Firing people – examples of modern political hypocrisy

By Nathan Barton

Recent news about firing people points out some really cute examples of how those who support and believe in the state are demonstrating their hypocrisy in different ways.

Consider the city of Forest Lake, Minnesota, where the city council voted three-two to disband (fire) the 23-person police force and instead contract with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to provide law enforcement.  The 19,000 population city is a northeastern suburb of the Twin Cities, mostly Anglo-European, and apparently relatively peaceful.

But people are upset about the “three idiots” who are telling them what to do with “their” tax money.  High school students in the city are protesting against the decision.  Nationally, the quick reading of news stories is that Forest Lake will become a haven for criminals and that the dismissal of the police will result in blood in the streets and a crime in every other house.

Yet the city’s government seems to have worked exactly like it was supposed to – democratically.  The people of the city (either by action or inaction) elected these five people to make decisions on what to steal from the people and land-owners, and what to spend that stolen money on.  Then they demanded that the elected officials cut spending so that not as much has to be stolen.  And this is one way. People are dissatisfied with the job “their” police are doing – the services are not worth what they are paying.  Despite the vocal cries of people who “love our cops” and don’t want to be subject to the supposed tyranny (and incompetence) of the sheriff’s office.

Consider yet another firing situation – this one in the FedGov.  On Tuesday the 9th, Donald Trump reprised one of his most well-known actions from his reality show.  He fired James Comey as director of the FBI.  “You’re outta here!”

Apparently, this is one of the many things that the President of the United States is authorized to do all by himself, with no consultation with anyone else.  It was done on the recommendation of the Attorney General, appointed with the advice and consent of the Senate.  This firing was also something that the failed Democratic presidential candidate from last year seemed very much to be in favor of – along with many if not all Democrats in Congress.  Clinton and many others have accused Comey of causing her to lose.  Comey has been condemned by many of them as being incompetent and a political troublemaker.

But now, these same Democrats are condemning Trump for the firing, claiming that it is all part of a cover-up of how Trump is a Russian puppet,   Forgive me for saying this is hypocritical. And as in Forest Lake, all that is happening is that the system is working the way they set it up.  If Democrats didn’t want to let the President fire key political appointees like the FBI director, they’ve had many opportunities over the past 60-80 years when they had a veto-proof majority in both houses to strip that power away from the office, or at least require “advice and consent” to such a catastrophic action.

The hypocrisy of Democrat (and some GOP) cries of horror, claims of being “terrified” by the firing, and other statements are self-evident.  “It is 100% political,” they whinge. And yet, that is exactly what the FBI director position IS: 100% political.  The same is true for hundreds of other political appointees – gee, the name gives the game away!  They claim it will impede their investigation of the so-called Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Yet he is still as subject to subpoena by Congressional committees as EX-FBI director as before (as indeed, any resident of the Fifty States is, for right or wrong).  His firing does not include a lobotomy or a memory flush.

It seems that the Democrats and the rest of the transnational and national and international progressives are  more and more terrified (by the day) of what the government might do to them.  The people in the House of Representatives who voted to “repeal” ObummerCare have blood on their hands – apparently just the fear of canceling that Abominable Act is enough to kill people.  Or so they want us to believe.  The firing of Comey is part of a plan to achieve a peaceful “Red Dawn” – making the Fifty States a satellite of Russia.

If they really, really had this fear of government, they have a simple solution – strip the government of the power to DO these things.  Get government, especially get the federal government, OUT of law enforcement.  OUT of medical care.  OUT of schools.

But we all know that won’t happen.  Their hypocrisy is something that they themselves recognize and which is essential for their success.

Mama’s Note: Did you see the headline this morning where Assange has offered Comey a job at Wikileaks! The powers that be are terrified, because they fear the Comey will spill the beans and make more waves than ever before.

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