The World From My Window

By MamaLiberty

First light at 6:11 Mountain Standard Time, January 28, 20017.

The light was a thin line over the mountain, under dark clouds. As I watched, the blue glow from the snow all around grew lighter, and individual features not illuminated by the various yard lights began to come clear.  I could see the neighbor’s horses moving around, and faintly heard their dog barking as the man emerged from the house to feed his friends and warm up the pickup truck for his trek to work.

I am grateful to be retired, not needing to go out daily into whatever weather Wyoming is blessed with. I’m actually snowed in right now, and won’t likely get out of the driveway before Monday. I feel sorry for those who do have to go out in the cold and dark. I know a rancher here who spends a good part of February and March out in the worst weather, looking for and tending to early calves and any sick or hurt livestock.

And, of course, such things apply to far more than Wyoming ranchers. The fishermen who head into deep water. The loggers who plow through the snow or endure the heat to produce the wood we all need for everything from houses to paper. The miners who descend into the earth to retrieve the metals and minerals needed for just about everything.

Last winter we had a terrible fire at the school district bus barn. The snow was deep, and the temperature below zero. More of the volunteer firemen were treated for hypothermia than for anything related to the actual burn. Pouring water on a fire in sub-zero weather has more challenges than most of us will ever know.

Life itself is dangerous, full of risk. People make bad decisions and take unnecessary risk all the time. Always have, and always will. But who is to say that one risk or another is “unnecessary,” after all? If you make that decision for yourself, you must logically accept the consequences for it. Unfortunately, far too many people want to blame someone else.

The “zero tolerance” attitude by government and other control freaks is a national pathology that has sent lethal stupidity coursing throughout our society, and can never produce any kind of real safety. It can only further destroy the ability of people everywhere to take control of their own lives, families, property and their relationships within the community. When their every move is dictated by the social nannies, and their decisions second guessed by those who would happily cage or kill them to keep them “safe,” is it any wonder why people are becoming so angry and confused?

The answer? Individual liberty. People taking full responsibility for their own lives and property. People free to make their own mistakes, and live with the consequences… to learn how to live better next time, if possible. People free to form voluntary associations, for pleasure and for business, to work toward mutual goals (such as roads and airports) without using force, lies or other people’s stolen money.

Those who want me to doubt that anarchy (self ownership and individual responsibility) is the best, most moral, and ethical way to live among others are asking me to accept that theft, aggression, superstition, and slavery are perhaps better. (H/T to Kent McManigal)

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