The coup is not done yet!

With the beginning of the show trial impeachment in the Senate, it seems that the coup continues.

I’m reading more and more people writing about the way in which the electorate and the election system has been manipulated to “save the nation” and the world from the evils of The Donald and all the rest. Others claim that Trump intentionally threw the election, making appointments and actions intended to result in his defeat. Still others claim that there are multiple factions, in and out of factions. Playing “4D chess” as they expand their control – or cut the pie a bit differently.

Generally with a coup, you have some idea of who and what is behind it. And who gains from it. Even if they try to conceal themselves. That may not be the case this time – certainly there is reason to believe that Biden is just as much a tool as anyone else. And while we may think we see his puppet strings, who is pulling them?

A reader shared this article from Time with me – The Secret Bipartisan Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election | Time 

The article seems open boasting about a successful conspiracy to steal the election: celebrating the victory of the Deep State/Permanent Bureaucracy and its supporters and controllers. This is understandable as a coup – against whatever power the people of these States still have. Many claim this has killed the Republic.

Of course, I have long held that the Republic has been dead for a long time – as with the SPQR, many of the names and procedures and traditions survive but the actual real republic has been dead for a century. But then, I was raised by my parents and taught in the old Army that Republics eventually decay into Democracies which then become Mobocracies (mob rule) and swiftly turn into Tyrannies.  There are (which I did not think about for years) TWO forms of “mob.” There is the street mob – what Romans and Byzantine called the Street Senate.  And then there is the OTHER mob – the organized crime: the “legal” versions of the Cosa Nostra, the Mafia, the Cartel: the often-interlocking cabals of bureaucrats, industry, media, academia, and financial powers.

So was it a coup, or just another shift in relative power – adjusting the power and profit sharing?

Part of the problem is that what some people call an elite conspiracy is in no way really united. There are multiple factions all vying for dominance and more than their “fair share” of the loot – tangible or intangible. This is nothing new, of course. It no doubt was the case back when Nimrod first rejected the sovereignty of God to declare himself more than a family head or clan chief. And once King (or Emperor) Nimrod died and was elevated to bogus godhood, his successors squabbled over the spoils of being parasites on once-free people.

Many people say that this coup against the remaining elements of the old Republic was simply one of those fusses and feuds over power and loot. That Trump was just as much a stooge (or tactfully, figurehead) for one cabal of powers-that-be, as Biden seems to be now that HE is in the Oval Office. Just for a different faction.

Others claim that Trump, despite his foibles, was genuinely leading an effort – a movement – to reestablish (establish?) a republic. And that he was upsetting the applecart of the elite cabal – even at least SOME of the enemies of liberty.

Whatever is the truth – and whatever you or I believe – the results are the same. Events and actions have created a situation which some (or many) factions are now taking advantage of to seize more power, grab more wealth, and consolidate their positions. Simply put, to take away more liberty from more people.

WHY? Besides the obvious greed, lust, and ambition?

Two fairly large groups of people see it with completely different blinders. Both of these groups claim that they are “saving the nation.”

One side wants to defend what is left of the American ideal and traditions, with the goal of ultimately restoring them and creating conditions to promote peace and prosperity. In a system where everyone has the opportunity to succeed by their own efforts and as they choose.

The other side wants to bring “America” into the 21st Century: to make us more like much of the rest of the world in which people mostly accept their place in the world. In which we all enjoy peace and prosperity in a system run by the elite and their helpers. In which people are rescued from their own mistakes and those of others by wise leaders.

Clearly, as a lover of liberty, as a free-market anarchist, and as a follower of Christ Jesus, my sympathies are somewhat more with the first group. Or at least with the ideals they espouse. And right now, I don’t see that group winning a whole lot.

Does that amount to a coup? A revolution? (Or as I like to say, a counter-revolution?) From my point of view, that makes sense. Other libertarians may disagree. Certainly the vast majority of Americans will.

Which is why we need to look beyond the rhetoric and the claims and see what is going on and what is really happening. To make up our own minds based on knowledge and not myths or propaganda.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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