Guest Posting – A view from the Great Plains on our current situation

I am providing, without significant comments, this lengthy column by Margaret Figert. Margaret is a retired weekly newspaper publisher and editor. Her paper was located in the Sicangu (Lakota) Nation on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota on the Nebraska border. Her weekly column, Smoke Signals, is published weekly on Facebook. Margaret is generally conservative with some libertarian leanings. I do not necessarily endorse her comments or links; I feel it is good for lovers of liberty to get some idea of what other people in Flyover Country are thinking.

Smoke Signals – Bad votes or cesspool? Maybe both?

by Margaret Figert

People worldwide are condemning the break-in and rioting at our nation’s capitol building last Wednesday, January 6. I’m sad but not surprised. It’s been expected.

Yet, it’s horrifying to see people breaking windows, climbing walls, entering where they don’t belong, sitting with a foot up on the U. S. House Speaker’s desk and other mayhem. Pipe bombs were reportedly safely detonated by law enforcement at both Republican and Democratic national headquarters later Wednesday. Molotov cocktails were also found.One woman who reportedly refused to retreat was shot by police, hospitalized and later died. Five other individuals, including two police officers, also died. Thirteen other law enforcement officers were injured, and over 80 protesters were arrested at this writing. Some will face federal criminal charges.

Attendance estimates have gone as high as 100,000 citizens who came to Washington, D. C. last week in a rally to support Pres. Trump during the certification of Electoral College votes. Many citizens believe that fraudulent and corrupt votes helped elect Joe Biden to the presidency. I’ve viewed the video of former Vice-Pres. Biden saying, straight faced, “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” I deleted it, not wanting to believe it was real, but it continues to come to my computer from other citizens. It looks genuine and is going viral. It was still available for public viewing when I googled “Biden admits fraudulent voting”. To my knowledge, national TV networks haven’t aired it.

It’s obvious to citizens nationwide that major television networks are biased in favor of Mr. Biden. Local station reporting is more balanced, yet one has to wonder why we haven’t viewed that Biden video on local and national television stations. Social media has also gotten involved in censorship. Are they violating the U. S. Constitution? You know, that amendment about freedom of speech? Google, Twitter, Facebook and other social websites have removed access to Pres. Trump and some of his allies. Even the ACLU objected to their censoring. Last week, Facebook also removed photos and videos of the Capitol rally because someone decided the pictures “promote criminal activity”. It seems to me America is well past the stage of being influenced to riot by Facebook photos and videos – it’s frustration with the cesspool that our federal government has become, a frustration which has festered for decades and perhaps showed itself in last Wednesday’s rally-turned-riot.

More violence is reportedly being predicted before and during the inauguration next week, including rallies that could turn violent at each of the nation’s 50 state capitols. A realization that easily seeps through all the TV and social media news is rampant hypocrisy. Many Americans recall how national TV networks broadcast riots in Minneapolis, Portland and other metro areas while looters destroyed community businesses, causing countless employees to lose their jobs. People broke windows and doors, burned buildings and cars, threw paint on and toppled statues, attacked police and destroyed other people’s property – and people were killed – and the media called the destruction “peaceful protesting”.

I’ve heard voters admit they cast ballots for Biden because they didn’t respect Trump for his past seamy reputation with women. Yet, most citizens didn’t want former Pres. Bill Clinton removed from office despite his sex with intern Monica Lewinsky in the White House’s Oval Office. Then, he lied about it on national television with cabinet members standing behind him. Did anyone protest? Nope. After all, Clinton was balancing the budget, and the national economy was good. Money talks, you know. Blatant hypocrisy shouts much louder than does the truth of doing what is right. And the hypocrisy continues.

The liberal media and Biden supporters blame Trump and his supporters for last week’s uproar. Yet, it’s been repeatedly revealed that Antifa members are, for the most part, responsible for the damage, gunfire, explosives and other illegal activities of which many rally-goers had no knowledge. A Utah-based Insurgence USA (aka The Revolution) member, John Sullivan, claims he organized much of the riot and was among the mob. Now, days later, people are appearing at at least one Congressman’s’ private home to shout, threaten and frighten his wife and infant child.

Even more, others are claiming that foreign interests in Italy are behind getting rid of Pres. Trump. Conspiracy theory? Fact? Time will tell.

