Biden’s agenda for guns

According to various sources, gun sales in the Fifty States (measured by background checks with BATFE and the FBI) hit a new record in January. Back on the 3rd of February, 24-7 Wall Street reported 4,137,480 sales for the first month of 2021, the largest single month since figures started to be recorded in 1998. In 2020, gun sales in the United States rose 40% to 39,695,315. That’s more than 1 for every 10 Americans!

Alarming! Dangerous! Especially since no doubt many of the purchasers are the deplorables: the 75 million + those who voted for Trump or Jorgensen + those who have these quaint beliefs in the Constitution, God, liberty, and such obsolete things. They often don’t even trust government or government officials.

So it is no surprise that our beloved Uncle Joe and all his helpers, starting with Miz Kammie and Beto, want to do everything they can to protect the American people (the other 250 million or so) from the coming epidemic of violence. (As well as the pandemic from China.)

A friend has put together a list of Pres. Biden’s intentions concerning guns. She found these in numerous news websites. He says he wants to:

#-ban the manufacture, importation and sale of semi-automatic rifles;

#-ban high capacity (those that hold over ten rounds) magazines;

#-establish a national registration data base for existing semi-automatic rifles

#-levy taxes on existing semi-automatic rifles;

#-prevent people from buying more than one gun per month;

#-ban online sales of guns and ammo;

#-require federal background checks for private gun sales/purchases;

#-require a (federal) government license to buy guns and ammo;

#-seize guns from anyone whose family member has obtained a restraining order against them;

#-require that all guns be locked away in our homes;

#-ban people from owning a gun if they commit a misdemeanor;

#-prohibit people from configuring their own guns;

#-enact “red flag” gun laws (red flag laws allow courts to temporarily confiscate guns from people deemed to be a risk to others or themselves);

#-require all guns be “smart guns”, making them so expensive only rich people can afford them;

#-ban teachers from carrying guns for self-defense (and defense of their students) on school grounds;

#-create a network of first responders, medical personnel, etc. to act as federal informants in enforcing gun control;

#-hold gun manufacturers financially responsible for someone else’s improper firearm use, and

#-bribe states with millions in tax dollars to enact and enforce gun control laws.

No doubt there are many more.

However, it is widely known that Uncle Joe has repeatedly promised, before and after taking office, to take executive action to tackle “gun violence.” Action that includes denying American citizens our God-given right to self-defense. The advisors he selected have made this even more clear.

Of course, we are seeing responses to that plan of the new regime. Although the February gun sales figures aren’t available yet, we can be sure that the trend continues: more and more guns are flying off the shelves. I’ve seen and heard about it from local gun stores and those in other States.

(I am actually surprised, now that I think about. In a country where realtors are making cold calls on people asking if they want to sell their houses? (Because the market demand is so strong because of people escaping from California, Washington State, NYC and elsewhere to “free states.”) Are gun stores going to be calling people and asking, “Do you have any guns you want to sell right now?”)

And don’t even start talking about buying ammo these days. Not just prices, but simply availability. Clearly, many Americans are arming up.

And perhaps Biden and his advisors DO have something to worry about. As the various OTHER laws and executive orders flood out of DC, I suspect that they are seeing more and more voters and other Americans seriously concerned. And more and more willing to fight for their liberty.

What do we need to do? I’m constantly hearing stories about sad boating accidents, where a family’s entire collection of guns have unfortunately fallen through the ice and are located someplace under dozens of feet of water in the bottom mud! And apparently many Texans had their guns lost during the horrible cold weather and snow in February. Washed away in water from broken mains and pipes; safes and gun cabinets sucked down into the mud and sinkholes caused by the rapid melting of the snow and ice. And sadly, apparently stolen by looters.

But there is more, of course. For those in various districts and States with representatives and senators, perhaps we need to:

  1. Remind the GOP types that they cannot betray what little bit of respect for liberty and gun rights that the GOP have. And that if they want the GOP to recover, they need every vote that they can get. And that almost ALL GOP districts have a lady like Lauren Boebert, who can primary wishy-washy RINOs into political oblivion.
  2. Remind the Demo types that liberals didn’t used to believe that guns and gunowners were evil, and that many of THEIR voters – even those who voted for Biden Harris – still have guns and still want to have guns and even let other people have them.

I am sure that there are other actions. Learning to make your own ammo (not just reload) and even your own weapons is one. If tough for many people. Moving to States that are very likely to fight harder than ever to preserve essential liberties is another action. Making friends with local police and other regulators is also a good idea, as they will be the ones tasked with enforcing these things. And at least some of them hate this as much as we do.

So, there is hope that this too shall pass.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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