Give ’em up – or else; Murder most foul

By Nathan Barton

A man in Michigan is challenging the petty and not-so-petty tyrants, according to a story in the Washington Free Beacon.  A grandfather (54-year-old disabled Marine) has been told by the Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and by a county judge that he must give up his guns and his concealed carry permit to be allowed to foster his own grandchild.  So he is suing in federal court for his constitutional, God-give rights, responding to the black-robed Nazgul who told him bluntly, “If you want to care for your grandson you will have to give up some of your constitutional rights.”

The bluntness is new – the concept is not.

For decades we have seen the courts, the executive branch, and Congress – and the legislatures of all fifty states and every territory – steal away not just the constitutional rights, but virtually every God-given right which can be defined and is known to man.  “In return,” they have created a whole host of “rights” or “freedoms” that are usually both meaningless and in essence are simply ways in which a person can enslave (through and with government help) some other person – forcing them to work to provide everything from medical care to entertainment.

At first, it was just “establishing priorities” but now the message of this judge is: give up your rights or we’ll just take them – and your lives and property and family – without bothering to obtain even a coerced consent.

We cannot hope that this grandfather and his grandson will receive justice or mercy.  But at least he is going down fighting.  We can expect no less from the courts than contempt and abuse.

But there is worse.  This last month, the world has been enthralled by the sad case of almost-one-year-old Charlie Gard of the United Kingdom. That case is rapidly nearing its end, as Yahoo reports.  His parents’ will has been broken, finally, by the state.

Mama’s Note: We can never know if the treatment being offered would have helped this child, but it seems the parents have given up the fight because it is now too late for any treatment, in addition to the state bullying. I know from long experience giving nursing care to infants with other genetic/metabolic error problems that he didn’t have much chance to begin with, but since the treatment and resulting expenses would have been paid privately, by donation, there was no real reason not to attempt it.

I will be as blunt as this scumbag in black robes, this Nazgul, was: the medical authorities and Her Majesty’s government and the piece of trash called the European Union with its “European Court of Human Rights” are murdering this small child.  Just as surely as a redcoated soldier wearing the sigil of King George III (or for that matter, Elizabeth II) picked up the child by his heel and dashed the boy’s brains out against a brick wall.  Just as surely as Herod’s thugs scoured that little town of Bethlehem and killed every boy under the age of two.  We are again in an era where it is not enough to kill babies in the womb, we must kill them outside their mother’s body as well.  The state murders babies.

There is nothing more that this can be called.  It is murder most foul, and for the most slight of reasons.  There is no reason except bureaucracy and a lust to exercise power that Charlie’s parents should not have been able to take some of the million+ dollars DONATED to Charlie and fly him to Italy or America where people volunteered to treat him with at least some hope of success.  The Telegraph tries to make an excuse by claiming that the American doctor/professor at Columbia University Medical Center had a “financial interest” in the treatment he proposed.

That is, of course, absolute nonsense.  EVERY doctor – even enslaved doctors – have a financial interest in treating their patients.  It may be a big financial interest, or as pitiful and small as the Old West doctor getting paid for delivering a baby with a chicken or two.  But it is still there – and NO reason to deny a chance for this baby to be treated and cured and allowed to live more than a single year.

I am not especially an advocate of capital punishment, but I would (in my anger, now) be grateful for the opportunity to pull the lever on the gallows or kick the chair out from under the feet, of the Nazgul and all their “helpers” in Brussels and London – including the administrators and staff of Great Orsmund Street Hospital – to punish them for this murder. Not out of revenge for this evil, but because if they are allowed to live and do their evil work on this world, Charlie will NOT be the last to be murdered.  (Just as he is not the first, by far.)  To be murdered by doctors who do not deserve the name – who have betrayed their pledges, by local and royal officials who treat people like Charlie and his parents as if they were ants under their shoes, by judges and courts and court officials who understand neither justice nor mercy except to the extent that they make sure their actions are neither just nor merciful.  And I would make sure that the noose was tied and located in such a way that their execution would NOT be swift, with a broken neck.  Rather, for a few minutes, let them strangle and struggle and perhaps those watching will be struck by how little of Charlie’s suffering (and that of his parents) his killers would “enjoy.” And maybe the next hospital administrator and royal judge and European thug in black robes will think twice before doing it to another child.

(But even in my anger, I will not call for the execution that they would have once received as traitors – in this case, traitors to their race – to be hung and pulled down while still alive and then drawn between four oxen until their bodies start to come apart, and then quartered.  Nor will I suggest their head be placed in front of the Houses of Parliament as a warning against the politicians who infest Commons (and Lords), nor the quarters of their bodies be placed in front of the Council of Europe’s building in Strasbourg, the EU headquarters in Brussels, the offices of the British Medical Association, and of course, the European Court of “Human Rights” palace.

I do not call for this because I am sure that Satan will welcome them with all the tortures and punishments that they deserve, for an eternity.  While, at least, little Charlie will be, as the old song goes, “Safe in the Arms of Jesus.”)

But I do think that executing these monsters MIGHT make millions of others like them around the world decide NOT to murder the next Charlie. It is worth a try, especially when you consider how much better off the world would be without these kinds of people.

(Do you find it as ironic as I do that when the staff of the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo was killed by Muslim terrorists, the whole world – especially the Tranzi part – instantly began proclaiming “I am Charlie,” but no one cares enough about a year-old baby to do something even a tenth as much?)

Mama’s Note: And yet, this horror will continue as long as people believe that the “government,” whatever kind, has any legitimate authority to control their lives and property. What legitimate authority does the UK government, the EU, even the doctors in the London hospital, have to do any of this? There are truly only a handful of people “at the top.” If the millions of those they abuse and would murder should deny them that bogus authority, it would soon come to an end.  Without the false belief in their authority, they wouldn’t be able to do anything but run and hide.

Resist, determine to own and control your own life, and be fully responsible for your choices and actions. That’s the only real answer in the long run.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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