Pushing civil war

While Congress implodes, still further eroding public confidence in themselves, their parties, and everything else about the FedGov, the States seemingly race to see which can be the first to also melt down.

Recent stories from California, Virginia, and New Jersey illustrate this. The Virginia story is the most alarming. Virginia is very likely on the verge of civil war.

The Virginia General Assembly is now massively Democrat and strongly Regressivist after an election fueled by money from haters of our right to defend ourselves and other liberties. Together with their baby-killing Governor and accused sexual-predator Lieutenant Governor, they have already proclaimed their intent to disarm hundreds of thousands of Virginians. However, a funny thing happened: a wave of declarations of “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” swept the state: 59 jurisdictions, including three-quarters of the counties in Virginia to date, and more weekly, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

So the state government backed water, stating they would NOT actually confiscate semi-automatic black rifles. Virginian lovers of liberty (gun liberty, at least) aren’t satisfied yet: they also do not believe gun registration and prohibition on future purchases of weapons is acceptable just because they can keep their other guns for now.

So instead of continuing to talk and perhaps admitting that they were wrong, the powers that be in Virginia are doubling down. Not only are they calling for the arrest, trial, conviction, and imprisonment of any local official (sheriff or other county or city official) who does not enforce their tyrannical enactments. Now they seem to be seriously considering a proposal made by a Democrat member of Congress.

It is a simple one, as discussed by the Washington Examiner. And a very old one. Send in the troops. Deploy the Virginia National Guard to enforce their gun control. Occupy those “rebellious” portions of the state.

I assume that the military would be ordered by the governor to:

  • Round up the disobedient local officials and put them in prison, pending trial (I don’t think that the governor would authorize drumhead courts martial, but maybe I’m wrong).
  • Seize the stock of gun shops to prevent them from selling newly-illegal guns.
  • Seize the guns of anyone who has failed to register them with the state (assuming that they don’t just seize ALL guns, having dropped their recently-proposed compromise).
  • Arrest and imprison anyone who resists any of the above actions – that is, anyone who is not killed outright for resistance.

Of course, those are just the specified missions. Here are some very possible implied tasks that the National Guard units would have to accomplish, sooner or later:

  • Seal off the borders of the Commonwealth to prevent other weapons, and friends, family, allies and partisans of the arrested people, from entering Virginia.
  • Set up and operate concentration camps (excuse me, holding camps) for those arrested – Virginia doesn’t have enough jails and prisons to do so. (And for that matter, it would need to have troops run many of the jails, because those prisoners would likely include many of the staffs of those jails and prisons.)
  • Provide security for the State Capitol and office buildings in Richmond and elsewhere, and the families of state government leaders and bureaucrats. And protect their own bases: especially their 46 armories.
  • Occupy and control quarries, factories, and other locations with materials which can be used for IEDs and other weapons.
  • Road patrols and operations against snipers, IED deployment, and ambushers.
  • THE BIG ONE: Suppress mutinies within the National Guard itself, and arrest and confine those officers, NCOs, and enlisted personnel who refuse to carry out these orders.

It is a nasty, sickening scenario.  But if they even attempt to order the Virginia National Guard (and it would have to be the Army National Guard, not the Air National Guard) to “enforce the law,” this is what would have to happen.

Assuming that even the senior leadership of the Virginia would actually obey.  I don’t know anything about MG Timothy P. Williams.  In fact, I don’t know a single member of the VA ARNG.  But I suspect that many of them would NOT accept these proposed actions of the Virginia State Government as constitutional.  Not only do I suspect that many of them would just not obey these orders, but many Guardsmen, from brand-new recruits just out of basic to flag officers, are going to be part of the problem (as far as Richmond is concerned). They will be the ones failing to surrender or register their weapons, and all the rest.

Indeed, many of them will likely be aiding those civilians that must have the law enforced against them: not just private citizens but sheriff’s deputies, police officers, and many more.

Let us assume, for a moment, that the Virginia Guard has become so corrupt and filled with social justice warriors that all 7500 of them obey the orders to “enforce the law.” Virginia has 8.57 million people!  Forget 3% – just 1% resisting would be 85,700 people. How many private guns do Virginians have?  I haven’t the foggiest.

Even if the governor called up the Virginia Defense Force (7,800 at full strength) and augmented them with draftees, (and they obeyed) I think that the mission is not possible.  There are just 2700 Virginia State Police employees (no idea how many are armed).  The numbers for law enforcement against even a tiny aroused and rebellious population in rural Virginia just are not there.

But the numbers for civil war ARE. At least some people WILL resist.  And many of those will be in the very organizations tasked to enforce, just as the sheriffs are presently doing.

Is this really what that pair of thugs and their comrades in the General Assembly want? Do they even comprehend that?  The idiot Congresscrittur obviously does not. Or do they honestly think that they can win a war in Virginia that could not be won in Afghanistan or Mesopotamia or Vietnam?

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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7 Responses to Pushing civil war

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  3. If your scenario played out, I and a lot of fellow Patriots would echo the sentiment of Davy Crockett, with a twist,

    “You may all go to hell and I will go to Virginia.”


  4. Rocketman says:

    It’s a real mess alright, especially since the Virginia Governor and Lt. Governor have the I.Q.’s of woodpeckers. There are a number of “incidences” that might trigger Civil War III (Revolutionary War, Civil War and now this) but I believe that the most likely is when the Federal Government simply stops sending money to the various states to operate because they will be creating so many new federal programs that they can’t even afford to fund the state ones. At that point the governors will quickly figure out that there isn’t any reason to stay in the U.S. and will simultaneously declare their independence from the U.S.A. That’s when you’ll see federal and National Guard troops fighting it out over the military hardware while civilian “irregulars” with civilian firearms will be assisting mainly the state troops. The death count will significantly exceed the previous one from the Civil War II (1861-65) and the country will be quickly overrun by foreign troops. Then it will really get bad.


  5. Darkwing says:

    If the law passes and signed all hell will break loose. It will be total police state and the Gestapo will take over. At this time there are 77 cities and counties that are safe places to own guns. Remember when the feds used the National Guard to integrate school, total illegal, now they want to take away private property. When will the sheeple wake up, it is not the gun, it is the people that are the problem.


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