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Secession – California Style – preparing for it

By Nathan Barton The LA Times has said it, so it must be so. Right? In a story, they have said that California “can’t” secede. The columnist gives four or five reasons: a. California would have to “win the ensuing … Continue reading

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What do we call this?

By Nathan Barton Just a few hours ago, I wrote about how a certain web-site/company (a social media site) was engaged in “cooperation” with the FedGov and playing censorship games. Behaving, in fact, like a government. This cooperation or collusion … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 02 December 2015, #15-48C

by Nathan Barton What comes across my desktop these days seems a steady stream of fearmongering, and predictions of disaster, the world economy is rushing to catastrophe, the American economy is crashing, World War III is being gestated in Syria, … Continue reading

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