Liberty is NOT what we enjoy in these Fifty States

As the civil war heats up, are we ready to take the opportunity for regaining lost liberty? It is clear that liberty is NOT what at least half of Americans want to enjoy, here in 2020.

As many people anticipated, the 2020 election has not resolved anything at all.

The Fifty States are more and more divided: more and more States are internally fractured and increasingly dysfunctional. Even while it appears that conservatives and the GOP have gained strength in many State and local governments, the division at the federal level has been reinforced. Admittedly, much of this is due to the polarizing effect of Donald Trump himself: the visceral hatred on the one hand and the near-worshipful Trumpistas.

And Congress – if that were possible – seems to be even more likely to be hopeless: there may or may not be a majority by either party in either house. Whatever tiny Democratic majority Pelosi may have left weakens her, perhaps fatally. There will be a growing movement within the Democratic Party to retire her, and her control will be tenuous, even if she keeps her seat as Speaker. Even a very few internal defections by what were once called blue-dog Democrats renders her extreme-left agenda nothing but a pipe dream. On the other wing of the Capitol, McConnell may indeed be the most powerful person in the FedGov, but only in the sense of being able to block votes and decisions. Although I say “hopeless,” in reality and the cause of liberty, the potential, soothing, warm breeze of gridlock is a blessing!

As for the White House?

In essence, right now we have both Trump and Biden claiming victory. If Biden is declared the winner by the media, his presidency (and Harris’) is weak from the gitgo. Although the Dems will claim a mandate, the doubts about the legitimacy of the “win” will weaken the power of the bureaucracy. Any attempt to rule by Executive Order will be resisted. If Trump is retained, his administration too will be weakened by the mess of this election. But the opportunity is still going to be there for Trump to whack away at the deep state.

And one thing this election has already done is weakened faith in the integrity of the electoral system. Not in the Electoral College (despite Colorado voters’ insanity in endorsing the National Popular Vote), but in the various States’ systems.

It appears more and more evidence demonstrates massive cheating and election fraud, despite media claims to the contrary. Not just in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, but in Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, and maybe others.

None of this is new, of course: Jacob Hornberger over at the Future of Freedom Foundation recently reminded us of how that piece of trash Lyndon Johnson stole his Senate election in Texas in 1948. Most students of political history know of the Illinois theft of the 1960 election for Kennedy.

However, even without ten thousand votes here or there in various states, it is clear that around half of the voting population in the Fifty States have chosen to support the extreme left, regressive “progressive” view of government and the state. That view? That freedom and liberty are overrated. That it is “right” for government to micromanage the daily lives of 330 million people. That the concept of America, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the federal Constitution, is evil, racist, sexist, and deserves to be pulled down. Wiped out.

Again, this attitude is not new, of course. Just in the last century-plus, it is the attitude and the basis of actions of the Wilson regime, the Hoover and Roosevelt regimes, and certainly the foundation of Carter’s, Bush I’s, Clinton’s, Bush II’s, and Obama’s administrations. With much popular support. And as demonstrated by the Pandemic Panic and Lockdown, the fundamental principle of MOST American State governments in 2020. Again, with much popular support.

I suppose that we can even argue that the stupidity of half of the voters this year is a very strong argument that Americans cannot govern themselves: that we as a people are so pathetic that we must have an elite to tell us what to do. Even a self-proclaimed, power-mad, greedy, hate-agenda-filled elite whose front is the likes of Biden, Harris, Schumer, and Pelosi.

But the GOP is really no better, is it? Although the GOP now controls a majority of State governor’s offices and legislatures, too many of them are venal, power-hungry, and abusers little different than the Democrats.

Although I am not, at this point, sure of exactly how we lovers of liberty can take advantage, I see this crisis as an opportunity for teaching those who have lost confidence in the process, and in government. We have to teach people that humans deserve and need liberty: NOT control.

Government’s credibility is weakened, and we must point out that there IS an alternative to MORE government. And that alternative is simple: take away the power, not just the credibility, of government institutions. We must teach people to value liberty.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to Liberty is NOT what we enjoy in these Fifty States

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  2. “It is clear that liberty is NOT what at least half of Americans want to enjoy, here in 2020.”

    I’m not sure that’s clear.

    OF AMERICANS WHO VOTED, nearly 99% voted against liberty.

    But the majority of Americans didn’t vote. While it might be possible to determine whether that majority wants to enjoy liberty, it’s not possible to determine that from the election results.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Tom, that is exactly my point. Of 330 million of us, 150 million votes (+/-) were cast – only 1.6 million of which were for Jo – which might be counted as “voting for liberty.” (Although many would argue otherwise.) Like you said, 99%. Whether the remaining 180 million people what liberty or not is uncertain, or about 150 million when we take away children. So it may not quite be half – but pretty close. No doubt that there are some who didn’t vote at all that want liberty – but how many? Even one percent (3 million)? I’m feeling pessimistic right now: I doubt there are anything close to three million. Or even 1 million.


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