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The 39 flavors of socialism

We are told today that more and more young people in America think highly of socialism. They believe it superior to capitalism or other forms of economy and government. They say that socialism is the wave of the future. That … Continue reading

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Secession – California Style – preparing for it

By Nathan Barton The LA Times has said it, so it must be so. Right? In a story, they have said that California “can’t” secede. The columnist gives four or five reasons: a. California would have to “win the ensuing … Continue reading

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What do we call this?

By Nathan Barton Just a few hours ago, I wrote about how a certain web-site/company (a social media site) was engaged in “cooperation” with the FedGov and playing censorship games. Behaving, in fact, like a government. This cooperation or collusion … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 02 December 2015, #15-48C

by Nathan Barton What comes across my desktop these days seems a steady stream of fearmongering, and predictions of disaster, the world economy is rushing to catastrophe, the American economy is crashing, World War III is being gestated in Syria, … Continue reading

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