Additional thoughts on Biden’s gunning for guns

David, Tom Knapp, and several others pointed out my typo in the second paragraph, and I realized it was also unclear.

Here is what I meant to write and what it now says:

“Especially since no doubt many of the purchasers are the deplorables: the 75 million + those who voted for Trump or Jorgensen + those who have these quaint beliefs in the Constitution, God, liberty, and such obsolete things.”

I was of course being sarcastic, but need to be clear.

Certainly those who voted for Trump do not all have these “quaint beliefs” – though at least some do. And many of those who chose NOT to vote for ethical and moral reasons do not have those beliefs either. (Some do, of course.) I also understand that many times their beliefs are based on a very poor understanding of what liberty is – and Who God is. Much less even a rudimentary understanding of that human, faulty document called the Constitution.

There are many errors in understanding liberty, especially vis-à-vis the US Constitution. One big one? The idea that the Bill of Rights GIVES anyone ANY RIGHTS. Human rights exist because we are HUMAN. Whether you believe in “nature’s God” or just plain “nature,” no other human has any legitimate power to steal away those fundamental rights. (Not saying that they don’t have POWER to do so, just that the power to do so is exercised illegitimately, no matter WHAT some Constitution, charter or law says.)

Governments, no matter for what purpose they were established, sooner or later get in the business ot taking away those God-given/Natural rights.

The right to keep and bear arms is always a good illustration of that. Human government is in itself illegitimate beyond family and other voluntary agreements and institutions. But it is a constant evil, just like cold, heat, disease, and even famine/hunger, and thirst. We have to defend ourselves against these things: in the case of government, there are as few sure ways as there are when dealing with weather. We can “move along, move along” to a better place (assuming there is one), or we can resist. We bundle up and have fire to fight cold, for instance.

With government, we respond to force and the threat of force – aggression – with threatening or applying force – defense – against the government.

That is what Biden (and yes, Trump, and many who call themselves “Libertarian”) fear: that they will not be able to FORCE us to do what THEY want us to do. Even if they cloak it in the lies “it’s for your own good.” I may believe that you are doing something that is NOT for your own good, but I recognize that I must let you decide. I cannot decide for you. I can suggest, guide, even beg – but I cannot legitimately, morally, scripturally, in a godly manner, make you do it.

But that is precisely what government and those in government – especially elected officials – believe that they have the power – and many claim “God-given power” – to do. They are wrong. They are, indeed, evil.

I may have the right to defend myself (and even others) against the consequences of what you choose to do. If you chose to attack me, or mine, or an innocent person, I may defend myself and them. If I choose to do so. When government tries to take away the tools I choose to defend against the wrong acts of others, the government is even MORE evil. And that is precisely what Biden seeks to do. And those who use Biden as their puppet, their poster elder.

Which is why he, and his efforts (the ones made in his name, anyway), and those of his supporters and appointees, MUST be fought against. We have the RIGHT to fight against them: to defend ourselves, our families, our communities. And many of us believe that we also have an OBLIGATION – freely taken upon ourselves – to do so.

And you do not defend yourself by allowing the enemy to disarm you.

Enough is enough. And this is enough for now!

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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    Excellent !


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