Foreign aid – such benevolence!

As the cheerleaders race out to tout the grand and glorious COP26 to be held in Glasgow, as billions of grams of “greenhouse gases” are generated by all the elites swarming the Scot city, one of the frequent memes seems to be foreign aid.

It appears that the “third-world” countries and their advocates are insisting that the wealthy parts of the world have failed to meet their obligations to provide enough money to combat global warming in the poor nations of the planet.

Indeed, some of the Tranzis (transnational “progressives”) claim that the failure to pay enough in foreign aid has accelerated worldwide climate change, and paupered the “money-insecure” countries. And have even demonstrated that the rich countries want COVID-19 to continue to kill billions in the third world.

Sigh. To me, this smells much like the exaggerated moaning and fearmongering we hear about COVID-19 and so much else.

First, we have to figure out what in the world they are talking about. COP26 is the 26th annual Conference of the Parties – or to put it another way, the annual UN climate change conference. One of the modern parade of the elite and celebrities and the “right people” during the year, this one to moan and groan, demand and force action to be taken about manmade climate change. (Others deal with universal disarmament, pandemics, nuclear proliferation, and other such things. It seems to be much like the liturgical calendar that the Catholics and Orthodox invented centuries ago.)

Before such gatherings of the rich, powerful, and influential, the media must ramp up enthusiasm for the topic and how critical the meeting is, and how expectations for the grand assembly are so low because of the “leadership gap” and “lack of commitment” and many other things. This is necessary so that the attendees can receive an adequate amount of publicity and the worshipful media’s coverage dominates the airwaves, the ether, and of course the supermarket tabloid stands. And also that, upon accomplishing something – even just agreeing on the location of COP27 – the elite will receive proper, well-deserved adulation by the masses for their self-sacrificing time flying around the world to slum in Glasgow (or Aspen or Cannes or Geneva or whereever).

This time, one of the “biggies” is that (as I understand it) the ten richest nations in the world all pledged to give a total of $100 billion dollars, each year, in foreign aid to the global poor people to use to combat people-made climate change (warming).

(Seriously, isn’t “manmade” sexist today? Do only MEN make (up) global warming? Is Greta fighting sexism as well as whatever else she is fighting?)

That is ten billion per nation. EACH YEAR. I think that is the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain, and maybe Saudi Arabia and Russia? (That doesn’t sound right, but who know? Definitely China and Italy are not “rich,” as I understand it.) To fight global warming. I’m not sure HOW this money is used to fight global warming.

In fact, USAID (Agency for International Development – a big spreader of foreign aid) has this on their climate action webpage: “Global climate action is critical to sustainable development. USAID’s climate programs don’t just help limit warming and protect ecosystems—they create sustainable jobs, tackle historical inequality, and build stronger communities.” And when you look at the list of everything they are paying for, it is just more of the same-old-same-old that the FedGov has been shoveling money into since before the beginning of WW2. And MIT admits: “The second major feature of the Paris Agreement is a commitment from wealthier countries like the United States to provide financial and technological assistance to the developing world—including countries with very large but still developing economies like China.”

Or from the point of view of a lover of liberty – it is just another take on selling a con. It is a big boondoggle. Like getting a letter from the DAUGHTER of a Nigerian general in exile instead of the WIFE of a Ghanan prince.

Because who REALLY gets all this money (phony though it is, mostly)? It ain’t workers putting up windmills to generate electricity. It ain’t people putting in new individual site waste water systems (septic systems) to stop water pollution. And it surely is NOT paying farm laborers out planting more trees to suck up carbon dioxide. Nope. It is going to the same people that foreign aid has ALWAYS mostly gone to – even when it has been in the form of actual food and clothing. The middlemen (and women): the parasites who have sticky fingers. The same ones that have petty thieves working for them for peanuts still bags of rice and cans of corn “Donated by the People of the USA” off the docks and sell them in the street markets. The same ones who skim “management costs” and “consulting fees” and “conference honorariums” off the top, so that of the 100 FRNs that comes in foreign aid from DC to the capital of Outer Upper Slugopia, only a lonely dollar actually goes into the mouth of a hungry child in the middle of a famine in a desert.

They call it benevolence, and they love to quote Jesus about showing mercy and kindness to the poor and downtrodden. But it ain’t anything but a globally-organized shell game and con job that enriches everyone EXCEPT those it is supposed to help.

So, in another commentary, lets see if we can figure out, “What would happen if ALL FOREIGN AID were to stop?” Even if it was just FedGov foreign aid from DC?

What do you think?

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