What do we call this?

By Nathan Barton

Just a few hours ago, I wrote about how a certain web-site/company (a social media site) was engaged in “cooperation” with the FedGov and playing censorship games. Behaving, in fact, like a government. This cooperation or collusion (dare I use the word “conspiracy?”) with the government is very harmful to our liberty as individuals, including threatening the God-given rights protected (supposedly) by the various articles of the Bill of Rights.

(For new readers and those who have benefited (sarcasm intended) from government-ruined, theft-funded education: no, the Constitution does NOT GRANT us these rights of free speech and keeping and bearing arms and free assembly: it merely recognized specifically certain rights each and every one of us humans (not just “Americans”) have because we are human.)

Of course, what this “Fac3b00k” bunch of thugs does is not the FIRST time that a private company or organization has conspired with the FedGov (or various state or local governments) to steal away liberty from some or many people.

And it is not the only company to do so right now. Another is that OTHER massive internet/social-media/communications/etc. company called “G00gl3” (again, leet used intentionally: I don’t need them on my case either). A news story in the Daily Mail tells us that THIS particular gang of thugs operating as a private company has (in just 7.7 years) had one or more of their staffers visit the White House 427 times. Their “chief lobbyist” has been there 128 times! I dare say that there are cabinet secretaries in the FedGov itself that haven’t been to the White House that many times, let alone more than weekly overall.

Why is this?

Students of history will recognize the names of Krupp and Bayer. Their cooperation with the “legitimate, freely elected” government of the Dritte Reich (Third Reich) is well-known and well-documented. Just as similar private companies (Fiat for one) had a similar relationship to the Fascist government of Uncle Benito, a few miles to the south of Berlin. It is that cooperative effort (which lasted 20+ years as compared to Uncle Adolf’s pathetic 12 year effort) that gives this sort of collaboration its most common name.

It is called Fascism. More accurately, it is a form of Progressivism or Socialism: National Socialism. It differs from other types of Socialism because (a) the government (State) doesn’t actually OWN the various industries and businesses, it just officially “controls” them. And (b) in reality it is a two-way street: the owners (real owners, not those poor suckers who own common stock, but the managers and big-share owners who really control the companies) work hand in glove with the government, a joint venture in which they support each other. This is unlike Communism where the state, with its head-of-state or the general secretary of the party and the party apparat dictate, own, operate (and destroy) the industry and commercial sectors and organizations, either directly or through shills (like labor unions).

This close cooperation – this constant conspiring – as documented by The Daily Mail seems to be a form of fascism. Fac3b00k and G00gl3 (and other companies: Micr0s0f7, for one) are just a few of the many corporations – and not just the multinationals – who are in a symbiotic relationship with the FedGov (and dozens of other governments). Meshed together just like the cogs on some Rube Goldberg contraption. But not always perfectly. Which is why so much lubrication is required. Lubrication which is generally in the form of the body fluids of those people caught in the gears.

That is, of course, you and me.

It appears that in the minds of the founders and owners of things like G00gl3 and Fac3b00k and Micr0s0f7, as with those in the big white buildings (built by slaves) in DC, there is no place for people to be free, to enjoy life and liberty and property. We must be caught in the teeth and used to keep the machinery running.

Is there a solution? Yes, of course: rejecting their claims and their controls and their bribes. Rejecting them “with prejudice” – which is a nice way of saying, with violence. Violence? Yes, self-defense. But violence nonetheless. Just as their using our body fluids to grease their machinery is violence; aggressive violence, for we have done nothing to threaten or attack them, save to merely breath and believe that we have the right to life and liberty and property.

And that enough is enough.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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