National parks – strike a blow against racism?

Politically, when one faction (or party) gains massive power and control – when they have defeated their political enemies and reign supreme – the faction starts to fracture internally. They turn on their own comrades. Often, they treat one other worse than they treated their enemies.

Consider the so-called left here in the Fifty States. These transnational “progressive” enemies of liberty are in the ascendant right now. Their “enemies” (themselves just another faction of anti-liberty statists that split from the so-called left a long time ago) are almost crushed. At least in their eyes. Trump is gone and subject to more and more action to stay gone. The GOP is in the minority in the House, and losing power in the Senate. The deep-state allies of the regressive tranzis are back in full control of the apparatus of government. Although many of the States are still in GOP hands – even if “liberal” by standards of just a quarter-century ago – the major cities are firmly in Tranzi hands.

As a correspondent noted, “We’ve reached peak woke.”

Of course, they still demonize and attack their targets of the past half-century and more: religion (well, most religion), people of non-color, truly libertarian and conservative political groups, big business NOT in their pockets, small business, and more. The list could go on for days. But they don’t demand the total attention such enemies of the counter-revolution once needed. There is spare hate to go around!

So, maybe the “left” is bored. Or maybe they have this insane appetite for more destruction, more hatred, more confrontation. Or maybe (as several correspondents notice) they are just crazy.

Whatever their motive, the enemies of liberty are now busily giving their attention to OTHER enemies of liberty. These include celebrities and politicians who do not toe the line. Or are not enthusiastic enough about the tranzis’ agenda. Or are just there. Consider Cuomo. Newsom. All the “cancelled” people on social media.

It isn’t just individuals, or even companies. Increasingly, the government agencies run by the deep state and long allies of the pretend-liberals are being attacked. And NOT in a “friendly” and highly political “sue the EPA to force it to crank up the regulations despite the administration’s position” sort of way.

Here’s an example. I was just reminded of one particular Fedgov agency. The National Park Service, long a bastion of manmade global warming advocates, worshippers of evolution and mother earth, and diversity. Including the rewriting of history. They have a track record any popularly-acclaimed liberal would envy.

A few months back, the so-called left attacked the NPS as racist. Why? Because people of color – especially blacks – don’t go to the national parks (and monuments and such) as white people do. Over the past 10 years, just 23% of national park visitors are American people of color. Gasp! 77% of park visitors are WHITE people. And less than one-third of park visitors who are people of color are black people. After all, 42% of Americans are people of color! 20% or so are black. So just 7% of park visitors are black! This is clearly due to racism on the part of the National Park Service and Congress!

And even worse, only 20% of the 20,000 NPS employees are people of color. Clearly this is also due to racism. White supremacists MUST be in charge of the agency.

Sadly, “Everyone” pays federal taxes which support this agency and its parks. How horrible that only some of us use those parks. The NPS is, therefore, evil.

A friend points out that it isn’t just parklands. Blacks and other people of color are disfavored and discouraged from using all federal lands: national forests, Bureau of Reclamation and US Army Corps of Engineers parks around lakes, Bureau of Land Management territory, and more. Even worse, the big dams and the electrical power they produce are mostly in the Great Plains and the Rockies, and therefore, most of the people who USE that electrical power are white!

Since the Biden regime is willing to spend trillions on ensuring that people of color are benefitted more and more, often to the disadvantage of people of non-color (“white”), this will no doubt soon change. Perhaps, like colleges and companies, Federal parks may be able to establish quotas for visitors to make sure that people of color are properly represented among the tourist population.

So what do we do? A friend suggests the lands should be given to the States. But we all know that is a non-starter: the States (except for a select few) are more racist than the FedGov. And the land wouldn’t belong to ALL people of the United States (and according to some, with open borders, the people of the world).

While I think giving federal parks (and all federal lands) to the States is a good start, that won’t satisfy the so-called progressives. Of course, the very idea that PEOPLE – not governments – should own land is completely evil and forbidden to even consider.

And it was noted that with all the money needed for reparations and to pay other countries to keep from letting their people escape to (immigrate to) the United States, the Feds may no longer have the money to maintain these parks. “Mothballing” them – closing them off and letting them go back to “nature” and “wilderness” and prohibiting ALL visitors might satisfy the social justice warriors.

Selling them off to a proper quota of non-racist, environist-green, minorities? Sounds neat, but way too much liberty in that idea.

Just one more example of the insanity and stupidity both of government and of the woke generation of enemies of liberty.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to National parks – strike a blow against racism?

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  2. “Over the past 10 years, just 23% of American people of color are visiting national parks. Gasp! 77% of park visitors are WHITE people.”

    You’re mis-matching statistics there. “23%/77% of visitors to national parks are people of color
    white” is a completely different statement than “23%/77% of people of color/whites are visitors to national parks.”


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