Libertarian Commentary on the News, 03 DEC 2015, #15-48D: Terrorism and other threats

By Nathan Barton

With at least fourteen dead and seventeen wounded in yet another “Gun-Free Zone,” mainstream media like MSNBC are quick to point out it is “one of the deadliest mass shootings” in US history, and provide us a list of events with 12 or more dead in 13 shootings since 1966.  Why that date? Probably because 12 and 13 are “fearful” numbers and inspire panic and fear.  That is, by the way, a total of 50 years: an average of one “super-kill” every 4 years. Events with a death toll typical of an AVERAGE day in Mesopotamia (Iraq) or Syria or Libya, or a typical Sunday in Nigeria, every 1400 days or so.

As Mama Liberty pointed out, this center to help the “developmentally disabled” and train care givers for them was a big shooting range for the reported 3 killers, because weapons are prohibited at the building. Apparently the killers were also developmentally challenged: they can’t read and obey official signs.  I wonder, do they also run stop signs? The killers supposedly had armor vests and AK-47s (later reports call the gun AR15s); and “bombs.” Reports, unconfirmed as I write this on Wednesday evening, are that at least two of the three killers had Muslim names, and one was an American citizen: they reportedly also threw IEDs at police (later denied) as they fled the scene in an SUV, but were stopped and two (a man and a woman) were killed by police with the third (probably male) in custody.

It is being called “domestic” terrorism, but looks very much like the Battle of Paris. Information indicates that it may be claimed to be “workplace violence” because it was at a party for an environmental health company which apparently contracted with the San Bernadino County Health Department where one of the killers reportedly worked as a restaurant and hotel inspector.  Does this mean that once again Islamist extremist jihad violence has hit the Fifty States? Or is this a “false flag” attack or a bogus, fake attack?  The photos at World Net Daily seem to be more realistic than those of the Battle of Paris, at least, but the tyrant’s rhetoric is the same-old, same-old, and full of lies (as usual, also).  And – no surprise here – the FBI can’t say if this was terrorism or not.  Looks like it, smells like it.

Mama’s Note: This horrific attack took place just 6 to 8 blocks from where I used to work. I’m just so glad I got out of California when I did. But these things will happen, more and more, until people accept the fact that they must defend themselves and not allow it to happen. They must realize that no “law” or new restrictions on guns will do anything but make it more possible for these monsters to kill ever more people.

Reports overnight from World Net Daily and Vocativ indicate that the party was not a company party but the “holiday party” of the San Bernardino County Health Department.  The woman killed in the SUV was identified as “Tashfeen Malik, 27,” identified by some as Farook’s wife and from Saudi Arabia.  While the Caliphate (ISIS/ISIL/IS) has celebrated the attack and “America burning,” it is not claiming responsibility for the attack.  Regardless of any affiliations and motives, I cannot see this as anything but an act of terrorism made possible in part by government policies.

I also point out that just HOURS before this attack, our friends over at Laissez Faire Today actually predicted an attack like this, based on their visit to and investigation of Molenbeek in Belgium, believed by many (including many in Molenbeek itself) to be a core of infection of Islamism and associated terrorism.  Whatever the origins of the Caliphate are (whether it is a tool of NATO, the FedGov, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the CIA, or whatever), it is clear that the movement has taken on a life of its own.

No doubt the lesson again taught in blood (regardless of what kind of attack this was) that an unarmed society is a dangerous society will continue to be ignored by too many.  Rice University in Texas is the latest private college to reject (“opt out of”) Texas’ campus carry law, intended to prevent things like the San Bernadino killings and the Virginia Tech attack in 2007.  Raw Story explains how political correctness is more important to these educrats than keeping students and staff alive.

The Fifty States are not the only place on earth where we are supposedly eating ourselves to death. One in two Mexicans could have diabetes by 2050, according to an article in MedScape. Mama Liberty notes: I rather doubt sugar alone is fully responsible for this trend. Many other factors enter into it, such as vaccines, various pesticides and industrial contaminants, new diseases, and ?) Me, I think that the US is to blame for this: not just for the GMO but for all those billions of dollars sent back by border jumpers to their families allowing them to buy and consume all this food.  And don’t forget, Norteamericanos INVENTED sugary sodas like Coca-Cola.  Obviously, all America’s fault.

