Power corrupts and …

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

Let’s look at one of the latest poster-children for this saying. But first, consider the saying itself.

Our readers are certainly familiar with this famous statement and fundamental principle as stated by John Dalberg, Lord Acton. This was actually, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men…”, which he made in a letter to an Anglican bishop in 1887.

It was, I am sure, intended as an observation and NOT instructions. Despite the fact that myriad generations of politicians, warlords, conquerors, monarchs, and bosses treat it as a command.

Consider both Parliament, with its totally worthless House of Lords and its completely toothless Executive (who does have our sympathies on the loss of her husband). The power of the House of Commons has truly assumed near-absolute power in so many areas of British life that it comes as no surprise to see its growing corruption.

But the real poster child (or children!) is the United States Congress. Both houses have demonstrated that the power they have assumed (even with what the Congress has frittered away to the President, his bureaucrats, and the courts) has resulted more and more in greater and greater corruption.

So, today, consider one member of that corrupt and corrupting body. Courtesy of a correspondent: Elizabeth Warren says Senators should be too powerful to heckle as she fusses with Amazon.

Her arrogance and corruption are on full display, as the Senator and Amazon spatted on Twitter about taxation.

Amazon claimed (correctly) that Warren is one of the people who writes the tax code. The company, itself both powerful and corrupt, stated that it follows the rules to perfectly legally minimize their tax bill.

Elizabeth Warren replied: “I didn’t write the loopholes you exploit, @amazon – your armies of lawyers and lobbyists did. But you bet I’ll fight to make you pay your fair share. And fight your union-busting. And fight to break up Big Tech so you’re not powerful enough to heckle senators with snotty tweets.” [emphasis mine]

Is this not so typical and funny? First, Warren started the fuss. And I think that Amazon only responded, respectfully, with facts and common sense.

But to Warren this is heckling, snotty, and shouldn’t be allowed. In this, she is far from alone, either in the Senate AND the House. McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi, and dozens more are not only more and more powerful each year, more and more corrupt each year. They also have more and more shills doing their work for them. And then, of course, like Warren, they blame the shills for what Congress told them to do.

As my correspondent noted, there is great irony in that the entire exchange took place on platform built by… a Big Tech company. My oh my. So Fauxahanus-Beth wants to break these big companies up, and at the same time, suck them dry in taxes, fees, and regulatory cost. Yet, she can’t bring herself to stop using their services.

Maybe. Wanna bet she’s an Amazon Prime member too…

Click here to read the Tweet.

Of course, this is far from the only example of how government more and more not only exercises its power, but treats American people and business with contempt, distain, and lies.

Power does indeed corrupt, and the more absolute the power, the greater the corruption. And the greater the evil.

It is past time to take this power away from them: not by getting Warren and her ilk out of office, but by taking the power away from ALL of Congress, and the FedGov (and State and local governments) in general.

Footnote: John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton, 13th Marquess of Groppoli, better known as Lord Acton, was an English Catholic historian, politician, and writer.

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