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What is a dictator? (Part B)

More about dictators – and not just about dictators in (and after) the Pandemic Panic. As I pointed out in Part A (months ago), dictators are NOT the same as tyrants. At least in the view of libertarians and others … Continue reading

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Massas and emperors and kings

Consider something shared by a reader: The Stand For America website asked readers, if they were president for a day, what their first executive order would be: Getting the most votes was “restoring traditional values to the classroom”. Another response … Continue reading

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Gun Grabber Posters

By MamaLiberty Do you wish there was something you could DO about the gun grabbers? Here’s something fairly simple… If you’ve got a blog, FB page, Twitter or Gab account (or whatever), grab these and let them loose on the … Continue reading

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In with the new, same as the old

By Nathan Barton Dictator of Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Rhodesia and then Rhodesia) Robert Mugabe, after more than a week of crisis, has resigned after ruling the southern African nation with an iron fist for 37 years, according to the Guardian. … Continue reading

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