Freedom or Death Camps?

By MamaLiberty

So these people are begging the government to destroy what is left of their true civil rights. And, of course, they are not happy destroying their own… they desire with breathtaking passion to destroy the civil rights of every person on earth. Of course they have some strange ideas about a lot of things. They seem to believe that the government can somehow guarantee them safety, a world without risk… And all of their protests about just wanting “commonsense” laws to disarm just the crazy people… Well, we know a lie when we see or hear one.

March for Our Lives organizers rally for ‘common sense’ actions on guns
Kasky’s call for “common sense” regulations include issuing mental health checks and having gun owners be age 21 and older. He said assault weapons should be completely banned, but smaller guns used for protection could be sold under better regulations.

Gun violence is not a political issue. It’s a human rights crisis
Human rights are, by definition, those fundamental freedoms inherent to every person in the world. They include the freedom to move about freely, to obtain an education, to worship as one chooses and to generally participate in society without fear.

The idea that they have any “right” to life without fear, without risk, without personal responsibility for their choices and actions… Very sad, and very dangerous.

This is what they will wind up with if they prevail.

Innocents Betrayed
Genocide examples from all over the world: Russia, China, Germany, Cambodia, Guatemala, Uganda, Rwanda and more. Examples showing how disarmed people in America have suffered persecution, mass murder, slavery, and terrorist attacks.

A fast-moving, modern production, Innocents Betrayed presents the entirely true accounts of how civilian disarmament made possible the killing of millions. The point is made sharply, clearly, unforgettably. It’s the factual counterpoint to the lies in Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine.”

Nazi Death Camps. Read more about this here at Jews for the Preservation of Gun Ownership.

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