I’ve never seen nor heard of Trump supporters here in the rural communities of the Upper Great Plains even thinking of violently protesting. They wouldn’t do it because they’re better taught and more learned. Besides, they’ve worked too hard just to keep body and soul together, their families healthy and food on the table and wouldn’t risk arrest and jail time. They know they’re needed back home where there are children to get to school, stores to run, cows to feed, bills to pay and, besides, mama’s home cooking is probably better than at any D. C. restaurant, some of which were reportedly deliberately closed during the anticipated rally.

My sense, too, is that, while Pres. Trump encouraged his supporters to rally, believing they would be respectful and well-behaved, he didn’t condone anyone showing up with explosives and rioting. His pre-rally speech has been aired repeatedly and indicates a call for peaceful assembly. Many Trump supporters are saying they’re shocked at how their visit to Capitol grounds was damaged by rioters. Of course, other folks are claiming otherwise and blame the president for inciting the riot.

By now, Trump Cabinet members and certain government employees have resigned, investigators have reportedly found that several government employees were among the protestors, and some professional people, including school teachers, have returned home from the rally only to find they’ve either been fired or threatened to be fired from their jobs. Meanwhile, the FBI has reportedly taken over Georgia’s election ballots and order their shredding to continue, despite that Georgia’s ballots were recounted twice and audited once. People are questioning why the FBI is involved in voting that’s alleged to be clean. So many questions.

The backlash is proving fierce. Some Democrats want Pres. Trump impeached and removed from office, despite that the 25th Amendment applies only when a president is so impaired that he can’t carry out his duties, not because someone thinks he has a flawed personality. Pres. Trump has only a few days left in office which has prompted some in Congress to encourage waiting rather than wasting time and taxpayers’ money to oust him. Vice-President Mike Pence has reportedly refused to invoke the 25th Amendment, so Congressional Democrats say they will oust Pres. Trump themselves.

More importantly, certain pundits are claiming the Washington, D. C. establishment wants Pres. Trump removed now because they’re terrified he will, before Inauguration Day on January 20, declassify certain damning documents about illegal government activities, some of which are alleged include crimes committed by Congress persons. He’s still in office and can continue to clean out the swamp, if he so chooses. Some reports indicate the corruption and fraud in our government is so deep and so bad that it may take an act of God to clean house. Hmmm. Maybe that’s what we should ask for. God won’t fool around.

Meanwhile, news releases earlier this week advised that, on Monday, the president declared a state of emergency in and around Washington, D. C. Some 15,000 National Guard and other law enforcement personnel have reportedly been deployed to D. C. and fencing has been erected around various national buildings, including the Supreme Court, all with the hope that law and order will protect the inauguration. We can, at least, hope.

And, who knows? Stories coming across the world’s airwaves change rapidly. Like an iceberg, there’s generally a lot more truth under the surface where it can’t be immediately seen.

During times of turmoil, which I sense could become much worse in the next several weeks, we must be careful to read, listen and then think for ourselves. We absolutely must care for ourselves, our families and one another, and for goodness’ sake, be respectful. Stop with the sarcasm and rudeness. As we approach the prophesied Biblical tribulation, our moral principles and behaviors will either darken our world or shine brightly through it. We might think we can somehow hide all the phoniness, pretending, hypocrisy and lies that flow out of our mouths and behaviors each day, but Satan just laughs at our arrogance and ignorance. Truth always has a wonderful way of eventually destroying what is false. What’s happening in our nation can be likened to a toothache. It’s sore, it hurts, and it must come out. Pulling it will hurt even more but, after it’s out, healing can begin, and life will be right again.

Each person can overcome their demons, but we need assistance. Try reading Scripture. It has solid, good, usable information to help us, first, overcome our inner selves and then defeat the one-world economy, one-world government, one-world religion and coming tyrannical dictatorship currently being promoted by people who’ve chosen money and power to rule the rest of us instead of love and righteousness to uplift the rest of us. Pray for our government, especially for Congress.

If you want to learn about the future, view the Catherine Austin Fitts video entitled, “Planet Lockdown” which explains the new money system that’s scheduled to remove the world supply of paper money and coins, using fear and the current COVID-19 pandemic as tools to eventually control human lives worldwide. Then compare her knowledge with what’s prophesied in the Bible’s Books of Daniel and Revelation. Try viewing it at


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