Sex Predators, or Just Dirty Old Men?

By MamaLiberty

I get so sick of reading all of the nonsense about supposed sexual harassment and “inappropriate” touching, etc… much of it after many years of silence.

What’s the big deal? I see lots of virtue signaling now, by people who didn’t seem to care enough before it was suddenly fashionable to pile on unprovable accusations and claims.

I was raped by a high school classmate, on an date, and I couldn’t tell you his name now if my life depended on it. I lived through a dark period, went to some counseling, and then got on with my life.

My mother made very sure that I knew how to protect myself from such things from that point on. And it is pretty simple. Don’t put yourself into a position to be molested by anyone, male or female. And if it happens anyway, don’t tolerate it! That can mean reporting it to family or officials, or slapping his silly face.

Years later, I was working in a grocery store and wound up in the dairy cooler with the boss. He tried to hug me, and touched my rear end affectionately. I slapped his face and told him, in no uncertain terms, that his attention was not appreciated.

When he tried it again several days later, I told his wife. Serious repercussions, of course, since she even tended to blame me for it! But I would have been responsible for continued unwanted attention if I had chosen to remain silent. Yes, he was responsible for his own actions, of course. But it was my obligation to defend myself regardless.

I had to find another job. No fun, and it could have been serious if I hadn’t known someone else who decided to hire me.  I never regretted the change of jobs, and I never allowed anyone to abuse me that way again.

So, while we hold the “dirty old men” accountable for their actions, the objects of their abuse must take responsibility for their own choices as well.

If you are about to be raped, be prepared to defend yourself realistically. Shoot the bastard, if at all possible. If you are touched or propositioned by a dirty old man, slap his face and stop putting yourself in his way. And never put yourself deliberately in such a dangerous position again, of course.

Casting couch “rape?” Oh please. Sounds much more like quid pro quo.

Take full responsibility for your own life and actions. Nobody can “harass” you if you don’t let it happen.

It is as simple as that.

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6 Responses to Sex Predators, or Just Dirty Old Men?

  1. pigpen51 says:

    Mamaliberty, I am so sorry that you had that kind of experience in your life from members of my gender. But I also am glad that you had a mother who was wise and taught you well. Not that it was your fault, at all, but that you were your first line of defense. And while many young women hate to hear it, the way you dress and present yourself to the world can say much about yourself, whether you like it or not. That does not mean that if a woman wears a short dress or bare stomach, she is asking to be assaulted. What it means is that there is smart and then there is street smart. Street smart says, don’t walk around with a ten dollar bill hanging out of your pocket in a bad area of town.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Thanks! I go round and round with some folks over this “blame” thing. It’s not a matter of fixing blame, but of responsibility. And I wouldn’t walk around ANYWHERE with a $10. bill hanging out of my pocket. When this “short skirt” thing is brought up – inevitably – I ask them if they thought it would be wise to leave the house naked in a Wyoming blizzard. How about walking down that dark street in South Central Los Angeles… naked. The truth is that it would not likely make any real difference because it is the people in that place who are dangerous, not how anyone is dressed. Elderly nuns and ordinary housewives have been assaulted in broad daylight, on a street with lots of people standing around.

      Does one go into the woods full of lions and bears with a can of silly string? Do we insist loudly that lions and bears must not assault us and think we should be “safe” anywhere we go, having no rational tools with which to protect ourselves? Why would anyone deliberately enter the dens of those animals, for any reason?

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      • pigpen51 says:

        I live in an a city whose population is less than 40,000, and whose metropolitan area is less than 200,000. I still have areas that I would not drive in at night OR during the daytime, and the police don’t like to go there either. They call some of these places the projects, and originally it was built as housing for poor people, and you can probably figure out what happened to the neighborhoods. Drugs and violence made it a cesspool of despair, and years ago they cut all the trees down that shielded it from sight of the main road going by, so criminals could no longer hide under there shelter. Now you see the blight, and small children, playing outside in the filth of broken down cars and junk, and it is almost like going back to the TV shows of the 1970’s, like Starsky and Hutch or Mannix. I know that poverty is always with us, but personal choices keep some lives there forever, for generations. The problem is that often these people prey on those who live outside that rathole, and many liberals think that we should allow this, whether due to feelings of guilt or inadequacy I don’t know, or care. And especially now, since failing to hold an illegal alien felon responsible for killing Kate Steinle with a gun, they have no credibility on the gun control issue as far as I am concerned whatsoever.


      • MamaLiberty says:

        What do you propose as a solution to those problems, pigpen? What can ordinary people do to change that? Without force…


  2. Unclezip says:

    Don’t be talkin’ no common sense; I just bought a bunch of popcorn futures.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Ha… “common sense” being about as rare as hen’s teeth, at least in the media and social cesspool of Hollyweird. Unfortunately, I can’t eat popcorn anymore. Sticks in my teeth. 🙂


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