Election 2020: Good news and bad news

My, oh my.

Look at the raw numbers – and realize, IF America had a democratic system of government where the popular vote winner wins, none of the current turmoil would be taking place.

With 72.4 million votes for our beloved Uncle Joe, and with just 68.9 million votes for the racist, fascist, bigoted, evil, vote-suppressing, Russian stooge, celebrity, fake billionaire, Trump. And with JoJo, Trump’s running-dog “opponent” getting a shocking 1.6 million votes… Well, it is clear that America is moving forward towards a newer, brighter, future of unity, equality of outcome, and eternal progress. In which everyone will enjoy free and high quality health care, free and high-quality education, low rent, living wages, shorter working hours, and more.

Even Faux, that evil remnant of hated right-wing media, has joined the vast coalition of progressive, anti-fascist, people-of-color’s lives matter. They are ensuring that the votes will count – two or three times if needed. So it is only a matter of time before the minions of the evil Trump are driven away from their desperate last stands in courthouses. Led by the wonderful trade-unionists of Nevada, the six remaining electoral votes will fall into Uncle Joe’s column to give him the 270 needed to seize the White House, and work swiftly to do away with that horrible, racist anachronism, the Electoral College.

Uncle Joe’s glorious administration will be brilliant but short. It will rise and fall like a shining star, of course. He can retire to a well-deserved rest after 47 years of magnificent public service, buoyed by the knowledge he has done his part to complete the transformation of America that has been the goal of Progressives for more than a century. He will be replaced by a worthy successor, Kamala Harris, who will lead America and the world to new glories and spectacular unity. She will crush the shattered, defeated remnants of fascism, stop death, and protect the gains won by Obama, Biden, Clinton, and so many more of the vanguard of the people.

Sadly, not all is good news. Yes, 72.4 million voted for her (and Biden), and only 70.5 million voted against them. But there are about 330 million residents of America. That means that only about ONE in FIVE voted FOR Progress, AGAINST Racism and Fascism, and FOR Black Lives Matter. And a few less FOR Racism, FOR Fascism, and AGAINST Progress! But the remaining 60% of the population MUST be dealt with.

Worse, the Senate still appears to be in fascist control. And the Progressive party in the US House has lost ground. There are fewer Democrats, and not all of them are as loyal to Biden and Harris and progress as they should be.

Part of the solution is, of course, to END voter suppression. There are tens of millions of people, living right here in America, who could NOT vote for Biden and Harris this year, but WILL be able to vote for her and her running mate in 2024. There is, first, that arbitrary requirement that you be 18 years old to vote: the voting age must be lowered to at least sixteen, if not fourteen. Second, there is that quaint (but evil) requirement that you have to be an American citizen. And that people who are paying back their debt to society in prison are not allowed to vote everywhere. And that you can only vote in one place, even if you live in several different places.

But that will still not totally solve the problem of not having people living here being united and all voting together for the right candidate. Too many people have refused to vote, and must be made to vote: mandatory voting for ALL elections must be implemented. The great example of blue governors in Michigan and Wisconsin can be followed: they were able to get voter turnouts of 90%! But more is needed.

Of course, there are people who should not be allowed to vote, and that includes many who voted for Trump and Pence this election. They are too steeped in their evil: their racism, their homophobia, their oppression of women and minorities and the poor. We must ensure that they cannot contaminate the election results in the future as we have this year. Especially those who voted for Trump in a complete betrayal of their own class, their own race, their own communities: the fake Hispanics and Blacks and Asians and the women under the thumb of the patriarchy. Many who committed the civic sin of supporting the monster Trump may be able to be salvaged for society through reeducation and re-indoctrination, but we should not shed any tears over those who cannot, and must be quarantined for their own good and that of society.

But it is perhaps the most Herculean (or Xenian) task of our beloved Aunt Kamala in the next four years.

Far from the only one, of course. The Senate and the House must be purged of their fascist, racist members, using whatever methods of pressure are available. This is a fight which must begin in the various States, however archaic those entities are: denying certification of supposedly victorious GOP candidates who won by voter suppression and other tactics. It must continue by exposing the corruption, especially in the past, of as many GOP members of both houses, in every way. Harris, fortunately, has the example of methods used by great anti-fascists in the past to copy. And of course, can turn the tactics of the fascists themselves against them.

It is a glorious future, friends, for this wonderful land of America. And the world.

Post-Script: Folks, just in case it wasn’t obvious, this is SATIRE!!!

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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