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Guest Posting – A view from the Great Plains on our current situation

I am providing, without significant comments, this lengthy column by Margaret Figert. Margaret is a retired weekly newspaper publisher and editor. Her paper was located in the Sicangu (Lakota) Nation on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota on the Nebraska … Continue reading

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American expansion beyond North America to the west

By Nathan Barton Modern technology means that the communications and access gap between the “home country” and “colonies” is largely gone.  In the days of sail – say, the British Empire before the American Revolution – it took one to … Continue reading

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Islamic Politics and Killing

Libertarian Commentary, 12JAN2016, #16-02B by Nathan A. Barton Islamic wars: choosing up sides. As reported in the Fort Dodge Messenger (via Freedom Net Daily) the Islamic State of Pakistan says that it will “respond” to any threat to Saudi Arabia: … Continue reading

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