Lockdown Rebellion – Battlelines harden

It has been two months, now, and more. Since the middle of March, the fear and panic of the pandemic have turned the low-key police state existing in ALL of Fifty States (this new American imperium) into a far harsher and more obvious police state in many of the Fifty States.

It took a while – far too long in most places – for people to seriously start fighting back – not just to resist but to actively rebel. Even in States that are still relatively free. But especially in States now ruled by dictators – whether self-appointed or with legislative “approval.”

Strangely enough, as more and more States CLAIM to be “re-opening” (and are loosening parts of the Lockdown), both the tyranny AND the rebellion against it are expanding.

I’ll start with close to home: More news from South Dakota: As I reported a couple of weeks back, much of Indian Country in South Dakota is locked down. People are being hurt by the lockdown. One problem? Many franchise owners want to open their businesses back up fully (as approved by local governments) but the corporate headquarters are forbidding them to do so. (A fear of lawsuits if someone traces a case of Beer Virus to them?) Another problem is that the current COVID-19 Panic is overlapping a long-standing political battle over the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Cheyenne River politician Avis Little Eagle has compared COVID-19 infected mancamps (building the pipeline) to the Army giving smallpox-infected blankets to AmerIndians along the Missouri River in 1837. Of course it is: this is as much a fabricated myth. (The 1837 tale was invented by a University of Colorado professor years ago. A lie.)

The tribes (CRST and Oglala Sioux Tribe – OST) are not just refusing to end their closure of state highways (for which tribes paid NOT A DIME) and their tyrannical Lockdown and curfews of all people inside their boundaries). They are also claiming that neither the State nor the FedGov has any jurisdiction and that the Bill of Rights are null and void on their lands. It is necessary to have a permit to travel on their roads. Their own people are locked up.

Let us look in on New Mexico: a couple of weeks ago, a friend in Gallup told me that the police and National Guard there were only doing the policing and control at the WalMart. The problem was Dinetah (Navajo Nation) was doing these 57-hour curfews, everyone was going to WalMart on Mondays and Fridays and the traffic and crowds were “out of control.” Then, about ten minutes later, he messaged me: The NM Governor had declared a state of emergency and implemented “riot control measures.” Since then, the city has been not just in Lockdown, but barricaded. She closed off the entire city: no traffic in or out at all. Since then, she has extended the Lockdown for weeks.

Moving on to California: Several weeks ago in Sacramento police (State, not local) stood down after a Marine Vet challenged their integrity, ethics, and morals, when they prepared to break up a protest. The California Highway Patrol said they arrested 32 people for disobeying a lawful order, demonstrating without a permit, and resisting or delaying a police officer during the rally urging state politicians to reopen California. Newsom claimed “I’m passionate about participatory democracy,” but a few minutes later stated, “”Politics will not drive our decision making. Protests will not drive our decision making. Political pressure will not drive our decision making.”

That seems to continue to be true. Consider:  Helicopters patrolling Huntington Beach ordering people indoors. Is this America?  So it comes as no surprise that the US DOJ is taking action and warning the dictator of California to stop attacking California churches by banning assemblies.

In Oregon: At the beginning of May, the Oregon Lockdown was extended to 6 July 2020. More than one person has pointed out this prevents any celebration of Independence Day. (More and more jurisdictions across the 50 States are already banning Independence Day celebrations. This morning the city of Grand Junction, Colorado, cancelled theirs.) This is nonsensical – even if social distancing is useful, fireworks do not prevent that. But Oregon is one of those States where the thugs are coming down hard: a salon operator has been fined $14,000 for Oregon OSHA violations (a “hazardous workplace”) for people that were independent contractors but have now been reclassified as “employees.” AND investigated by Child Protective Services and other agencies.

In New Jersey, Elizabeth City deployed drones to send out warnings about COVID-19 to the “vast majority” (sarcasm intended) of people who have not gotten the word.

Notice their justification: a new low-level standard for tyranny.

Missouri: In Kansas City, Missouri: Churches are limited to 10% of building capacity or 10 people, and must maintain records of EVERY person in attendance, including their names, contact information, and times of entry/exit. As someone pointed out, that is one of the things that was done in Germany before they actually started rounding up Jews.

In St. Joseph, 373 workers at a pork packing plant tested positive for COVID-19 but NONE had any symptoms. But pressured by the State, the company furloughed everyone who tested positive. So yet another meat plant, at minimum, is producing less than the market needs. So it comes as no surprise that one of the nation’s largest supermarket chains, Kroger’s, is rationing beef, chicken, and pork.

We are approaching the boiling point, and everyone is turning the heat up.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Lockdown Rebellion – Battlelines harden

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  2. Darkwing says:

    It is really amusing, people waited until now to raise a stink? The sheeple should have rebelled from the start. It was a test and the people failed. They won.


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