Decorum and the “Armed Society…” thesis

By MamaLiberty

“The presence of guns is not the cause of a “polite society”. It is an emblem of one. It says, especially if carried openly, “I am ready and willing to live as a free man or woman, accept the consequences, and refuse to shunt off my responsibilities on others.”  

Heinlein wrote, “An armed society is a polite society,” The Zelman Partisans expands on that and presents a very important element. Personal responsibility for life and freedom, by accepting the consequences of choices and actions. Those who live by that – while never initiating force – are the core of the “polite society.” The willingness and ABILITY to defend ourselves against those who wish to dominate or injure us is the inevitable and very necessary other side to that coin.

The gun is an essential part of that, a serious emblem verifying the intent to accept full responsibility for one’s life and body. But it is not the only thing needed for that, by any means.

Self defense isn’t just the act of violence to ward off an aggressor, an attacker. It starts with being aware. Aware of who are, your capabilities and disabilities, your goals for life and so much more. Give some serious thought to your realistic options, and whether or not you actually could pull the trigger to save your life, or that of someone you love. If you think you could, then get some training so you can do it effectively. But, in any case, have a gun. That’s the first requirement.

Extend that to being aware of your surroundings, the people you associate with, and the place where you live, shop and socialize. This is summarized in my favorite rule, taught in my self defense classes:

Don’t go stupid places, with stupid people, and engage in stupid activities such as getting drunk/high/naked with strangers.

Don’t expect anyone else to protect you if you choose not to protect yourself. They might… or they might not.

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2 Responses to Decorum and the “Armed Society…” thesis

  1. Darkwing says:

    Great words, well said and great points. Words to live by.


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