The despicable state of “higher education” in 2021

From the smallest cowtown college to largest Mega-University, higher education is a parasite on society, the economy, and any possible benevolent type of government. While it is no doubt the case in Europe, Pacifica, and even our allies in East Asia, it is particularly bad here in the Fifty States.

Please don’t think that I am saying that education is worthless, or that a higher education is worthless. I am talking about the institutions that are supposed to be PROVIDING a higher education. Most – indeed, virtually ALL of these institutions are “worthy” of condemnation and more.

They suck up billions of dollars: “government dollars” stolen from taxpayers. Private dollars from students and families of students. Donations from alumni and foundations and more. And what they often produce today – indeed, what they commonly produce in the way of really educated, skilled, knowledgeable graduates or even just students? A poor-quality, ill-equipped, and often brainwashed group.

No matter how conservative the community, the State, the denomination (or other private group) supporting them, or their stand in the past. Today’s higher education institutions are morally and intellectually bankrupt, completely without redeeming social value. And worse, infecting ALL of society with the insanity that is taught and practiced in these ivy-clad buildings on the immaculate campuses.

And it is more than the total lack of value of many of their courses and degree programs. (A problem highlighted back in the 1960s by Heinlein, among others.)

Let me dredge up “ancient history.” Consider this example from a few months ago:

88 “Colleagues” at Notre Dame demand Amy Coney Barrett to withdraw from SCOTUS. at GunFreeZone blog: Miguel posted this screen capture:

First off, these were NOT her colleagues: NONE of the 88 signers were in the Notre Dame School of Law. This is like the professors in a College of Engineering being considered “colleagues” or even “peers” of the instructors and “professors” in the College of Basketweaving and Underwater Dancing.

Instead, as Miguel writes,  “So who is in the list? Well, starting with a Karen in History and Gender Studies, the list covers Physics to the Library to Anthropology and a lot of Sociology.”

But that is typical. The problem is NOT just with government-run, taxpayer-funded universities and colleges.

Rather, virtually EVERY institute of higher education is tainted by the imaginary unicorn world of modern Street Mob/Extreme Democrat socialism and social justice warrior-dom. So tainted that they have no connection to reality and the cares and needs of daily life. All financed – even in the “private” and church-associated universities like Notre Dame – by stolen taxpayer’s money (or “borrowed” from the future).

AND of course, the billions of dollars of private foundations and trust funds started by robber barons, crony capitalists, and modern-day woke tech giants and peddlers of products of dubious value produced in sweatshops and workshops of dubious management. And the trust babies who grew up with platinum-plated silver spoons and now squander their patrimony on leftist, woke causes. Usually by attacking and when possible destroying honest, hard-working producers of valuable goods and services.

But coupled with this current woke-ism and SJW nonsense? A very long tradition of arrogance, blindness, and cupidity. Not unique to Western Civilization, by any means. In Jesus’ time, His disciples were condemned by the elite Sadducees and Pharisees as “ignorant and unlearned” men: not because they were illiterate (as so many believe – even those who are Christians today) but because they had not gone to the right rabbinical schools and were from the wrong part of the country: Galilee was Jerusalem’s equivalent of flyover country in America today.

But what do we do about? Let events progress. The Pandemic Panic and Lockdown have seriously wounded – perhaps even mortally, colleges and universities. Not as badly as restaurants and private gyms, bars, and other gathering spots. But still severely. Students (and their parents) are asking many things. Why should they pay the same amount of tuition (and fees and books and such) for the privilege of sitting in their bedroom (or a dorm room) to watch an internet class, as they did for actually being in a classroom or lab (or even lecture hall) with other students and instructors? Why indeed? Why do they need to be on campus? Why do they need to be abused and condemned for what they have hanging on their walls or what they say in private conversations?

The entire debacle of the Pandemic Panic has also shown up not just the “scientists” but the universities who often employ those scientists. Ditto for the political and business and social “experts” with all the initials after their names. And the fat salaries in their pockets.

They have demonstrated themselves to be wrong, arrogant, unable to recognize or accept reality, and totally unfit for teaching anyone – especially relatively young and naive, inexperienced people.

It is time we stop trying to support them. Not just with government money (stolen from taxpayers) but with ANY money. Let the faculty and the staff go out and find real jobs. Yes, there are a few good teachers and professors – and many of their staff work hard. (Not, in my opinion, many of their bloated administrators and “support” personnel. Free students and their families and businesses from thinking that they need these educrats and freeloaders to validate what they can learn on the internet, through apprenticeships, and from educational institutions that are more interested in teaching (and learning) that they are about prestige, grants and chairs (money), and tearing down society.

Since about WW2, many “institutions of higher learning” have been dedicating more and more of their time and OUR resources to tearing down virtually everything those who founded those schools valued, and wrecking the very society and economy that supported them. It is time to wake up (truly wake up) and stop supporting our enemies. Enemies of our rights – our very freedom and liberty. Enemies of our economy and society. Enemies of personal responsibility and personal achievement.

Enough is enough.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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