Truth or not – the cycle continues, so be prepared

By Nathan Barton

A frequent correspondent sent me a long list of headlines and links to various stories in the aftermath of the Dallas sniper(s) incident, pointing out claims of a FedGov-inspired “Summer of Chaos” ™ (Pending) and conspiracy claims and reports of Black Lives Matter ties with Islamists and all the rest, noting that he can’t begin to verify how much of it is true or not, but passing on concerns from many people.

Here is my response, which I think is worth sharing. Not just what is true or not, but what we need to do.

It is very difficult to figure out which of this is true and which is garbage, except that 90% of what is broadcast for “news” is probably garbage, including what Fox reports.

As in other recent incidents, people are screaming on all sides about how this “proves” one thing or another, and the people screaming hoax and false-flag are having their usual field day. And the media and the authorities are changing their story a whole lot more often than they change their clothes.  Some of the themes seem to be exactly the same thing as previous incidents; at first there are seemingly reliable eye-witness reports about what the attackers did, what weapons they used, and what was said, and then (mysteriously) the stories change or get buried. Then it was weapon so-and-so and almost always a “lone wolf” – “no known connections to” ANYTHING or anyone. And almost always it turns into a “we have to disarm everyone because of this nut-job” sort of situation.

The Black Lives Matter movement is probably just as much fabricated “grassroots” as the Occupy movement, or maybe even the Tea Party movement, because it generates news and that sells advertising and makes the media influential and powerful. And (as I’ve discussed in other commentaries) such “grassroots movements” empower politicians and make it easy for them to raise funds and gain supporters. Like Islam and the Black Panther movement and other causes over the years, the media and politicians can be sure that at least one (if not more) unstable person will take the propaganda to heart and go off the deep end, and became the next Aurora theatre or Salt Lake mall or South Carolina churchhouse killer. And so the news cycle (and the political cycle) goes on and on.
What can we learn from this? Be prepared to defend yourself, your family, and your friends and neighbors. The police can’t even defend THEMSELVES against attacks; and what will be their priority?

Be sure to stay OUT of urban areas, especially inner-city urban areas, if at all possible. And ESPECIALLY be sure to stay away from protests and marches and anyplace with lots of flashing lights on top of cars and trucks. Whether it is Dallas or Ferguson or Baltimore or Seattle (greens and “anarchists” and one-worlders), stay away.

And if you HAVE to be in urban areas, whether to visit or live, be prepared with ways to evade and escape, to shelter-in-place, and to defend yourself and your location.

Be prepared for this summer to get worse: seems to be turning into a 1968: we can expect violence at both the old-party national conventions, and for that violence to generate sympathy and copy-cat actions in major cities. Remember Watts? (Or look it up in the history books.) Remember “the barbeque” in DC in ’68. And for that matter, remember Kent State.

Expect more copycat killers to imitate these people (or guy) in Dallas, the guy (or guys) in Orlando, the couple (or whatever) in San Bernadino, and all the others. And unless someone is nearby or there and armed and trained to respond (and I don’t mean cops), expect the bloodshed to happen again. But remember, a similar attempt to the Orlando Massacre failed in a night club in South Carolina, a copy-cat thing just days later, because a patron was armed and shot the perp; and a group of soldiers “ambushed” near Fort Hood just last week weren’t killed, perhaps because they were armed and shot back as soon as the perps opened the ball. Expect, as usual, the killers (whether they are “terrorists” or just deranged, homicidal maniacs) to choose soft targets, where their victims are disarmed and disinclined to to anything but scream and run or cower and die.

Above all, don’t depend on government or government forces to protect you, defend you, or even warn you much. They’ll be there to cart off the bodies and mourn you in front of the media, and yammer the same-old, same-old about “real victims” and disarming everyone and who to really blame. And the cycle will go on.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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