A big welcome to liberals and even Tranzis

by Nathan Barton

A BIG welcome to our liberal friends – and even a few Tranzis, I hope!

As Larry Correia, science fiction writer and somewhat libertarian, pointed out in his recent excellent column, “A Handy Guide for Liberals Who Are Suddenly Interested in Gun Ownership”, we self-governing, lovers of liberty suddenly (may) have new allies in fighting against government.

With the election of Donald Trump as Massa/POTUS just days away (less than a week, in fact), all those Hillary-lovers and those panicked about the election of a “racist, sexist, greedy-capitalist, nativist, homophobic, fascist tyrant” all of a  sudden have reasons to fear government that THEY didn’t have with the current squatter/tyrant in office, because he only went after the haters and the bitter clingers. Almost two months ago, Russia Today (RT) published an article stating that “More than 60% of Americans Fear Corrupt Government”.

That almost two in three Americans did include, as a very small part, those of us (the self-governors and lovers of liberty) who have made that opinion known for years, but probably did not include that 25% or so percent of the qualified voters who voted for Clinton-Keane last month. So I wonder what that percentage is up to, now? 75? 80? Maybe more.

Which is what makes Larry’s column so neat! Now is the time that all those liberals and even Tranzis – all those progressives we have to put up with and make fun of (and fear) – really should think about arming themselves to protect themselves against the evil, right-wing, fascist, hater and his thugs both in and out of government. Who knows, maybe Trump will be an even better gun salesman than the guy he’s replacing.

Perhaps, as the libs and Tranzis arm themselves, they will start to understand the value of, and the curious case of the Second Amendment. It is a continuing drama, and continuing case of miscarriage of justice and human freedom. I refer, of course, to the way that the various governments in the Fifty States treat a God-given right for free people to be armed. (Now is the time to point out the difference in the way the First and Second Amendment rights are treated by the government and the judicial system. Or even this neat comparison between guns and cars at Slow Facts could be pointed out to them.) (Though we must be careful, for there are no doubt many environist liberals who WANT to see cars treated like guns.)

A recent example of the odd way the 2nd Amendment is treated is sure to be of special interest to Clintonistas, especially based on the recent election returns regarding legalization of cannabis in so many places. This was discussed by GunMag not long ago, reviewing the criminal action of three Nazgul in a federal appeals court in San Francisco, stating that the Second Amendment is NOT violated by a woman holding a medical marijuana card being denied the right to buy a gun.

Of course, we have to ask how these liberals will feel about all the federal Nazgul appointed in the last eight years, as well, if they want to keep using pot AND arm themselves – to say nothing of all the new Nazgul which Trump will appoint. Will they, too, become yet another reason for our Tranzi friends to fear government?
I applaud every reason for ANYone, and especially for liberals and progressives, to fear government, because like it or not, an independent California or not, we have to live with them and I’d much rather do it in a land of liberty and freedom, which means a land with less and less government.

There are many other things about government with Trump at its head that the libs will find objectionable, of course. Every one of those things is an opportunity to teach them about liberty, and woo them to join in the struggle to reduce and eliminate government. After eight years (at least), the shoe is on the other foot. We lovers of liberty need to take advantage of the opportunity to win friends and influence people.

Mama’s Note: Great ideas! A much better way to “fight” them. Let’s call 2017 the year to take a liberal to the gun range. Again… 🙂

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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