Does it matter? Does it make any difference?

By Nathan Barton

We’ve now had a few days to digest the first 2016 debate of “two of the four” candidates to be Massa of the FedGov and all its denizens and dependents.

It is indigestible. No question at all. Downright stomach churning and can’t be absorbed – if we are honest with ourselves.

We saw (well, you did, maybe: I didn’t waste time to watch the thing, just reviewed the reviews afterwards and listened to a few sound bytes) one vision – NOT two – of the future of the Fifty States. And indeed, the world.

It is a bleak future:
* More action by government
* More force (by government and its minions and favored entities)
* Just plain MORE government: of, by, for, on and pressing down on the people
* And especially, more violence, both BY government and because of governments

I say “one vision” because the differences between the visioned future of Miz Hillary and The Donald are minor and few:
* Who gets to do what to whom. (action, force, violence, pressing down, etc.) It will be this group or that group, but however defined will include most people, while the favored few skate
* When it gets done to the victims
* Where it gets done to the victims
* And of course, the important things like the color of the uniforms, the material of the gloves (and the gauntlets under them), and whose names and slogans get chanted and vilified.

But neither of these two (or for that matter, the other two of the four nationwide candidates) presents even a pipedream of the actions that would really (take your pick, one or more):
* Save the Republic (RIP)
* Save the world
* Save the people
* Save our liberties/freedoms/sanity

Of course, even if they COULD present a decent and moral and workable vision for the future, none of them would actually be able to implement that dream: it would indeed be drifting smoke little different than what might rise from a frat house or gang hideout. Because, regardless of “political will” or “mandates” or platforms or philosophy, these people and the gangs and masses of clients they present are incapable of doing so. Totally incapable.

But they don’t even try: they just feed us various shades of lies. And demonstrate that they are in it only for their own aggrandizement of wealth, their own prestige and glory, and of course, their own power. They challenge themselves, and then cheat at their own challenge.

And they forget that there IS a real alternative to this faulty and evil vision of more and more power and oppression and abuse and theft and all the rest of the claptrap that they wear and want US to wear, like a poor pack tinker staggering down a mountain trail.

That REAL alternative is Liberty. Nothing more. Very simple.

Liberty allows – it FREES – people to do what is needed. Not what is demanded by their betters, or their leaders, or the “children” or the “environment” or “laws of society.” But what is demanded by their desire for better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Our liberty is up to us. It is not handed to us by one or the other of these so-called leaders who want to be elected as the next Massa, any more than (really) it was TAKEN away from us by the last one or two or five Massas. We gave it up – trading liberty for bogus security, independence for fake and ultimately worthless comforts. And we will not get it back if we think that our efforts are limited to, or even require, voting for Johnson or Stein or Clinton or Trump – or the other 10,000 candidates on the ballot across the Fifty States.

It is up to US. WE are the ones that can and will make a difference. Not “We, The People” or “We” as this group or that group, this faction or that, but WE as individuals, and maybe as families and sometimes as voluntary communities. But primarily YOU and ME. It is up to me, and it is up to you.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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