Revolution and counter-revolution: enemies and The Enemy

Antifa troops – any different than militarized police?

By Nathan Barton

We are the heirs of the American Revolution. They are the heirs of the French and Haitian and Bolshevik Revolutions — the heirs of the street mobs, of the guillotine and the gulag. Actually, they are COUNTER-Revolutionaries: their political ancestors let others actually overthrow the old order of tyranny and monarchy, then the Robespierres and Lenins overthrew the true revolutionaries. Imposing something even worse that what preceded the first revolution in a country.

Honestly, I don’t know what to call them.

They call themselves “Progressive” but their agenda is NOT progressing to a better future, a better result, a better society, a better community by any rational standard.

Indeed, they are regressive, or regressivists who support a return to overt rule by a self-proclaimed elite.  They call themselves “liberals” but they are at best some sick form of “neo-liberal.” You see, classical liberals support human rights and freedom from oppression. (Whether they believe that those rights are given by God or by nature.)

They call themselves “Antifa” (Anti-Fascist) but they exhibit all the traits of true fascists. Not just in the streets, but in the boardrooms and the chambers of government.

They call themselves “Black Lives Matter” but they are as vicious against black people – even many who agree with them – as they are the “evil white people.” Indeed, it is clear by their words and actions that not ALL black lives matter.

We hear them called Social Justice Warriors (SJW) but I see little of real justice in what they promote, and their actions. Nor is there anything beneficial to society in their words or actions. These immoral and unethical “warriors” (by some definitions) are very much anti-social. They want to destroy society.  They want to divide people more and more.

I’ve called them the “Street Mob” (SM) – gangsters in so many ways, true “democracy” as once defined.  Others have suggested the “Street Senate” – harking back to the days of Rome and Constantinople, where color-based political factions dominated politics in the palace and Senate chambers, motivated by hatred of people wearing other colors and insanely fanatical worship of celebrities. And demands for every more freebies.

I’ll just call them “the Enemy” for now.

Whatever we call “them,” they are thugs, bullies, working to intimidate everyone around them. Claiming to fight the very things they themselves do, they are liars, propagandists, and destroyers of peace, prosperity, property, and people. The Enemy are statists, of a most extreme form: socialists, Marxists, who see government as supreme – provided of course, that THEY are the ones in power. They are evil.  The Enemy are just another flavor of human government, in rebellion against God and His gifts, seeking to replace Him (as Satan is claimed to have wanted).

As others have noted, these people believe that humanity can be remade. Into what? Whatever their betters – the elite, the vanguard – think humanity should be.   It would just take more blood spilled, more heads cut off, more people shot, starved, imprisoned, tortured and disappeared. But that is okay – people don’t count except in masses.

Our American revolution succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations. Theirs failed miserably:

French revolution 1789-1799 – the Terror, Napoleon, a multi-continent war that lasted 30 years, and a French system that has polluted the world.

Haitian revolution 1791-1804 – two centuries of bullying, de-facto slavery, racism, and a level of poverty and sickness unmatched in today’s world.

Russian revolution 1917-1991 – eighty years of mass murder, world upheaval, conquests and occupation, and a deep state (nomenklatura) that makes the American version look benign.

Cuban revolution 1959- ? – sixty years and counting of repression, export of upheaval, lies and fear.

There are, of course, many more I could list.

Why do theirs fail?  The wrong foundation, the wrong goals.

Our American revolution (and others like it) was based on fundamentals of freedom: the right to life, to liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness (including right to property). Although we didn’t succeed completely, and had many, many shortcomings, it was better than virtually anything else for millennia. 

The Enemy’s revolutions, or counter-revolutions, were (are) founded on the idea of human perfectibility and elites. They had the goal of replacing ONE set of masters with another set. On outlawing things they didn’t like, and making mandatory things that they lusted for. Of judging people by some man-made standard and doing away with those who do not meet that standard.  By whatever means necessary.

Our revolution was based on freedom, theirs on control.

It is no different today than it was in all those other times.

Bad as our present government is, what they want is far worse. They do not seek to preserve, restore, or expand liberty: they want their ideas, their people, to rule over everyone.  Indeed, I wonder how much of this current movement sweeping the nation, this Twenty-dollar Rebellion, is not actually orchestrated and intended to benefit the very people in high places – in government – that the rebellion is supposedly fighting. Are those in the deep state part of their elite?

Make no mistake: God’s plan for humankind is liberty. These people, whatever we call them, have a plan that is slavery – just as do too many people in governments. Both current governments and these people are our enemies, now and forever. We must defend ourselves against both kinds of people. But right now, should not our priority be keeping them: the Enemy (SM, etc.), from gaining control of governments and making them even worse?  The enemy of my enemy is NOT automatically my friend.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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