More thoughts on the Las Vegas Massacre (#3)

By Nathan Barton

This week, I’ve lost track of the times I’ve heard politicians say the most disgusting things.

First, of course, we have the liberals demanding “reasonable” gun laws.

Then we have the conservatives whining about how this isn’t a time to talk about it, that it is a time for mourning.  This is their response to the liberal demand.  Their supposed “response.”

It should come as no surprise that the NRA and leading GOP figures have almost immediately agreed that the newly-evil “bump stocks” and other ways of simulating fully-automatic firearms should be banned.

If, of course, the conservatives and so-called defenders of our God-given right to defend ourselves were honest and sincere, they would have made a clear and immediate response.  What should that answer have been? That “It is always appropriate to answer calls for disarmament by making it clear that our right to keep and bear arms is never on the table.” They could then have proceeded to explain and remind the hoploclasts of the truth learned bitterly through history:

  1. Criminals do not obey laws, including laws banning or denying them weapons.
  2. Defenseless people are attractive targets for evil people.
  3. None of the laws on the books or proposed would have kept this person/people from killing and wounding, especially if willing to give his/their lives to do so.
  4. Whether you kill 59 people all at once, or one at a time, they are still dead, and whether they are the victims of one or fifty-nine different people, the evil is just the same.
  5. Freedom is not free, and its price is usually paid in blood as well as treasure.

Many people ARE saying these things, but not the politicians who claim to be defending freedom. Their actions will no doubt demonstrate that they are less for freedom and liberty of everyone than they are to promote themselves, their agenda, and their friends.

On to other things. There are a number of observations worth making at this time.

  1. Much has been made of how many people were hit in the head or other vital points, claiming that someone with no military sniper training or publicly-known interest or knowledge of guns could be such an accurate shooter at that difference in elevation and distance, especially firing “full automatic.” This shows ignorance of the mathematics of the number of targets, the huge kill zone, and the sheer number of rounds fired. One need only consider the death and wounded in battle, say Napoleonic era or War Between the States battles. There was no need to aim but in the general direction of the huge crowd.
  2. It has been claimed that surely someone noticed multiple trips up and down to haul his arsenal of weapons, ammo, etc. through the lobby. But the Mandalay Bay is not your local Super 8. They have bellhops (us poor folks and non-high-rollers see those only in movies), and bellhops do not question what is in the bags. They handle them very carefully, and they do NOT snoop – not if they want to keep their job, and especially not when the guest is a high-roller.
  3. Supposedly, someone must have heard or seen the guy(s) busting out the “hurricane-strength” glass in the windows, and the glass must have fallen to the ground and been seen there. The number I’ve heard is 800-psi glass. It doesn’t take much to break a small hole in 800-psi glass, nor to cut glass that strong, if you have the right tools.  A properly wielded double-jack (maybe even a single-jack) hammer can break a hole enough for a diamond saw blade (rotary or vibrating) to very quickly and easily cut this inch-thick (or more) glass, relatively quietly (remember, this is NOT a Motel 6 or La Quinta with paper-thin walls), and in chunks that can be pulled inside as they are cut.  And even if some pieces fell outside, the chances are they fell either on the roof of the ground floor structure or in the landscaping, and didn’t drop onto the sidewalk in front of the lobby!
  4. People would have heard the firing, smelled smoke from the firing, and generally been aware of something going on, in the other rooms on the floor, above or below. So they must have all been in on it! Except that we are talking relatively well insulated and ventilated rooms. Even automatic weapons fire (from small caliber weapons), taking place in a very short period of time, and at a time of night when many of the guests were either in the gaming areas – or outside at the concert!
  5. Reports are contradictory, and there are all these reports of shooting and perps in other places and floors. It must have been a vast conspiracy! Sorry, confusion, partial and conflicting reports, hearsay and misunderstandings happen all the time in combat.  And make no mistake, one-sided though it was, this was combat.  And even other shootings and incidents would get short shrift when local dispatch was getting thousands of calls (20,000 people equals at least 20,000 cell phones these days!).  Undoubtedly crimes may have been committed all over the city and nothing reported until long after. Nothing else had the priority of nearly 600 casualties in the middle of darkness and a panicked mob of 20,000 people.  And people would see and report things that just weren’t true.  (Look at testimony about any crime, to see how contradictory it can be: consider the killing of Wild Bill Hickok by Jack McCall in Saloon #10, Deadwood in 1876: a single gunman, a single victim, a dozen or more people seeing it, and mass confusion in what they reported and later testified to.)

Tom Knapp pointed out that I was wrong in saying that the conspiracy false-flag advocates would have little to claim.  As Tom noted, the claims that this was a false-flag conspiracy involving multiple players were made within minutes.  But for once (sadly), the claims that there were no real victims (that it was play-acting using “crisis actors”) are easy to reject. (This is unlike incidents like Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, or some European terror attacks.) The sheer number of dead and wounded refute these easily.

I do not doubt that there is strong evidence that more than one perp was involved. And it may be that he was set up in some way.  There are many interests and powers-that-be which would do this to influence public opinion, political matters, and cause change.

This supports the idea, despite claims to the contrary, that the Vegas Massacre IS an act of terrorism. This act of violence against civilian targets seems intended to change policy and influence government and public decisions.

Including increasing the power of government. Again.

Mama’s Note: Yes indeed… and as with every other event that includes gunfire and murder with guns, the facts are being carefully hidden and so many lies are circulating that we may never learn much of the truth.

One point that was made on another blog… the picture of the supposed lone perpetrator having committed suicide is curiously lacking the powder burns and residue on his face that would indicate it. The person commenting is very familiar with close range gunshot wounds and says this one doesn’t meet any of the criteria. Also, there is no indication in the other pictures of the smoke and residue that would result from firing so many rounds indoors. The “shooter” should have been covered with this as well. But he looks clean, and the room is spotless otherwise. Curious…

Lots and lots more questions than reasonable answers.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to More thoughts on the Las Vegas Massacre (#3)

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  3. kewpeekid says:

    Thanks Nathan for this blog. I especially like your statement that our right to keep and bear arms is never on the table. That is a very appropriate response to any call for new gun laws. As a 45 year member of the NRA, I am very disappointed in their response to this massacre.


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