Las Vegas Massacre #2

By Nathan Barton

As I said in part 1, war came to the streets of America again this weekend. In a way far more familiar to much of the rest of the world than such things as the Orlando or Columbine or Nashville church events are to Americans.  (Indeed, the butcher’s bill in Nevada might even have been a bad day in Mesopotamia or Syria.)

Again, my prayers are for the families and survivors of the Las Vegas Massacre.  And I recognize the courage of those, whether in uniform or not, who tried to protect others.

In the first commentary on this, I considered why the murderer did this evil deed. And how he could have developed into the monster he was.

Now let us consider how he did this, and whether or not anything can be done to keep this from happening again. Beyond trying to raise new generations with a moral compass that does not appear to be a room fan.

What makes this incident harder to deal with than most here in the Fifty States, is that no one on the ground, in the kill zone, even if armed, was able to do anything to defend themselves or others.  And the attack was launched at a moment that took advantage of the crowd, the music, and other distractions.

The killer seems to have planned and prepared very carefully.  Based on his arsenal and ammo supply, he may have been doing this for years. None of the background checks or waiting periods, or limits on size or type of weapons and accessories that have been added to the laws time and time again would have kept him from doing this.

Let me state that again. None of the gun control laws currently in effect in various cities and states would have prevented this.  Any more than they prevent drive-by shootings of infants, or a madman killing his family and himself.  None of the laws again proposed (and don’t even talk about “enforcement”), would have stopped this man from killing and wounding all those people.

Guns were NOT essential to this hideous act of killing and wounding all these people, and then killing himself.

Indeed, there were a half-dozen ways he could have killed and injured as many or more, that did not require either firearms or what he apparently did to convert semi-automatic weapons into automatic ones. Bombs (improvised explosive devices including fuel-air bombs), a plane (he was a pilot and owned two planes, or so it has been reported), a specially prepared semi-truck or bus, all would have worked.  If someone wants to kill a lot of people and has a reasonable level of intelligence and motivation, it will be possible.

Face it.

The only way to have even a tiny chance to prevent this sort of “gun violence” would be to establish a police state, and not just what we have now, but a police state that would be extreme even by Stasi or KGB standards.  Something that might make 1984 or Brave New World or V for Vendetta seem tame.

Not an Australia or Canadian or British sort of  “bring-out-your-guns” thing, and not even what the Dritte Reich (Third Reich) or Lenin’s Soviet Union did. It would have to be far, far more draconian than that.  It would require a door-to-door, coast-to-coast gun confiscation and destruction effort involving millions of police and “soldiers” – most likely foreign mercenaries hired for it.  And it would result in (at a low estimate, in my opinion) hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of wounded.  There would be hundreds of Las Vegas-style incidents.

Because people would fight, even if they died, even if they knew that they would die immediately.  It might only be one out of a thousand, but there are 320 million of us.  And most of them, I suspect, would not go out alone.  And it might only be one out of a hundred thousand that decides they are not going to hide out and wait for the bogus cop gun-stealers to show up at their house.  They will go on the offensive, figuring that they have nothing to lose.

And even then, there would still be trucks and buses and fuel-air explosives and poison and gas and the like.  Yes, some require a lot more planning and preparation and intelligence (both brains and data), but despite failures in the past, there is still no indication that laws and surveillance have even made a dent in the feasibility of such a thing.  And that is just a lone-wolf situation.

If we have “state actors” or other criminal conspiracies (groups) with motives political, religious, or greed-based that do such things, the sky is the limit. How much ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate/Fuel Oil) can you pack into a 20-foot shipping container?  How many cylinders of propane and chlorine can you pack into a rental trailer? How hard is it to fly a small single- or twin-engine private aircraft into a 757 or 767 on its takeoff climb? Or crash it into a propane farm in an industrial area?

And in a world with machine shops, much less 3-D printers, guns don’t disappear. Especially not with corrupt police and military (including those mercenaries) and bureaucrats and politicians. (Consider Mexico, where private ownership of guns is effectively outlawed but where there were 22,000 homicides by firearms last year.)

Trying to disarm a nation just makes the job harder.  Those foreign mercenaries needed to take away SOME of the 150 million guns in private hands would have to remain to lock down and terrorize the population.  For ever.  (And we know how well that worked in Russia, much less Eastern Europe.)

Mama’s Note: Very conservative estimates of the number of guns (of all kinds) in private hands now exceeds 500 million. Some think it is closer to 700 million, especially if all “antique” and “home made” guns are included. The gun grabbers only wish there were so few as 150 million…

It isn’t going to happen. I am not saying that there are not idiots who will try it, but I can tell you, immediately or after a few years or even decades, it will fail.

And if the people who are so hoplophobic and hoploclastic would be willing to face and speak the truth, they would realize it.  Their excuse is that outlawing guns will save lives.  The reality (as proven in nation after nation, even with those who brainwash their population) is that the bloodbath would dwarf the current butcher’s bill here in the Fifty States.

Mama’s Note: “Saving lives” is often an excuse, but is no part of their agenda. The only real reason they want to disarm ordinary people is that they know they can never achieve full control until everyone but THEM and their minions are helpless victims, incapable of resisting them. The bad news they are not able to see is that this won’t happen as long as there is a stick, stone or strong body… and the willingness to use them in self defense.

It might even come close to matching the death and blood count in Mesopotamia, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and other places; largely the responsibility of those same thugs in DC that creating a society and government that promote the moral sickness demonstrated by the Las Vegas murderer.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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