Islamic Politics and Killing

Libertarian Commentary, 12JAN2016, #16-02B by Nathan A. Barton

Islamic wars: choosing up sides. As reported in the Fort Dodge Messenger (via Freedom Net Daily) the Islamic State of Pakistan says that it will “respond” to any threat to Saudi Arabia: “Any threat to Saudi Arabia’s territorial integrity will evoke a strong response from Islamabad, Pakistani army chief Gen. Raheel Sharif said Sunday. Sharif made the remarks in a statement after Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman met with him in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, adjacent to the capital.” Sunni elites via Shi’a elites, using 1300 years of hatred to justify 21st Century claims, counterclaims, and greed.

Into which the West constantly is dragged, as just happened in Yemen. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital hit, killing four, reported by Time Magazine “The aid group Doctors Without Borders says a projectile from an unknown source has hit a hospital it supports in Yemen’s northern Saada province, killing four and injuring 10. The group, known as MSF, says in a statement that the Sunday attack in the Razeh district led to ‘the collapse of several buildings of the medical facility.’ Of those injured at the Shiara Hospital, three are MSF staff, and two are in critical condition, it said. All staff and patients have been moved to another hospital also supported by MSF.”

I admire the courage and dedication of these noble doctors, but suggest that some of their donations be used to armor their facilities AND themselves… and consider that even medical personnel have a God-given right to defend themselves.

So too do people in Europe, even in “gun-free” communities that pride themselves on diversity and inclusivity and loving migrants. World Net Daily reports more on the New Year’s Eve attacks and the aftermath: Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, and Austria: at least six cities in Germany alone. What next? A defense group was started on Wednesday the 6th, in Dusseldorf, and already has 2,300 members vowing to protect women; the police and the media condemn them as “vigilantes,” a term we’ve frequently heard here in the Fifty States for those who are willing to help defend others. SOMEbody needs to help defend people against these attackers, who are often branded as “false Muslims.”

Mama’s Note: Very good to have men vowing to help protect women and children. Hopefully, the women there (and everywhere) will eventually realize that nobody can protect them and their children better than they can themselves. And then, maybe, they will realize just what it takes to do that realistically. The gun phobia really has to go.

As was this guy, according to the city’s mayor: As told by World Net Daily, after a Philly cop was “shot execution style” (huh?) by a man who later stated in a confession that he did it for Islam, “Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called Hartnett’s actions astonishing. Astonishing how? Philly cops are well known for returning fire, and it is fairly common for them to be able to talk on a radio AND shoot a gun at the same time. Or was Mr. Mayor referring to the fact that the cop actually HIT the guy with his shots (firing while wounded) and did NOT hit any innocent bystanders? “It shows very clearly how brave and sacrificial our police officers are,” Kenney said. [This is absolute hogwash: returning fire when some is shooting at you demonstrates neither bravery NOR sacrifice. Common sense and good training, maybe. But absolutely NOT “sacrificial” action.] And Philadelphia Police tweeted: “We are grateful for the outpouring of support for our brave officer, Jesse Hartnett. Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers as he recovers.” [No problem praying for the guy, but he certainly hasn’t demonstrated he deserves the honor of “brave officer.” It was NOT as though the attack was expected. Was it?]

The incident comes just after President Obama took to national airwaves to explain his executive actions on gun control. It didn’t take long for the gun control angle to rear, either. CBS Philly reported District Attorney Seth Williams as saying, “I’m very thankful the officer is alive. This shows us the need for smarter laws when it relates to guns on the street. My office is going to do all that we can to ensure the defendant is held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.” [Oh? Really? Exactly how would “smarter laws when it relates to guns on the street” have prevented this attack? We know nothing about the perp except what he was wearing and what he said/wrote: no information on criminal history, no information on how he got his weapon (except that it was supposedly a 9mm handgun), and despite his confession, the police still won’t ascribe a motive to him. Is the attorney suggesting that Muslims not be allowed to be armed? Like blacks or AmerInd once were? And why would this guy have obeyed a GUN law when it is against the law to shoot except in self-defense – even if the target IS a police officer? Of course, the Mayor ALSO said that this really wasn’t Islam: kind of curious how he got to be an expert on it, and why he is willing to disagree with hundreds of thousands of Muslims who say that part of Islam IS killing those who fail to convert or who fight against Muslims.

Of course, Muslims are not the only ones who go around killing people without justification, and threatening them for reasons of power, wealth, and religious disagreements. Consider this: Obama just hires and uses people who have guns. And he really prefers drones. CNS News reports that in the much-vaunted CNN special on “Guns In America,” the squatter at 1600 PA stated that he has never owned a gun, and apparently the reason is that he grew up in Hawaii. This was the same program in which the guy castigated the NRA for refusing to “debate” him, after the NRA withdrew, since they were only going to be allowed a single, pre-vetted question in the Town Hall “debate.” (As also reported by CNS News.)

I very much understand the arguments and the reasoning and emotions behind those who claim that war and killing and such are NOT “really Islam,” because no one thinks that religion and violence SHOULD go together, and many people believe in the inherent good of people. How could 1.4 BILLION people be so wrong as to embrace a religion which supports, encourages, and actively seeks to kill people who do not agree with them? But even if this is NOT “really Islam,” it is a nightmare: a death cult that has clearly sucked too many people in to it, even if it is only 1 percent (14 million or so) of the total number claiming devotion to their Prophet.

But enough is enough: let us stop playing their “game” of killing and being killed, and if we do not wish to try and wipe out their religion, then at least segregate ourselves from it.

Mama’s Note: There is no “we” involved here. Each individual must make that decision for themselves, and live with the consequences. I am perfectly happy to have a Muslim for a neighbor, the same as I would welcome anyone else. I am also willing and able to defend myself if that neighbor decides to aggress in any fashion. And some I may watch more closely than others… at least for a while.

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