Election SIT-Out

By MamaLiberty

Two good posts at LRC blog today by Michael S. Rozeff:
#Election Sitout

Sit-ins used to be popular. I recommend a SIT-OUT. I recommend an ELECTION SIT-OUT.

And Effects of #VotingSitout

A #VotingSitout is partly symbolic, partly motivational, partly a warning to leaders, and partly stirring the ground so that other seeds will take root. #VotingSitout has more of a long-term orientation and less of a right now view. It is less based on fear and more on transformation.

I’ve never seen too much benefit in most protests, marches, demonstrations or such group activities. Most of the time it seems like begging the “masters” for their kind benevolence – especially things like petitions and voting.

I’ve been “sitting out” of elections for decades myself. Since 1980, to
be exact, when I finally realized that the Libertarian Party was not
really any different than the others. They mean to rule well… but they
mean to rule. There is no provision in their platform for anyone to opt
out (if they attain office), and it gives only mocking lip service to
the non-aggression principle upon which libertarianism was founded.

Since then, I’ve been speaking and writing about the bed rock problem of
it all. People have been indoctrinated (by the rulers) for many
centuries to believe that those rulers have some logical and legitimate
authority to rule. That belief has not been refuted by any number of
“revolutions,” including the one that culminated in America. Indeed, it
is a great example. Those who “won” the revolution went on to assume all
of the “authority” and prerogatives of the king they replaced. Dressed
up as the “constitution” and so forth… but the lie remains.

Seems to me that anyone can choose whichever “boss” they want, and
continue to suffer the loss of their property, prosperity, and all too
often their lives… But nobody can legitimately choose that for someone

I don’t accept their “authority.” I don’t consent. I will not comply if
it is at all possible. I refuse to impose my wants and beliefs on
others, and I don’t want to steal anything from them either.

That is the basis of why I don’t “vote.”

But, somehow, Rozeff’s idea struck me as something different…What does this “SitOut” proposal say to you? Is it something you might organize and encourage others to participate in? Why? Or why not?

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4 Responses to Election SIT-Out

  1. Darkwing says:

    This election time is very hard for me. I cannot decide who or what to vote for. When people ask me and sometimes pressure me, I tell them that I will make up my mind when I walk into the booth. There are issues here in NC that will be on the ballot, I will vote on them, the rest is still up in the air. If there is a G-D, G-D help us, PLEASE


    • MamaLiberty says:

      I have gone to vote against a ballot measure a few times, and once for sheriff here, but I will not ever vote for national politicians – or state either. Nothing against any who choose to do so, but NOT “voting” is my tiny contribution to non-compliance, not consenting to any of them.


  2. BP says:

    Refusing to vote doesn’t communicate a protest. It communicates complacency, even tacit consent. It makes one a non-voter, whose importance to a politician is not particularly high. Voting for third parties, even poor ones, in sufficient numbers gets the attention of politicians. It suggests to them whose platforms they should take planks out of, that they might court those votes; which direction they should lean.

    You think that the ballot box won’t fix the country? You’re right. But do not mistake non-use as the best means by which that particular tool can be put to use. Silence is not a form of objection. Not voting does not communicate a lack of consent, but a lack of motivation. It only cedes what little control over “representatives” voting may afford – to provide some job insecurity. Not worth the trouble? Maybe. But the only advantage of staying home is saving time.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Thank you for your comment. We each have a right to our own opinion and thinking process… at least for now. The key for me is that I do not recognize any kind of government “authority.” I don’t want anyone to “represent me. Not voting is the only rational option for me, then.


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