The war on COVID-19? Or the war on the economy and liberty?

It is a worldwide war, we’re told – we must fight the dreaded Beer Flu in the streets! In the stores! In the bars! In our very bedrooms! It is a worldwide war. If you are not with us – you are AGAINST us! Loose masks sink… ah, hospitals.

So sorry – seems to have lost my train of thought there. But the point still remains. From the UN Secretary General and the Pope of Rome right down to dear old dottering Uncle Joe and his minions, corporate boardrooms, town halls and county courthouses, the beat of war is steady. Count your local Mrs. Grundy and Karen and other nannie-types in the mix. Masks. More masks! Vaccines! Vaccines and masks! More vaccines! and on and on.

Normally, I depend on Tom Woods to tell me the true numbers and story about the China virus. (Where just the other day, they tightened up the social controls, blaming the explosion in COVID on tourists and other visitors from the West (where else? we foreign devils are nasty people.) And don’t get me wrong: Tom does an outstanding job of that, and pulling out the statistics that the MSM and FedGov and such wonderful folks as Lujan-Gresham and a bunch of other female dictator types don’t want to see.

But today, just after writing a commentary about the new, stupid war on some drugs in California, I got an article forwarded by a longtime correspondent in the Great Basin (Salt Lake, to be more specific). It was regarding Lithuania, one of the Baltic States.

The question is asked, do we want true EU-demanded regimes to fight COVID-19: the lockdowns, the social distancing, the masks, the vaccines, the passports, the weekly or daily tests, the boosters and all that? Or do we want freedom? Here are a couple of charts that my friend shared, after reading about how much of Lithuania has been vaccinated – much higher than the rest of Eastern Europe, the States, and elsewhere. So this chart seems almost to be on the up and up:

Lithuania COVD-19 Cases

Well, to most people – they have drunk the Koolaid. Obviously, with such high vaccination rates and a public that actually obeys all the rules of the (Covid) war, we’d expect that kind of success. It’s kinda of a reverse ‘Nam body count, no?”


My oh my. As my correspondent pointed out, “Oh. 3,000 new cases as of yesterday? 100 times the level in July? The equivalent of more than 350,000 in the United States? This can mean only 1 thing, citizens of Lithuania: You have abused your freedom. Obviously it’s time to tighten the restrictions!”

He is, of course, absolutely correct in the eyes of the woke warriors against the Beer Flu. Lithuania is FAR from alone in this – when you can get the REAL numbers. Even many of our American States fall into this category.

Every other PSA these days is something to do with COVID. (The other big winners are signing up for the Draft and having the right size of child shackles – whoops, child safety seat – in your vehicle.) I am told this is far more pervasive than the radio and posters and billboards during World War Two. (Since I don’t watch television, I’ve no idea what is happening on cable or broadcast TV.)

Of course those who point this out (Tom Woods, my friends in Florida and Utah and elsewhere, and others) are condemned for “ignoring the science.” But WHO is ignoring – or just plain lying – about the science? These so-called scientists and medical professionals and politicians. And their minions in the media.

Which is why I say this is NOT a war on a virus. What could possibly justify such major use of falsehoods? I suspect that stealing our liberty – what little is left – is a justification. It has been used by tyrants long before the 20th Century.

But why a war on the economy? Yes, more and more of the elite are really unconstrained by the realities of economics. (Or so they believe.) Even if inflation eats dollars, they figure they have plenty to continue their inflated (and often insane) standard of living. You and I might be hurt by a two-dollar bottle of Coke – they don’t really care – and probably won’t when it hits $10 a bottle or can. BUT by trashing the economy, they can force more and more people into great submission, greater subjection, to the elites. And “fixing the economy” is such a great excuse for taking away more and more freedom. In the name of “whip inflation now” (WIN – remember that scummy little slogan) and always “it’s for the children.”

And of course, a worldwide economic depression makes it so easy to point out that the control and restraints must be established and enforced worldwide – we are so codependent on everyone!

We must look way beyond the propaganda and the justifications and scare tactics. Otherwise, we become part of the problem: we help sell ourselves into slavery and rejoice in the opportunity.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to The war on COVID-19? Or the war on the economy and liberty?

  1. Darkwing says:

    It is a war on our freedoms, liberties and the US Constitution. If there is a GOD, GOD help us all.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      There is, and I echo your prayer. Constantly. At the same time as we here at The Price of Liberty “reprove, rebuke, and correct” and try to do it “in season and out of season.”


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