Should we be surprised?

By Nathan Barton

Society?  What is that?  A suicide pact?

In a nation with events like this, it is clear that we are in no way a “civilized” society – except in the minds of the political leaders and other elite who like it this way.

Consider Minneapolis, where a 40-year-old Australian woman was killed by a police officer who “was startled” and shot out the window of his patrol car at the very woman who had called 9-1-1 to report a disturbance and suspected rape, as reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  And on Friday, the Minneapolis police chief was fired by the city’s mayor, apparently for the chief’s statement that the woman didn’t have to die.  Of course, the police officer (not yet charged, of course, in the suspected murder) is the first Somali (Muslim) police officer in the city.  And was upheld (despite several other charges against him on various non-fatal incidents) as an example of how progressive Minneapolis is.  To show how progressive the city is, she was the first female, openly-lesbian, divorced from her lesbian “wife,” police chief in the nation – and now she has another “first” in being fired. And no doubt (assuming he actually goes to trial), this cop will use his early years in the bloody battlefields of Somalia to explain why he offed this unarmed woman in her pajamas.

Mama’s Note: I have to say that this incident was more shocking to me than a great many others that have happened in the last year or so. Not only the completely unjustified killing, but the official response in the current climate of backlash against such police misconduct. The fact that the “cop” is a Muslim is certainly not unrelated, but of course the “news” does not help us understand that any more than anything else. WAS he reacting to her being there in her pajamas? How could we possibly know?

But also consider Cocoa, Florida, where a gang of 14 to 16 year old boys stood by a detention pond and watched a 32-year-old disabled man drown, and not only video-recorded his struggles and screams for help (while they made fun of him) but then didn’t report it. Florida Today originally stated that the teens can not be charged with any crime, but on Friday the police found a law under which they can be charged with failing to report a death. He died on the 9th, and the body was found on the 14th – badly decomposed. The callous and cruel teen thugs had not reported it even after the fact, unless posting video on social media counts.  These are not “juvenile delinquents” but rather, feral children becoming monsters.

And look in Europe, where a child, less than a year old, is NOT ALLOWED to be sent to one of several hospitals – even to the Fifty States, to treat his rare disease.  Who is not allowing it? Why, the “European Court of Human Rights,” which says he should be taken off the ventilator and “allowed” to die, even while sympathetic people have voluntarily donated enough money for him and his family to fly and be treated at virtually anyplace in the world. Townhall reports this judicial murder of an innocent child.  Is this punishment for his parents who didn’t agree to abort him in the womb?  Is this the kind of judge some of those teen hoodlums in Florida might grow up to be?  Is this the kind of inhabitant of Somalia that are now refugees around the world?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the abandoned newborn in a shopping cart in Arizona.  It was yet another example of the cruel nature of our “civilization” in this post-liberty, post-christian era.

Day after day, sometimes hour after hour, we see people doing hideous and horrible things. To each other, to animals, to the environment.  That will always happen.  Today, it seems as though it is getting worse daily as well.  Perhaps it is just that we have better communications and learn about these things more quickly (although a recent story reported that new victims of John Wayne Gacy have just recently been discovered, and this poor drowned man floated in a pond for five days before being found).  But it seems as though society is coming crashing down.

Perhaps civilization has fallen and we just haven’t gotten the announcement yet.

Cop-killers and killer-cops, insane extreme jihadi Islamists, mad Antifa activists, right-wing nut jobs, national socialists and environists who try to title themselves libertarians, anarchists who try to actively instigate chaos, Muslims who supposedly revere their prophet but don’t follow his words and ignore his actions, Christians who supposedly worship Christ Jesus but don’t obey His words.

What can be done?  Is there any hope?

It is an old cry, but fresh as the latest headline about an abandoned dead baby in a toilet or trash can, about an old wino kicked to death under a bridge, about a cat crucified on a wooden fence or a dog burned alive.

The evolutionists and the humanists tell us that humans are just another kind of animal, with little or no reason to be treated any differently from the ant you killed when you walked down the sidewalk, or the squirrel electrocuted on your mosquito zapper – or the mosquitoes themselves.  The elite tell themselves and us that they are special, not because they are human but because they have wealth and power and (supposedly) intelligence.  And some even tell us that the rest of us humans are actually lower than the animals.

Sadly, too many of us believe what we are told.  We are animals, so we act like animals.  We are abused by the elite, so we in turn abuse others.  We are worthless, so other people must be more worthless.  We abort those babies who are (or may be) defective, physically or mentally, so it is alright to harass and taunt and terrorize and injure and kill those who, out of the womb, are defective mentally or physically.  Our “leaders” can use drones and bombs and guns and gas to kill whole families in the name of freedom (or religion or power), so we can do the same, right?

We have turned what little liberty we have into license.  And now we see the results.

What is the answer?

You tell me.

Mama’s Note: One good place to start, with a great explanation for the animal/human topic, is “Man Alive,” by Greg Swann [with permission] :

So start here: You are an organism. That might seem obvious to you, but a huge number of the critical arguments made against your mind turn on the idea that, since you have a rational, conceptual consciousness, any sort of behavior that reflects your origins as a biological entity is necessarily irrational. We can call this the Spock Fallacy. I think the portrayal of Star Trek’s Mr. Spock himself refutes this claim well enough, but it is one of a type of reductionist fallacies that are constantly being deployed against you: Not only are you damned as being less than the sum of your parts, typically some one part of your nature – blown out of all proportion and distorted out of all recognition – is declared to be a cipher for the whole.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to Should we be surprised?

  1. tpolnathan says:

    Fascinating. Wonder if he is planning on going back to Somalia. Mama is right about the taxpayers – not that such a measly payout will bother your typical Minneapolis taxpayer. I doubt if that will satisfy the woman’s family, though, as they will probably go after the City. Which will pay and pay – missing the entire point. It would be nice for a judge and jury to decide that the best way to atone for the woman’s killing would be to disestablish the entire police force… but I’m dreaming.


  2. Darkwing says:

    BTW: the cop who shot the woman through the cop car door, he has quit with a $50,000 pay out and a fat leave check. He will need it for his lawyer.


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