The first few days of the Trump era

By Nathan Barton

Things seem to be going downhill, fast, don’t they? News stories are already bemoaning how little Trump has accomplished, even though Monday was the first “full day” of work for the new Massa, and his staff is hardly in place, or approved.

Well, actually the cabinet appointments have already been deemed incomplete. It is not acceptable just to have women and black folks and military. The pundits are now condemning him because he has no Arab or Muslim or homosexual or transgender – and gasp! No Japanese-, Indonesian-, Keynan- or Venezuelan-Americans.

But there is more. Saturday the 21st was clearly the day of the Street Senate, as Mishmash  and others tell of hundreds of thousands of women flooding the streets of DC, Chicago, and other cities around the world to protest the inauguration of the new Massa. The WaPo  claims millions. And even the WaPo described the mood of marchers as being “fear and anger.” Apparently, even women in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Spain are melting down, afraid that the evil troll Trump will direct his minions to snatch away their liberties and grab their private parts on his behalf.

Still others are complaining that some of the protesters from the 20th are being charged with felonies for their “protests.” Protests which including setting cars and trash cans on fire, smashing windows, and looting stores, and beating up people.

We have yet MORE examples of progressive meltdown:

From Portland, Maine, featuring such news stories as a translation of Trump’s 1,400 word speech from the original 1930s German, and talking about how putting on hold a last-minute old regime order to cut insurance rates for mortgages will “increase the costs” of Americans buying homes, while urging everyone to “Join the Resistance.”

For once I agree with Stephen Lendman, who takes the NY Times to task for their condemnation of Trump’s inaugural speech.

And the mainstream media and the liberal talkers are waxing wroth about the first of the executive orders, which all seem to deal with STOPPING government agencies from taking action. Such as NOT cutting the insurance premiums for government-backed mortgages. Yet another commentator, Mish, points out the truth about the FHA mortgage insurance business, and for the life of me I cannot see how the Wall Street “fat cats” will benefit any more or less from a change in insurance rates on government-backed loans than they do from the whole socialist program. But I can see how the taxpayers would get stuck even more if the insurance premiums are below the actual payouts required from people defaulting on their loans.

Apparently, the new First Lady was even criticized and ridiculed for giving Michelle Obama a gift on Inauguration Day. And the 10-year son of Trump has already been attacked. Baron is supposed to be a sick, perverted, and violence-prone child. It seems that it is impossible for Trump to NOT be criticized, often by both the conservative types and the liberal types.

Get a life, people. Get a life.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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