Mama’s Note: I don’t think that “GMO” foods are any different than others, at least in this regard. Adult onset diabetes is a complex problem, with more than one cause. Sugar is the least of it, actually. Environmental and diet toxins of all kinds that affect the immune system are the most likely culprits. It is always too easy to focus on one part of the process and ignore all the other factors. Stress, hygiene and attitude play important roles in all such diseases as well.

Thanks to Stephanie for this one, from the Chicago Tribune: It seems that the City of Chicago has Issued $2M in Bogus Speed Camera Tickets (with video) Chicago uses cameras to monitor driver speed and behavior in intersections. Under fire for improper ticketing procedures, the city’s refunding at least 23,000 that shouldn’t have been issued, reprinted from the Tribune by Hanley Wood Products Newletter.

Now we can understand why Chicago wants to keep handguns out of the hands of as many citizens as possible.  Anyone who has driven many rural roads in the Fifty States knows that it isn’t at all difficult to hit a 24×24 sign with a handgun bullet from a speeding car, or a shotgun blast from a pickup truck. Cameras?  No problem!

Mama’s Note: Pictures… I want to see pictures of this! 🙂 I have never tried to shoot at anything from a speeding car, but I suspect it would be very difficult to hit what I aimed at then… and I’m a very good shot, even when in motion.

A tale of two cities and fedgov incompetence.  I drive past the new VA hospital in Aurora a couple of times a month.  The National Center for Political Analysis compares the $1.7 BILLION dollar Veterans Administration hospital fiasco with the Dallas Parkland Hospital (funded by a combination of private donations and public money), with many more beds and much more space for MUCH less cost, and constructed on-time and under-budget.  The VA mess in Denver is just a few blocks from my father’s home, and he had hoped to take advantage of it as a veteran, but he just died and it won’t open until 2017.  Living veterans in Denver may envy him yet. For more detailed comparing how government can mess things up so badly, go to NCPA.

They call it the “Slacker Mandate” at NCPA’s HealthBlog. The “slacker mandate” requires employer-based health plans to cover “children” on their parents’ plans until they are 26. It took effect in 2010, with the result that young adults are sleeping and socializing more, and working less.  I don’t think that this “mandate” in ObummerCare is the only reason for these things, however. Too many adult children have a hard time finding jobs, especially jobs that can provide health insurance under the spiraling costs triggered by ObummerCare.  When will this disaster die of its own gross weight?

The plight of too many in the younger (Gen X, Millennial, etc) generations is discussed in an excellent editorial in the Cortez (CO) Journal, wondering why the younger generations are not resisting being robbed blind by government for the benefit of the older (Boomer) generations.  Something to think about as society spins out of control.

Mama’s Note: The whole “boomer” thing is just another of the lies told to create tension and division between people and generations.

From a PoL page no longer available:

Also remember that the spinmeisters never said that the 76 million represents births above normal, but they certainly implied it. They carefully avoid clarifying this and the larger number is much more frightening.

I estimate there would have been roughly 69 million people born between 1946 and 1965 if there had never been a World War II. Using the “76 million” fantasy figure would mean there were about 7 million births above normal – the true baby boomers.

The theft has gone on since the start of “Social Security” and the recipients did not cause the congress to do any of the things that expanded it and, from the start, gutted it. All of the money stolen from everyone, supposedly to be saved for retirement, was again stolen and used for whatever the congress wanted immediately. The amounts stolen from current workers now, as always, vanishes into the maelstrom of debt and debauchery. The only thing current recipients get is taken from thin air, and that will vanish completely soon.

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1 Response to Libertarian Commentary on the News, 03 DEC 2015, #15-48D: Terrorism and other threats

  1. Darkwing says:

    These “terrorist” attacks leave me with a real question. If the terrorist wanted to do a real terror attack, why do they go after innocent people, when the government is the problem. If you go after the people and not the government then the people real get piss off at you. Murdering innocent people accomplishes NOTHING. That is why I think that a lot of these “attacks” are questionable. BTW: according to the MSM, there was
    shooting drill just before everything went down, questions?? The two people had a child and they just left that person???


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