Gun Grabber Posters

By MamaLiberty

Do you wish there was something you could DO about the gun grabbers? Here’s something fairly simple…

If you’ve got a blog, FB page, Twitter or Gab account (or whatever), grab these and let them loose on the ‘Net.

For more great ideas, news and commentary, visit Living Freedom, Claire Wolfe’s blog. And you won’t be sorry if you visit The Ultimate Answer to Kings, Joel’s blog. That’s were I got both of these lovely posters of the new 17 year old would be dictator. Actually, he doesn’t look 17 at all, but much older. I wonder what the real story is…

Now, go spread the word… er, the posters.

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4 Responses to Gun Grabber Posters

  1. beau says:

    those of us on the ‘live and let live’ side in this divided-beyond-repair nation do not have ‘fellow citizens of a different viewpoint’ to contend with, but, rather, overt enemies who would remove all vestige of freedom from us, putting us in harm’s way to achieve their goals and, by their rhetoric, killing us if we do not do as they say. enemies, yes; fellow citizens, no.

    this is America? ‘fraid not. amerika – absolutely.

    divide the nation now peacefully, or face the explosion into who know’s how many parts violently. stark choice, but the choice nonetheless.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      I’m afraid you are right, beau. Unfortunately, those who believe they can and must control everyone else will never allow anyone to depart that control willingly. And, even more unfortunately, very few of us are truly “live and let live” people either. Most people seem to think that they should, one way or another, control at least something about what others do with their lives and property. If that were not so, such abominations as “democracy” would never have flourished.

      I’m afraid that any sort of peaceful separation is simply not possible. Consider the history of Europe, and much of the rest of the world. And I’m afraid that the peaceful people are going to be a small minority.


  2. Darkwing says:

    JPFO has a great poster of Hitler with his hand raised. the caption is: All in favor of gun control, please raise your right hand”. I use it for a gun target.


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