History Dialogs

By MamaLiberty

Well, that wasn’t quite the response I was looking for… Someone wrote to me immediately, not bothering to leave a comment on the article, thrashing me because he thought the whole piece was an attempt to demean “black history,” and say it is all a myth.

I just read the whole thing again and can’t see where I said any of that. Not even close. So, I’ll try to boil it down a bit to be clearer, I hope.

History is what you make of it, what you remember, value and pass on. Our history is a combination of things that happen to us as individuals, and things that happen to us as communities, geographical areas, ideological positions and so much more.

Each individual, family, community, etc. is directly responsible for the “history” they make, value and preserve. NOBODY can destroy that kind of history, unless nobody bothers to preserve it, of course.

“Black history” isn’t the only relevant history in the world, or even just in the US. Not even close.

Every race, creed, nationality and philosophy has been attacked, trashed, abused and vilified by someone, somewhere. Remember the American Indians? The treatment of the Irish, Chinese, and so many others since Europeans came to America? Have you read the history of the Irish over the last hundred years or so… fighting and killing each other in large numbers over the difference between two religious points of view? Plenty of atrocities on both “sides” to insure ongoing battles for another hundred years – as they argue and fight endlessly over their different takes on the “history” of the previous conflict, I suppose. What happened to the REST of Irish history? Is it to be forever forgotten under the crushing burden of this religious war?

Is the overall history of America to be crushed under the weight of this “race war,” and all of the demands for everyone to focus their lives on old grudges related to one small part of who and what we are as a people?

Almost every race and creed, etc. has kept chattel slaves of one sort or another down through the ages. Slavery was a very common fate for those captured in battle or conquered otherwise.  I believe it is probably accurate to say that most of the slaves in the world, in all recorded history, were not “black.” And the terrible irony of the black slave trade is that it was started by blacks enslaving blacks, as well as selling their captured brothers and sisters to the Arabs and others from the beginning.  So please, someone, tell me why the whole thing is somehow the “fault” of white Europeans?

Why is it so many people seem to think that ONLY “black history” matters – should matter to everyone and must be endlessly fought over now?  Do you think that the propaganda fed to the population by controllers, Marxists, and others through government “education” and the mainstream media have anything to do with it?  I do.

Still hope to see your comments here…

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6 Responses to History Dialogs

  1. kirk says:

    “Do you think that the propaganda fed to the population by controllers, Marxists, and others through government “education” and the mainstream media have anything to do with it? I do.”

    i agree, but would go one step further and state that is the primary reason. the ultimate goal?
    the acquisition of raw, naked power, wielded without consequence to those wielding it.

    ‘divide and conquer’ is alive and well.

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    • MamaLiberty says:

      Absolutely, Kirk. That gaining and maintaining power is the sole purpose for the non-voluntary government, and all of its evil children such as compulsory “education.” It is the sole purpose for all the wars, persecutions, and every other mass manipulation of people around the world. The sad thing, which I’ve said so many times, is that most people seem to remain convinced that they somehow “need” this oppression, and that the oppressors have some kind of legitimate authority to control their lives and property. And that’s the part I just can’t understand. A great many people in America seem to be ready to go to war with each other, but not to gain individual liberty and real justice… but to impose their own agenda and power on everyone else. So, at this point, no matter who “wins” – we’ll be in even worse condition than now.


  2. Darkwing says:

    What has happen in the past, has happen. You can forget it, rip it from the book, but it happened. We must remember the past, it is part of the future.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Nobody can remember all of “history.” Nobody values it all, or all alike. The history we value, and which we remember – passing it down to our children – is the only part of history that will be part of the future. And each individual, family and community must decide that for themselves ongoing. It can’t be dictated by some elite or “special snowflake” group.


  3. Unclezip says:

    I’m not so sure it’s the case of so many people thinking only black history matters; it’s more like if you say anything else, such as Caucasian history matters, you are immediately labeled a racist, and told to stand in the corner. If you argue any other point of view, opposing or not, you are a racist. The same effect is used with the black lives matter nonsense. It’s gotten to the point where if you don’t spout the party line you will get branded (where have we heard that before?).

    Hope this is clear enough. It’s early, the percolator is slow this morning, and my brain is fuzzy (prepping it for my birthday).


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Boy, howdy… I hear you. The dog woke me at 2:30 AM this morning, and I’ve been up ever since. That first cup of coffee is critical. 🙂

      The thing is that, since this “racist” stuff is attached to almost everything… people do at least seem to think the “black history” is what matters most. That’s the very thing demonstrated in all this nonsense, including tearing down civil war statues, etc. The “civil war” was only a small part of the overall history of America, regardless of the terrible things that happened then, and the very real imprint it made on the country, it is NOT the only “history” we have, and I’d venture to suggest that the actions and choices of people like Wilson, FDR and subsequent socialist/communist “leaders” have done as much or more damage to both individuals, America and the whole world, as anything perpetrated by either Lincoln or the would-be government of the south.

      Why are so many people swallowing the false “rasist” guilt trip? I don’t give a damn if anyone calls me a “racist.” As long as I don’t harm anyone, it’s none of their business.


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