barrel, but… people have imagination (well, except those idiots who think you can ban guns) and will overcome those problems, and many more. Can’t imagine WHAT firearms will look like in another five years, much less ten…

Mama’s Note: Since all the guns being made today are simply refinements of technology that is about a thousand years old, I’m hoping for new developments to produce defensive weapons that don’t necessarily rely on gunpowder and projectiles. A true “stun gun” that didn’t depend on wires and batteries would be a distinct improvement in many ways, and it is possible that the technology for that is already available, or nearly so. I love guns, and hope they remain part of our lives and heritage for as long as we value them, but I’m willing to bet that most folks would be happy to have something simple and more effective, just as those who lived with horses and wagons were happy to have an automobile. The wagon makers learned to make cars, and the buggy whip industry had to convert to making something else, but everyone benefited in the long run. And we still have lots and lots of horses. 🙂

It isn’t just homebuyers, Realtors, hoplophobes and gun-grabbing Tranzis that show insanity, of course. Consider this from Freedom Outpost where an article reports two “Superior Court judges” have declared that it is the House of Windsor (the Brit’s Royal Family) that is to blame for the BLM and FWS ownership of so much land in Harney County, Oregon (scene of the Mahlour Standoff). And indeed, declared that BLM, FWS, USDA, etc. are all “private” and “foreign” corporations and NOT “real government agencies” at all.

I have written about this pathetic form of insanity before: people who believe in the power of “magic words” and mystic motions and incantations to make the minions (and even the bosses) of that corrupt organization we call government and the state to go away. This used to be limited to the likes of Lyndon LaRouche and deluded people like George McGovern and Bernie Sanders, but today… maybe it is some weird genetic defect? People, government is force – force AND delusion – that God gave some people the right and power to lord it over other people and to abuse, defraud, steal from, and kill anyone they please with a monopoly of force in a given area split from other places by imaginary lines on the ground (admittedly, sometimes marked with fences or walls or massive fortifications).

The ONLY thing that can end that force and delusion is a combination of truth and force. Not the “truth” that some ancient monarch or some medieval cabal has set all this up, or that it is a vast Communist (or Royalist or Merovingian or Papal) conspiracy that has us in its grasp. And NOT the “truth” that human rulers are anointed by God (or the People) and we are part of a collective and must obey them and submit to them in any and every thing.

No, it is the truth “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” (Jefferson), or as George Mason put it, “…all men are by nature equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights of which . . . they cannot deprive or divest their posterity; namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety…”.

Truth combined with force. Force used to defend ourselves and others from aggression, regardless of the source and regardless of uniforms or gang colors or allegiances or excuses for that aggressive force. Deadly force, if necessary, but MEEK force: that is, controlled force applied only as essential to keep ourselves free from the aggressors. Not just ourselves, but our families, our friends, and our communities.

The news is a bit old, but the Daily Express in the UK reports that George Soros, of all people, is telling Germany and anyone else who will listen, that Europe is on the verge of collapse because of the so-called “refugee crisis,” which is taxing the system to the breaking point, and angering more and more people daily. The solution, this ancient financier (who resembles Palpatine more each day) says, is for Germany to “shoulder its responsibilities” and accept unlimited migration. Yet another sign that insanity is catching. No, not just Soros, but the European “leaders” for whom political correctness is more important than liberty or people – and indeed seem to WANT the collapse as an excuse to be even more tyrannical over the peoples of Europe. And of course, to have millions of Muslim shock troops with which to do it. Several examples of this kind of insane nonsense are brought up (again) on Zero Hedge – German schoolgirls should not “provoke” refugees by wearing normal clothing, or by walking along certain roads and streets. So says one mayor.

Insane? Even the Swiss are showing it. Enough signatures were gathered on a petition (according to Russia Today) that the Swiss will have a national election on 5 June about whether or not every adult Swiss citizen should be given SF2,500 per month (about $2,400 US right now). While it appears that neither liberals nor conservatives are really going to vote for it, the mere fact that it got enough signatures is a bad sign. RT even quotes Ben Franklin: “When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.” Of course, that point was passed long ago in the Fifty States. We ARE nuts.

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