Libertarian Commentary on the News, 02 December 2015, #15-48C

by Nathan Barton

What comes across my desktop these days seems a steady stream of fearmongering, and predictions of disaster, the world economy is rushing to catastrophe, the American economy is crashing, World War III is being gestated in Syria, and… global warming, caused by man, will flood the world. This is what is being spouted by the squatter at 1600 PA on one of his theft-funded junkets to foreign places, and 20,000 “representatives” from every country on the planet. (Who will produce 300,000 TONS of that evil old Carbon Dioxide for this conference.)

Wayne Root (on Personal wonders if the squatter is delusional.  Does he really believe the garbage he is spouting?  At the much ballyhooed “Climate” international conference in Paris, the squatter in 1600 PA claims the conference is an “act of defiance” after the Paris attacks, per Stars and Stripes.  Since he won’t actually NAME those terrorists which started the Battle of Paris, do we assume that he believes that “climate deniers” (already condemned as terrorists by many Tranzis) are the ones supporting the Caliphate? Or is it the “ultra-environists” who were rounded up by French security forces before this conference began? Sounds like the French are sliding into the very fascism they claim to have fought in WW2 and to have avoided in 1962 (the failed coup attempt in France which was the LAST time a bunch of people were massacred in France).

Or the more virulent form, of Transnational (not National or International) Socialism: Tranzi?  Ironic that Cuomo has just demonstrated one of the points of the novel, now an Amazon television series, The Man in the High Castle. The Federalist comments on an article and story in the Independent about Cuomo ordering the Metropolitan Transit Authority (which runs NYC’s subways) to take down advertising for the series as “offensive” and “causing fear.”  Is that it, or is it a reminder that NYC and NY State are much closer to a “Facist state” than ever before?  Take a look at the picture – Amazon has already succumbed to Tranzi political correctness to remove the Swastika from the flags and replace it with the standard German cross (sometimes called the “Iron Cross”) which is STILL used today as a symbol for the Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany).  Heaven forbid that someone be scared by a Swastika on a government vehicle, even in an ad.  But worse that someone might question a government which restricts free speech just because it is offensive or causes fear.

Which is EXACTLY what has happened at the fabulous University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse, as reported on WEAU where students were caused to have “fear and angst” by the presence of a Southern Cross flag on a truck grille of a contractor working on campus, who was “asked” to remove the flag, thus violating HIS free speech rights because someone was offended.  The university administration apologized for allowing the flag to be briefly displayed.  This sickness is spreading: Tranzi authoritarianism which takes away God-given freedoms because someone whinged. Call it “fascism” if you wish and because that sounds worse: transnational progressivism or socialism is far worse.

Especially when it is “for our own good.” Government is supposed to “take care of us,” and this becomes an excuse for meddling in anything and everything.

Which seems to be a concern of a number of people, regarding professional sports.  CNS News tells us about a sports writer who wonders if we will have football in fifty years, because of fears that people are injured in the sport. Although she does not specifically state it, the fear is not that people will not be WANTING to play football, but that it will be BANNED by government for fear that someone will be injured by it – and clearly the Nazgul will be likely to support such a ban as “a compelling government interest” since we will have (most likely) single-(government)-payer health care by then. We will ALL have to pay for future Frank Giffords who somehow survived to age 84 despite his “traumatic brain injury” from playing football and getting (too many?) concussions.

On to some other news. Islamic wars continue.

In Syria, Popular Liberty claims that Russian air strikes have destroyed a Turkish arms depot INSIDE Syria, supposedly supporting the Caliphate (ISIS), but others claim it was a bakery: a big, industrial type bakery, but still just a place where bread is baked. Now, if it were cakes with files or guns in them… Meanwhile, the Pentagon is talking about sending MORE troops (spec-ops types) to Syria, according to Stars & Stripes, but only IF the current effort is showing signs of success. Huh? It would seem that if the current involvement is “successful,” that would mean the FedGov doesn’t need to send in more forces. Unless their definition of “successful” means “successful in escalating the war.”

Thanks to Scott for sharing this website “Syrian Perspective” with me. Sounds like the Assad regime is winning the war, if we can believe this website, and they must be successful in escalating the war, if nothing else.

Frankly, it does not seem as though the FedGov really needs to try and escalate the war: the “terrorists” seem to be doing that fine all by themselves. Together with the various statist regimes in all these various countries. The Conservative Tribune claims that in Kenya, an Al-Qaeda affiliated gang of thugs took over a bus and demanded instant conversion to Islam, 26 bus passengers who did not immediately recite the Shahada were executed on the spot. So, goes the story, the Kenyan government forces tracked down and killed the two dozen raiders/murderers, and in some sort of “fourfold” vengence, attacked a village of Islamic jihadists and killed another 80 or so “terrorists.” This tit-for-tat killing will, of course, continue. I am told by some people that these terrorists are not “really Muslims,” and that may well be. But they consider themselves such, and their actions seem to be fully justified by the Koran and other holy books of Islam. At the same time, no doubt some of the Kenyan troops which attacked the “terrorist village” in revenge call themselves “Christians,” and others (myself included) would contest that claim. However, the holy books (the Bible) of Christians do NOT support their actions of revenge.

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