Oh, yes, the mainstream media

By Nathan Barton

Time and again, the media demonstrate that they cannot be trusted.

Consider three different stories. See how the mainstream media buries the story under the huge serving of propaganda they are dishing out to us, the public. And keep in mind, most of the public does not see this for what it is.

First, and funniest, we have this one, courtesy of Tom Knapp at Freedom Net Daily:

Trump: “I am the chosen one” from Politico: “President Donald Trump on Wednesday adopted a religious theme in describing his role in picking a trade fight with China, saying: ‘I am the chosen one.’ The president turned to look at the sky as he made the claim, using language that some Christians might consider offensive, because in Christian theology Jesus Christ is the “chosen one” and the savior. Trump made the comment during a rambling question-and-answer session with reporters on the White House South Lawn that lasted 35 minutes.”

Tom Knapp noted: “Unsurprisingly, Trump probably got the idea from … Wayne Allyn Root, who claims that Israelis love Trump ‘like he is the second coming of God…’”  Tom may be right, but the Politico failed to take the quote in its context, in order to ding Trump, and paint him as messianic (and therefore evil, stupid, and contemptible). I got to (not my choice) listen to Trump’s entire tirade several times. It was pretty clear: he simply stated that someone needed to stand up to China, and that he was the one to which that fell.  He was doing his usual job of insulting his political enemies, and no more.

But that isn’t good enough for the mainstream media, of course. Not when they can attack him ad hominem, instead of taking advantage of the facts.

The next example regards the protests and response by the tyrannical Indonesian government in the past few days.  Most media outlets simply parrot the Jakarta (and UN) line about the illegitimate “separatist movement” that supposedly caused the problems.  CNN at least provided a little bit of historical context in their report, but left out big chunks: the phony election in 1969 which “decided” that Papua wanted to join Indonesia, instead of being independent on its on was UN-sponsored and “supervised,” and was just the last act of nearly a decade’s worth of double dealing by Indonesia, the Netherlands, the US, and the US.

But that doesn’t matter to the media, who want us to consider all “separatist” movements wrong. From the American Revolution through Texas, the War between the States, right down to Catalonia, Crimea, and Hong Kong.  It is wrong, in their eyes, for “primitive” and “deplorable” “clingers,” to not submit as is their duty to their betters. To the elite bureaucrats and elected politicians and their Tranzi and multinational backers and buddies. The “primitive natives” of Papua are in essence ridiculed for wanting liberty.

Which brings me to the third example: the reporting of the huge forest fires in South America.  CNN’s headline says it all: “The Amazon is burning because the world eats so much meat.” Notice: not that someone claims that, but stated as a fact. The fires (seen in this satellite photo) are all in Brazil, we are told, because Brazilian ranchers are selling so much beef to the rest of the world that they are eager to trigger environmental catastrophe by destroying the rain forest.

We are told the Amazon is called “the lungs of the earth.” Besides being a horrible thing to contemplate, it is the media themselves that coined that title and applied it just to the Amazon’s rain forest.  They stretched both the original meaning of that phrase (referring to ALL plant life, especially in the ocean, which converts CO2 into O2) and the more recent environist claim that “rainforests” (all of them) are such a thing.  There is little or no scientific evidence that the Amazon provides 20% of all the planet’s oxygen, and the Amazon is also just one of a fair number of rainforests: even the Pacific Northwest, as well as much of Africa, Central America, parts of India and Australia and Indonesia, are rainforests as well.

Even more, as you can see from the very map that CNN posted, it is far from just the Amazon or Brazil that is burning this month.

Each red dot is a fire detectable from orbit. Only about half of those in Brazil are in the Amazon Basin; Argentina, Bolivia, and even Peru and Columbia and Venezuela are also burning lots of vegetation.  And notice that less than half of the Amazon has significant numbers of fires.  (Oh, the green is heavy vegetation, by the way.) Brazil may be doing something stupid (although that is subject to argument) but so are a lot of other people.

But that all distracts from the propaganda that the mainstream media and their partners in DC and the UN and Brussels are pushing. Eating meat is bad, and just like our internal combustion vehicles and electrical power consumption, are destroying the world. The fires in South America are speeding up the process of making the Earth uninhabitable: we might have only 10 or even 9 years left before we are drowned, suffocated, and otherwise destroyed by Mother Earth revolting against the “unnatural” humans that infest her.

Keep in mind, the mainstream media constantly buries little nuggets of propaganda in virtually everything they write and publish. They attack technology even while they take every advantage of it to increase their power, their influence, and their wealth.


About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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