Guns and schools in Mexico

By Nathan Barton

Those of us concerned with liberty and our God-given right to defend ourselves (to keep and bear arms) are familiar with circumstances not just in the Fifty States but in our sister “federally governed” states to the north and south.

Mexico, officially, recognizes the right of its citizens (but not non-citizens) to be armed, in their Federal constitution.  But in reality, the ONLY place to buy guns in the whole country is a government-owned and -operated store.  Not a chain of stores, but ONE store.  And the paperwork and review and approval process is incredibly complex and difficult to go through.

Therefore, legally, the vast majority of Mexican citizens (probably 99%+)  are NOT armed.  Except, of course, for cops and soldiers. This is the situation which the Tranzis and Progressive and hoplophobes and hoploclasts (like dear Nancy Pelosi) want to bring about in the Fifty States – to protect children (especially right now, the students in those “day prisons” I call government-run, tax-funded, or public, schools).

Mexico, through laws and customs and other means, has in essence outlawed guns for private citizens.

But in reality, people ignore the laws, and buy (and make) weapons frequently. Especially if they are members of the drug cartels and other criminal gangs (private – not the official government gangs).  And more and more, peaceful people tired of being tyrannized by both the government gangs and the private gangs and cartels, are getting guns and arming themselves. Town after town, and some neighborhoods in bigger cities are, in essence, seceding from governments and taking responsibility for defending themselves from crime and exploitation.  Even so, Mexico’s murder rate, homicide rate, and rate of crime committed using firearms is far, far higher than that of the Fifty States – and even higher than such murder utopias as Chicago.

But American hoploclasts and hoplophobes here in the Fifty States continue to push the same worthless “solution” to violence that Mexico has demonstrated as futile.

Do you suppose this story (as reported by that gun-hating website AOL) about hundreds of schools in Acapulco shutting down after three schools in Acapulco were attacked by “bandits,” will cause ANY of the hoploclasts to change their mind?

Although no one was killed or wounded, three schools were invaded by gun-wielding thugs who stole cell phones and money, and cut off the hair of many women: both students and teachers.  Apparently, the armed soldiers supposed to be providing security for these schools did nothing – or were not present.  Of course, no one IN the schools was armed.  Police did not respond in time to catch the thugs.  Parents are outraged and upset.  Teachers union leaders are also upset and calling for more security – more armed soldiers and police around the schools. (They are really ticked, apparently, as at least some schools are attacked on the day when their union members (teachers) are paid bonuses, and thus stealing still more.

Laws do not work even in a land where government is oppressive and ever present.  Soldiers and cops do not work to provide security, even in a culture where the military are worshiped and exempt from many laws and customs. (This is a result of the 700 years of the Reconquista in Iberia, which ended more than 500 years ago.) Even peaceful and presumably honest people seek out and break the law to get guns to defend themselves.

But the idiots in DC and most state capitols are too stupid to pay attention to what does NOT work in Mexico.  And from which an ever larger percentage of the Fifty States’ population comes or can trace its ancestors.  (And have largely embraced the American gun culture, whether on the side of the light or the dark side.)

Admittedly, it is better that the illegal, law-breaking, gun-wielding thugs just stole things and cut girls’ hair, rather than shoot and wound or kill folks. But the obvious problem is that laws do NOT disarm criminals, laws do NOT stop gun violence or the threat of gun violence.  It is stupid to think otherwise, no matter how emotional these people are.

Mama’s Note: I think it is a mistake to repeat the anti-gun phrase: “gun violence.” The violence includes every sort of weapon, including bare hands. Murder, rape and theft do not depend on the use of a gun. Rational people understand that a gun is the most effective tool for defense, of course. It remains to be seen how many rational people remain in America.


About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Guns and schools in Mexico

  1. Slave Larry says:

    Blue Mountain School District arms every classroom with a 5 gallon bucket of throwing rocks. I have known a few people from rural Pennsylvania. I think it is meant to be satire but big media took the bait and writes approvingly of it. (Google Blue Mountain School)


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Interesting! Every news item I’ve seen about it assumes it is true. Seems like a “solution” the leftist idiots would think of. A friend and I tossed around some of the possible real life consequences, however, and almost died laughing. Give grammar school children access to ROCKS? LOL What could possibly go wrong?


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